Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review [Is The Hype Real?]

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review


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  • Quality ingredients
  • Natural pre workout
  • Money back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non- GMO clean ingredients
  • Plantcaps capsules
  • No proprietary blends


  • None

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Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review

If you’re really pushing it, muscle soreness is something you have to live with right? Today’s Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review gives us a chance to look at a product that could ease your pain.

There are plenty of pre-workout products on the market that give us the help we need to lift those big weights and get impressive results. However, it’s not exactly a crowded market when it comes to quality post workout supplements.

Since every workout we do depletes nutrients as well as our energy levels, we all need some help to get our body on the road to recovery.

The time we take between workouts sometimes doesn’t feel like enough. A good post workout can get us feeling ready again in less time.

So, what is it that we are looking for from this product?

  • More muscle energy
  • Faster recovery
  • More gains
  • Rehydration

Does this product have the right ingredients to provide this? Nearly time to find out. First, let’s get to know the company behind the product.

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

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Here we have the UK based team behind this supplement.

As a company, we are impressed by the lengths they go to in regards to improving their products.Performance Lab Sport Post Workout

They use their patented technology BioGenesis to improve each ingredient. This is what makes them cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly than the competition.

It is this technology that also enhances their ingredients to make them more potent. This often means their products seem to have lower dosages, but they are still as effective.

Every supplement is free of GMO, soy, additives, allergens, gluten and banned substances. To see zero extra ingredients under the label is rare and refreshing.

All their supplements are also vegan-friendly. This is because they use Plantcaps capsules. This is a natural and easily absorbed capsule that is considered to be a premium option.

A lot of the competition use Cellulose. This is semi-synthetic and not natural due to the fact that it is semi-synthetic.

They also gave a money back guarantee and a lot of useful supplements. We have reviewed their testosterone booster, sleep aid and more.

Opti Nutra chooses not to sell through Amazon as well. This is because they don’t want their products to be listed alongside inferior options. Since we have seen a lot of sub-par supplements on there, we understand this.

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout IngredientPerformance Lab Sport Post Workout Ingredients

This is where we can see if this is a product that will work, or just another sub-par product to add to the pile?

The good news is that there are no proprietary blends. This is no surprise with a reputable company and means we get to see all the dosages.

Too many big brands are choosing to hide their dosages by wrapping multiple ingredients under one blend, only providing the overall dosage. A more honest approach is what we are getting here.


An excellent inclusion and one we expected to see.

This is one of the most well-known ingredients in sports supplements but just why will it be useful here?

A basic overview would be from as they advise that it is often used by athletes to increase both power output and lean mass.

You don’t need to cycle it and it is considered to be one of the most well researched and safe ingredients in supplements.

It is what it can do for your muscles that makes it such a good inclusion. Creatine will strengthen and give energy to the muscles when usually, after training, levels start to drop. This is why supplementing it after it such a good idea.

It gives the muscles everything they need for faster recovery and in turn, greater gains. It increases the amount of Growth Factor 1 in your muscle tissue. This helps with the growth and development of the muscles.

By reducing the amount of damage caused by exercise, it is the perfect ingredient to get into your system post workout.

WebMD tells us that Creatine is an ingredient that is involved in making the energy muscles need to work. The same source also says that vegetarians and other people with lower creatine levels seem to get more benefit.

Since this is a vegan-friendly supplement, there are a lot of people that could really benefit from this ingredient.

This Is Part of The Reason Creatine Is So Popular

No wonder it is one of the most commonly used ingredients by bodybuilders. Useful as a pre and post workout ingredients there is even research that suggests it could be beneficial for T levels as well as cognitive function.

One study has proven that it can benefit the body at any time. It discusses how Creatine supplementation during arm flexor strength training lead to greater increases in arm flexor muscle strength, upper arm muscle area, and fat-free mass than strength training alone.

The sort of ingredient we could do with more of them.

Some forms of Creatine can lead to bloating but not the type used in Performance Lab Sport Post Workout. They use Creapure pH10. This is considered to be one of the highest quality versions of Creatine Monohydrate that has enhanced purity and safety as well.

The 1,000 mg included is an excellent dosage that will really give you all the above benefits.


