Performance Lab Mind Review [Is This A Top Nootropic?]

Performance Lab Mind Review

Performance Lab Mind


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Enhances brain health
  • Stimulant free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Money back guarantee
  • No proprietary blends
  • GMO-free
  • Potent BioGenesis Ingredients


  • Only 4 ingredients
  • Premium price for premium product

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Performance Lab Mind Review

There are many products that claim to increase cognitive ability but can our Performance Lab Mind review provide a clean nootropic worth buying?

Any mind related supplement needs to have high-quality ingredients, this is your brain we’re talking about here! We don’t just mean the type of ingredients, we mean the quality of them.

So many supplements have ingredients that are cheap with additives that you really don’t want in your system. We’re going to be putting Performance Lab Mind to the sword on this.

Why Use A Nootropic Anyway?

For a start, they are becoming more and more popular for a reason. Those in demanding jobs use them to give them the edge, to work at their peak for longer.

If you are studying, you might benefit from the ability to retain and recall information at a later date.

It can even help you to focus in the gym.

A good nootropic should be effective as well as safe of course.

Performance Lab Mind Review: Who Makes This Nootropic?

Opti NutraPerformance Lab Mind

The UK based company behind this product have a unique approach to making supplements.

They really like to enhance their products and make them as clean as possible. They do this by using their patented technology, BioGenesis. This is what makes them more potent and eco-friendly.

It also makes their ingredients safer. When it comes to the brain you want to make sure the ingredients are of the highest quality. It appears that Opti Nutra makes it their mission to give this to the customer.

As a result of using BioGenesis, their ingredients are free from soy, GMO, additives, allergens, synthetic additives and banned substances.

All their products are vegan-friendly. This is due to their use of Plantcaps capsules. This is not only easier to absorb but a high-quality capsule.

The competition often uses Cellulose. Not only is this not natural as it is made from semi-synthetic polymer but it is not of the same quality.

They also have a money back guarantee and a large selection of products with everything from fat burners to testosterone boosters.

Opti Nutra chooses not to list their products on Amazon. They say this is because they don’t want their products to be listed alongside low-quality products. We see the sense in this. It is also common to see some dodgy reviews that appear to have been manipulated.

Put it this way, we have seen some poor products with excellent reviews on there!

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Performance Lab Mind IngredientsPerformance Lab Mind Ingredients

This is where we can really get to know this supplement and see if it is worth buying.

The early signs are good, there are no proprietary blends. This means we get to see all the dosages and the ingredients are all there to be seen. Too many supplements are hiding important information from us but that’s not the case here.

They claim that the ingredients here help the user to experience a clean cognitive lift. They manage to ensure that you will not experience the same caffeine related crash that others do by keeping it free of stimulants.

Caffeine is a popular ingredient but too many inferior products rely on it to make the user feel different. Keeping their product stimulant free is an interesting approach.

Let’s see what they do have:


A great ingredient that really increases brain energy. This improves the way it can be used and even protects brain cells by keeping them primed and well looked after.

It gives you more acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter that increases your ability to learn, increases attention as well as short term memory.

The brand of Citicoline in this product is Cognizin. Studies have shown that this can increase brain energy by 13.6%. discusses how one study showed that women who took Citicoline showed improved attentional focus and inhibition.

It also suggested that 250 mg might have been slightly more potent.

Luckily for the users of Performance Lab Mind, they are getting 250 mg.


This is in high concentration in the brain and promotes Nerve Growth Factor.

It works by protecting the brain by battling against cognitive decline, something that becomes more and more of an issue the older we get.

Phosphatidylserine will also improve memory as well as enhance cognition in other areas. It is thought to promote brain energy metabolism. It achieves this by helping to get glucose into your system.

Phosphatidylserine helps to support the production of brain cells. It is even credited with helping neuron membranes.

WebMD describes it as an ingredient that is vital in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain.

There are also studies that back it as having the potential to battle the effects of stress.

A great inclusion and the 100 mg is made even better through the use of BioGenesis.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Another very good ingredient and one we look out for in a Nootropic.

For your attention, it is really beneficial and will keep the user focused. Most people have known it as something that helps to battle the effects of stress. L-Tyrosine stops you from producing as many stress hormones.

Your body even uses it to create dopamine, that makes it an effective neurotransmitter as well.

An ingredient that has it all really. It has even been found to improve mood, cognition, and memory.

The dosages should start at around 100 – 300 mg for you to get the benefits. Thankfully, we are getting a big 300 mg in Performance Lab Mind, an excellent dosage.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

With a variety of supporting capabilities, it has many uses.

It boosts circulation by boosting nitric oxide. This creates more blood flow to the brain. With other benefits including the fact that it can help to prevent cognitive decline and prevent degeneration, it is a great ingredient for any nootropic.

It helps to move antioxidants across the blood-brain barrier this places them where they can stop free radicals from causing damage to cells.

The form of Maritime Pine Bark used by Performance Lab Mind is the most potent available. This is made even more potent by the use of BioGenesis making the 75 mg even better.

