Performance Lab Prebiotic Review [Is It As Good As They Say?]

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review


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  • Quality ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan friendly
  • Easy to absorb
  • GMO-free
  • Appetite suppressant


  • None

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Performance Lab Prebiotic Review

Our Performance Lab Prebiotic Review gives us the chance to check out a natural product that if effective, could have numerous benefits.

What is it about Probiotics that make it such a big industry?

It’s one of those things that benefit you on the inside, so too many people overlook their qualities.

A good probiotic can do the following:

  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Support blood sugar balance

So, is this product able to give us what we need? This isn’t a supplement with numerous ingredient that is designed to do the same thing. It is a simple solution aimed at supporting optimal health.

What just might differentiate it from the competition is how natural Performance Lab like to make their products. But more on that later.

Firstly, a bit more about the company behind the product.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review: Who Makes This Product?

Mind Lab Pro Review - Opti-Nutra

This is the UK based company who make this product.

They take a lot of care when making their products and even enhance their ingredients.Performance Lab Prebiotic Review

They have a patented technology called BioGenesis. This not only makes their ingredients more potent but cleaner and safer as well. BioGenesis even makes their products more eco-friendly.

All their supplements are free of additives, soy, GMO, synthetic additives, allergens and banned substances.

This is great and something you don’t often see to this extent. You will notice that the ingredients label is always stripped back with no additional ingredients underneath.

They only make vegan-friendly products. This is made possible by their Plantcaps capsules. These are easily absorbed and are all natural. Plantacaps are considered to be a premium capsule.

A lot of the competition use the inferior Cellulose capsules. These are not natural and are made from semi-synthetic polymer. The quality just isn’t the same.

With a money back guarantee and a large range of products that include sleep aids and pre-workouts, there is a lot to like.

Opti Nutra chooses not to list their products on Amazon. This is because they don’t want their supplements to be found alongside low-quality alternatives. We get this, there is a lot of junk on Amazon.

Also, some of the worst supplements we have reviewed are sold on there yet they have many positive reviews!

Performance Lab Prebiotic IngredientsPerformance Lab Prebiotic Ingredients

This is where we can see just how effective this product can be.

The good news is that it isn’t wrapped up in proprietary blends. All the dosages are revealed meaning you can see just how effective this can be.

Performance Lab claim that their product gives us the following:

  • Healthy serotonin production
  • Mood balance
  • Weight management aid
  • Healthy digestive function
  • Immune function support

Inulin-FOS (from Chicory Root)

This ingredient is included as it works on various levels.

Found in a lot of foods is it especially concentrated in Chicory Root, hence its selection here.

A soluble fiber that is well known to enhance not only our digestive system but also various other health benefits.

WebMD advises that it is used for loss of appetite, upset stomach, constipation, liver, and gallbladder disorders, cancer and rapid heartbeat.

Inulin-FOS passes through our system without being disrupted, arriving on the colon still as it entered the body. This is where it supports Bifidobacterium which in turn supports metabolism and digestive health.

It, in turn, helps the body to break down foods and keeps us regular.

This very pro Bifidobacterium process is what helps to support immune function as well as reducing gut pH as well as stopping bad bacteria from being as prevalent. It also strengthens a barrier between the intestine and pathogens.

The above even creates a better environment for the body to absorb the likes of Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium.

It promotes a gut-brain connection that helps to elevate the mood of the user as well as reduce stress levels.

What Else Can Inulin-FOS Do?

It is a soluble fiber.

As it cannot be absorbed in the intestine, it absorbs water. As a result, it expands and creates a gel. Why is this beneficial?

Well, in terms of digestive health it makes stools softer, making it easier for them to pass. It also helps the consumer to be more regular.

All of this helps with constipation along the way.

As it swells in the stomach it works as an appetite suppressant. This is the type of ingredient you would find in a fat burner. It stops you from feeling the urge to snack in between meals and leaves you feeling fuller for longer.

It does nothing to blood sugar either and even slows down the time it takes to process foods in the gut. This means our blood sugar levels do not rise so fast after a meal and our levels do not fluctuate.

What Is Special About The Source Of This Ingredient?

Performance Lab Prebiotic uses Orafti Synergy 1. This is from a 100% vegetable source and is considered to be the highest quality version available.