A great ingredient to include due to the fact that it can really help with hydration.

This is one of the factors for muscles being damaged through strenuous and intense workouts.

On top of this, Sodium helps the membranes in the body by maintaining them so they can help with muscle contractions.

A good all-rounder that even helps to absorb other nutrients it is the sort of ingredient that will bring out the best in this supplement, helping your body to really get their benefits.

A vital part for your workout is being able to absorb glucose, another trait of Sodium is to help with this.

Obviously, we lose a lot of salt through sweat and if we are training right, we should be doing plenty of it. The source of Sodium is the Himalayan Pink Salt content that also helps with muscle cramps.

Pomegranate Extract

This organic version is a great inclusion.

Pomegranates contain a lot of polyphenols. These are part of the reason that this ingredient can really benefit you post workout. This is what reduces the effects of oxidative stress caused by exercise as well as increase muscle circulation.

It has the backing of numerous studies that show it can increase muscle recovery post-exercise. This is what we often find with Performance Lab products, proven ingredients.

It is thought to help protect nitric oxide levels which in turn increases blood flow. This means there is more oxygen available for the muscles and is one of the reasons people use Pomegranate to enhance recovery time.

Pomegranate Extract is another ingredient that might be well suited to a nootropic, but further studies are required to really support this.

What Else?

It will reduce muscle soreness as well as support your strength post workout. So, even though you might not be able to lift your hands over your head straight away, it will get to work on that for you.

There is a very good 500 mg in this product. The type used is P40p Pomegranate Extract. This is easily absorbed and according to their website, contains the antioxidant activity of 5 pomegranates.

Himalayan Pink Salt

The source of Sodium in this product that has its own benefits.

Yes, it can enhance the benefits of other ingredients and help you to absorb the other ingredients. This is only beneficial if the ingredients included alongside it are good. Thankful for the consumer, the ingredients so far are high quality and well selected.

It will also help us to keep electrolyte levels up after intense workouts. It works well with the last ingredient in this product, Coconut Water.

This actually enhances the benefits of Coconut Water and even ensures that it can work in the same way a sports drink can in the way it hydrates the user.

Combining two ingredients that work well together is typical of Performance Lab products.

The 350 mg here is a big amount that will really get you absorbing this product in the way you would want.

Organic Coconut Water Crystals

The last ingredient in this product and one that is widely linked to hydration.

Since we mentioned earlier the body and indeed the muscles need refueling and part of this includes fluids. Since anyone who really makes the most of their time at the gym should sweat more than usual, this is a quality ingredient.

It is dehydration which really contributes towards muscle deterioration that can drive down your strength post workout. This will carry on to your next time in the gym and you might find it difficult to perform to the level you might expect.

Coconut Water can help to remedy this. It gives the body electrolytes needed to rehydrate the body. Add glucose to the mix and your body will be rehydrated to a level that can really aid recovery.

It has been used traditionally to treat diarrhea.

One study suggests that Coconut Water could be used for whole body hydration after exercise. The same study mentions that it can cause less nausea, no stomach upset and was also easier to consume in a larger amount compared with a carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage and plain water.

It is especially beneficial in times where the user may have sweated more than usual.

Once again, the type of ingredient used here is an enhanced version of higher quality. This form is concentrated and easy to absorb. Some claim it is like a sports drink in a capsule.

We like the fact that this can be delivered in a way that does not contain any of the rubbish a sports drink might.

You only have to look at the color of some of these sports drinks. Should we really be putting something that is bright blue into our system? The additives and artificial colors alone are bad news.

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout contains 1,250 mg of Organic Coconut Water Crystals which is another optimal amount.

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Side Effects

The great news is that there is nothing in this product that can cause the user any potential side effects.

The dosages are all sensible and all the ingredients are not only safe but premium versions.

The creatine dosage is a very good one. A lot of the time products will try and cram too much in which can result in muscle cramping and nausea. Like we said though, this won’t be the case with Performance Lab Sport Post Workout.

Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout Review Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review Pros

  • Quality ingredients
  • Natural pre workout
  • Money back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non- GMO clean ingredients
  • Plantcaps capsules
  • No proprietary blends

Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout Review Cons

  • None

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review: FAQ

Why Is BioGenesis So Good?