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Performance Lab Mind Side Effects

The good news is that there is nothing in this supplement that should concern the user.

All the ingredients are natural, well dosed and effective. Because it is stimulant free it is also a great option for anyone who has a low caffeine tolerance.

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Performance Lab Mind Review Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Mind Review Pros

  • Enhances brain health
  • Stimulant free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Money back guarantee
  • No proprietary blends
  • GMO-free

Performance Lab Mind Review Cons

  • Only 4 ingredients

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Performance Lab Mind Review: FAQ

Why Is BioGenesis So Good?

Their patented technology is what really stood out for us. It makes the quality of each ingredient so much higher. BioGenesis also ensures they are more eco-friendly as well as cleaner and even safer than the conventional versions used by the competition.

It just means the overall quality of each product is higher. BioGenesis also making them more potent. Sometimes, their dosages might appear lower than others on the market at times, but they need less of each ingredient to be more effective.

Is Performance Lab Mind Safe?

Yes, 100%.

The excellent ingredients are of the highest quality so you do not have to worry about additives or anything else you would not want in a supplement. This is so often the case with the competition.

Premium Labs advise that they put their products through strenuous quality control checks. They even send their products to a third party to ensure the product is checked independently for purity, accuracy, potency as well as quality.

If more companies did this, there would be a lot more quality out there.

Do I Need To Cycle Performance Lab Mind?

No, this is safe for continual use.

Is Performance Lab Mind Vegan?

Yes, it is. Every ingredient is vegan-friendly and even the capsules are made from Plantcaps, the premium vegan capsule.

Where Is Performance Lab Mind made?

Their products are designed and thought out in the United Kingdom.

They are then created in their FDA and GMP approved facilities situated in New Jersey USA. The Opti Nutra website provides more details on this process.

What Countries Do They Ship To?

They ship to most of the major places and there is an extensive list on their website.

If you still don’t get the answer you are after then you can email them to find out more.

Does Performance Lab Mind Have a Money Back Guarantee?

It’s not often we recommend products without money back guarantees. We believe that every company should offer some sort of compensation if their product does not work for you.

The good news is, Performance Lab Mind comes with a money back guarantee.

They do say that you need to try the product for 30 consecutive days before seeing if the results are there for you. At this point, you can return the item for your money back (minus shipping costs).

This only applies to first time orders.

Can I Buy Performance Lab Mind on Amazon?

You won’t be able to find this product on Amazon and their reasons for this are sensible in our eyes.

Firstly, some companies choose to not put their quality products alongside some low-quality products that make a mockery of the industry.

Also, we have seen first hand how the comments and reviews are easy to manipulate. We have reviewed countless products. Some of the worst we have seen actually have 100’s and even well over 1,000 positive reviews somehow!

As always, the best place to buy any Performance Lab product is to from their website directly. This means you get their fast customer service. Also, we found their staff to be very knowledgeable.

Having dealt with them in the past they know their products inside out as you would expect. They also deal with queries quickly.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

All the standard banking and payment card methods as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay. These add a level of security and convenience.

Are There Any Performance Lab Mind Pricing Bundles?

Another reason to like Performance Lab is the offer a bit of value.

You can save 5% by purchasing 2 boxes of this T booster at the same time and 10% when ordering 3.

This covers a 2 and 3 months supply.

Is There Free Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, on orders above $200 you can receive free worldwide shipping.

What Does Clean Label Mean?

You may have seen this on their website and label.

It basically ensures the customer is getting a premium, clean product through the purest ingredients. Like we have mentioned, they are free of additives, GMO-free, gluten free, soy free, no wheat or allergens.

Their products are also free of banned substances. The Clean Label is their way of assuring customers of all the above.

This is pretty rare in any industry and is one of the major selling points for Performance Labs products.

At Clean Lean Machine we are all about the purity that comes from their Clean Labels.

Just go to their site to see that their products are the world’s cleanest formulas. Any company that even attempts this should be congratulated.

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Performance Lab Mind Review Conclusion

performance lab mind 3 pack

Buy Performance Lab Mind:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

This is up there with the very best nootropics we have seen.

With every ingredient earning its place there is no filler. Also, there is absolutely no rubbish! We rarely see such a commitment to cleaning up the ingredients.

The fact that you are getting such high-quality versions of each ingredient makes this a unique nootropic. When it comes to brain health you don’t just want to use any type of ingredient.

You won’t find many stimulant free nootropics. Caffeine seems to be a mainstay in many supplements but you have to be sure of the quality and it must earn its place.

For a vegan-friendly option that uses the most effective ingredients at optimal dosages. Performance Lab Mind is a hard product to beat.

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  • Is it safe to take Performance Labs Mind and Energy formulas if you have heart disease?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Although I can’t see why it would be a problem with their all natural ingredients, it’s definitely something we would advise asking your doctor about before buying just to double check.

      Hope that helps!

      Kind regards,

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