Using this instead of your regular supplement will have its own benefits.

These include the fact that regular probiotic supplements use lower quality ingredients. These often are often affected by the likes of heat and stomach acids along the way. This isn’t the case with the type used in Performance Lab Prebiotic.

It is also an organic and far milder probiotic. Many supplements use way too many strains of probiotics which can provide uncomfortable results.

The 2 g included will really give you all of the above benefits.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Side Effects

Thankfully due to the high-quality ingredient used and the sensible dosage, this is a supplement that is safe for continual use.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review Pros

  • Quality ingredient
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Easy to absorb
  • GMO-free
  • Appetite suppressant

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review Cons

  • None

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review: FAQ

Why Is BioGenesis So Good?

It is one of the reasons Performance Labs are such a trustworthy company.

BioGensiss enhances the quality of the product as a whole. This patented technology really cleans up the ingredients making them safer and more eco- friendly.

It also makes the product more potent and allows them to include lower dosages.

Is Performance Lab Prebiotic Safe?


By cleaning up the ingredient, BioGenesis makes this, even more, the case. You have probably noticed that they source the highest quality versions of their ingredients as well.

With no additives or stimulants, from what we have seen, they are as natural as you would hope.

Their website discusses their attention to quality control.

They send their products to an independent third party to check the purity, accuracy, potency, and quality of every product.

If more companies did this, the industry would be a better place.

Do I Need To Cycle Performance Lab Prebiotic?

No, this product is safe for continual use.

Is Performance Lab Prebiotic Vegan?

Yes, it is. This is a vegan-friendly product and even the capsules are made from Plantcaps, the premium vegan capsule.

Where Is Performance Lab Prebiotic made?

Performance Lab design and think out all of their products in the United Kingdom but they create them in the USA.

The facility is in New Jersey and the products are produced in FDA and GMO approved facilities.

Just go to the Opti Nutra site for more information on this.

What Countries Do They Ship To?

All the major locations you would usually expect but for a definitive list, check their website.

If you still don’t get the answer you are after then you can email them directly to find out more.

Does Performance Lab Prebiotic Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we would find it hard to recommend them otherwise.

Their website says that you should try the product for 30 consecutive days to give you the best possible chance to create results. After this, you can return the item for your money back (minus shipping costs).

This only applies to first time orders.

Can I Buy Performance Lab Prebiotic on Amazon?

No, but for good reason.

It’s not uncommon, some of the most respected brands choose not to. Performance Lab don’t want to list theirs alongside low-quality supplements that are often found on Amazon.

We have reviewed countless products. Some of the worst we have seen actually have 100’s and even at times, over 1,000 positive reviews!

However, it is best to purchase any Performance Lab product from their website directly. This means you get their efficient customer service. We also found their staff to be very knowledgeable.

Having dealt with them in the past they know their products inside out as you would expect.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

Everything you would usually expect from banking and payment card methods but also PayPal and Amazon Pay. These add a level of security and convenience.

Are There Any Performance Lab Prebiotic Pricing Bundles?

Yes, this is another thing to like about Performance Lab.

You can save 5% by purchasing 2 boxes of this T booster at the same time and 10% when ordering 3.

This covers a 2 and 3 months supply.

Is There Free Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, on orders over $200 you can receive free worldwide shipping.

What Does Clean Label Mean?

This is part of what separates them from the competition for us, and it is why their products are the premium and clean versions that they are.

Their products are also free of banned substances, GMO, soy, additives and more. The Clean Label is their way of assuring customers of all the above.

This is pretty rare in any industry and is one of the major selling points for Performance Labs products.

Their site is a good reference for seeing just how clean they are.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review Conclusion

Performance Lab Prebiotic 3 Pack

Buy Performance Lab Prebiotic from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

This is a quality product that will really give you everything you need for digestive, immune system and metabolic health.

Not only will it do this, but it is also incredibly safe to use and the stripped back approach is far gentler on the gut. The competition tries to overload this type of supplement with numerous ingredients that are unnecessary. 

The added benefit of blood sugar balance and weight control is something that we like to see. Their vegan-friendly and no junk or unnecessary additives approach make this a great product.

Performance Lab Prebiotic is another quality offering from a reliable company.

Buy Performance Lab Prebiotic from:


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