It’s what makes this company stand out.

Anyone who tries to enhance their products and make them safer, cleaner and more eco-friendly should be given the credit they deserve.

BioGenesis is just Performance Labs’ way of achieving this. It also means they can use lower dosages due to the fact that it increases their potency. They are cleaning up the industry and raising standards.

Is Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Safe?

Yes, it is.

This is, even more, the case because of BioGenesis, but it is not just this that makes it so safe. You may have seen from their site that they only use high-quality ingredients. This isn’t the ingredient itself necessarily, it is also the source that they get them from.

Of course, with no stimulants or additives, gluten or GMO, they are as natural and safe as you would want.

On top of this, they are really into quality control.

Performance Lab actually sends each product to a third party to independently check the purity, potency, accuracy, and quality of all their products.

Do I Need To Cycle Performance Lab Sport Post Workout?

No, this is a product intended for continual use.

Is Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Vegan?

Yes, it is. This is a vegan-friendly product and even the capsules are made from Plantcaps, the premium vegan capsule.

Where Is Performance Lab Sport Post Workout made?

Performance Lab design and think out all of their products in the United Kingdom but make them in the USA.

This is in New Jersey and the products are produced in FDA and GMO approved facilities.

Just go to the Opti Nutra site for more information on this.

What Countries Do They Ship To?

All the major locations you would usually expect but for a definitive list, have a look over on their website.

If you still don’t get the answer you are after then you can email them directly to find out more.

Does Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, for us this is really important. As far as we are concerned, your purchase should be risk-free when it comes to supplements.

Their website says that you should try the product for 30 consecutive days to give you the best possible chance to create results. After this, you can return the item for your money back (minus shipping costs).

This only applies to first time orders.

Can I Buy Performance Lab Sport Post Workout on Amazon?

Nope, but this is for good reason.

A lot of the more reliable companies choose not to. Often this is because they don’t want to list theirs alongside low-quality supplements that are often found on Amazon.

Also, we have seen first hand how the comments and reviews can be a little untrustworthy. We have reviewed countless supplements. Some of the worst products we have seen actually have 100’s and even at times, over 1,000 positive reviews!

In truth, it is best to purchase any Performance Lab product from their website directly. This means you get their efficient customer service. We also found their staff to be very knowledgeable.

Having dealt with them in the past they know their products inside out as you would expect.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

Everything you would usually expect from banking and payment card methods but also PayPal and Amazon Pay. These options provide a level of security and convenience.

Are There Any Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Pricing Bundles?

Yes, this is another thing to like about Performance Lab.

You can save 5% by purchasing 2 boxes of this T booster at the same time and 10% when ordering 3.

This covers a 2 and 3 months supply.

Is There Free Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, on orders over $200 you can receive free worldwide shipping.

What Does Clean Label Mean?

Another reason we like Performance Lab products. It is part of what separates them from the competition, and it is why their products are the premium and clean versions that they are.

Performance Lab products are also free of banned substances, GMO, soy, additives and more. The Clean Label is their way of assuring customers of all the above.

This is pretty rare in any industry and is one of the major selling points for Performance Labs products.

Their site is a good reference for seeing just how clean they are.

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout Review Conclusion

Performance Lab Sport Post Workout 3 Pack

Buy Performance Lab Sport Post Workout from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

This is one of the best post workout products we have seen.

It not just the fact that the ingredients are all reliable and effective, or the dosages are great. What takes it to the next level is the quality of it.

All ingredients are given the premium treatment and on top of this, it is free of any rubbish.

Like we mentioned, Coconut Water means you do not need to use sports drinks filled with a load of rubbish for a start.

In truth, Performance Lab has not failed us yet when it comes to supplements. They go to great lengths to enhance their formulas in a way that benefits the body.

You will find it hard to find a company that strips everything away that you don’t want and leaves you with a product free of gluten, GMO, allergens, additives and the rest.

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not, this is a post-workout that will really reduce muscle soreness, promote muscle growth, rehydrate the body, speed up recovery time and with no side effects.

What more do you need?

Buy Performance Lab Sport Post Workout from:

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