Performance Lab Maintain Review – [Ultramodern muscle reloader & Recharger]

Performance Lab Maintain review

Performance Lab Maintain




  • All organic ingredients
  • Impressive dosages
  • Slow-release Beta-Alanine
  • No proprietary blends
  • Clean, non-GMO ingredients
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Vegetarian & vegan friendly


  • Premium price

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Performance Lab Sport Maintain Review

Performance Lab Maintain review

We had to create our Performance Lab Maintain review as we’d been hearing about a product that is tailored towards helping your body recover on a non-training day. Designed to help you recharge after a tough workout, this is the sort of product that many people have been crying out for.

However, it is only going to be worth considering if the ingredients are going to help it live up to its promises. Performance Lab makes some bold claims here. So if it has everything you need to support muscle growth, it’s going to be making a lot of friends. 

We all want to be able to get back to the gym as soon as possible. But resting isn’t enough, you need to give your muscles the fuel to recover. Then, those gains come easy and when you hit the weights again, your muscles are full of energy.

We’re all for treating your body well on your recovery days. This seems to be more than just a source of protein with a bunch of other junk. They say it is fine for daily use, but for it to impress it is going to have to do the following:

  • Amplify gains
  • Fuel your muscles so they have more energy
  • Enhance anabolic activity
  • Be natural 

Whether you want to be able to lift your arms a little on a rest day or get more fuel so you are ready to go the next time you walk into the gym, let’s hope this is a product that can give you what you need. Time to get to know the people behind the product.

Who Makes Performance Lab Maintain?

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This is the UK based brand that is responsible for all Performance Lab products.

We’ve reviewed a fair amount of their supplements and have so far found every single one impressive. Even before you get to the ingredients, it is easy to see why a lot of people swear by them. 

This is partly down to their BioGenesis way of making their products. This cleans and enhances the potency of each ingredient so it is more effective. 

It also makes their ingredients eco-friendly and safer. Because we’re all about clean products, we like that theirs are non-GMO, gluten and soy-free, allergen-free, made with no banned substances.

Their supplements are vegan-friendly, even their capsule products. This is made possible by the use of PlantCaps capsules. These are often regarded as a premium capsule as they are absorbed easily. 

Purchasing one of their products is risk-free because they offer a money-back guarantee. This is the sort of thing we like to see as you never know how your body is going to respond to some ingredients. 

With an impressive range, the Performance Lab brand makes everything from Testosterone boosters to vision-enhancing supplements.

Performance Lab Maintain Ingredients

Performance Lab Maintain review of ingredients

Now it’s time to take a look exactly what goes into this product. The good news is that there are no proprietary blends. They are revealing all the ingredients so we get to see what we’re dealing with.

First impressions are good, with branded ingredients among others which can often be a sign of an enhanced product. With certified organic ingredients, it is off to a good start as you are less likely to get sub-par ingredients here.

It’s vegan-friendly and free from some of the rubbish you get in other products in the niche. They have kept it simple by only using three ingredients. 

Let’s see if each one is here on merit.

NutriGenesis Iron

The more you sweat, the more iron your body loses. Not to mention it makes it harder to absorb iron sources. 

In turn, this will deplete your capability and stamina during exercise as you can’t get your red blood cells moving oxygen around at the same rate. Different research has found that iron contributes to the quality of athletic strength, muscle output, and endurance.

Studies have shown that Iron helps to create hemoglobin in red blood cells that move oxygen and various nutrients around the body. 

So, you can see why Performance Lab has included it in their supplement aimed at repairing sore muscles and giving them the fuel for next time. 

Their unique brand of Iron has been enhanced so it is easily absorbed ao any athlete can reap the benefits of fast recovery.

The dosage of 2.5 mg is what most people would consider optimal as a top-up. Although, there is room for a little more.

Creapure Creatine

Another branded version of an ingredient but again, this is a good thing. Creatine should be well known to most athletes as a key ingredient for replenishing sore muscles. If you want to reap the benefits then you need to be consuming it daily.

It enhances protein synthesis and that of stem cells so it helps with muscle growth and maintains levels in your muscle tissue to help you repair. 

It produces ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the main energy source for your muscles. It’s also something that a vegan might miss out on so it is an important ingredient to get into your system.

Supplementing Creatine has been found to enhance your ability to get through those difficult reps when you feel like giving up. Also, it maintains your max strength when at the gym.

Backed by a tonne of science, Creatine is one of the most popular ingredients and can be taken at any stage of your workout. 

This branded version, Creapure is good because it is the optimal Creatine monohydrate form that is easily absorbed. It is also 99.5% pure with enhanced bioavailability.

The 3,000 mg dosage is an optimal one, and when taken consistently is going to make a big difference. 

SR Carnosyn Beta-Alanine

This is a well-documented ingredient that is common in various pre-workouts and other supplements.

For muscle recovery, it has shown to be very effective. The fact that it loads your muscles with Carnosine means it boosts recovery as well as muscle performance. 

It gives your muscles a greater working capacity so they are capable of more the next time you’re in the gym. For a rest day, this is the sort of boost you are looking for as it carries into the next session with the weights. 

This version has been enhanced so it works gradually. This slow-releasing formula ensures that you get a steady increase of carnosine for 12 hours. It also provides a good dosage of Beta-Alanine without the tingling sensation that other variants can be guilty of.

One of our concerns when we saw this ingredient was that inconvenient side effect. However, because they have included 1,600 mg of this branded version, you are going to get all the benefits without the side effects.

Arguably the most impressive ingredient in the whole Performance Lab Maintain review.

How To Take Performance Lab Maintain

Because it contains Creatine, it is best to take this supplement consistently so the benefits stay with you if you maintain optimal levels in your body.

On rest days, they recommend taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

Because of their 30-day performance promise, you do get to give it the best chance of working without any financial risk. If you aren’t getting the results you desire at the end of it, you can get a refund.

Performance Lab Maintain Side Effects

The good news here is that the ingredients should be well tolerated by most people. They’ve also been cleaned to a high standard.

This and the sensible dosages combine to make it an ingredient that should not cause side effects. Having said that, some people might find the inclusion of Beta-Alanine to be a mild concern. 

The tingling sensation that can sometimes occur should not be present because they have used the slow-release SR Carnosyn variant. This and the sensible dosage of 1,600 mg should be well tolerated. This is why it’s not going to put us off recommending this product for rest days.

Because they are clean and organic, there are no unwanted additives included to bulk out the formula in the capsules. 

Another impressive feature is the fact that it is non-GMO. Also, it’s free of gluten and soy, and made with no synthetic additives, allergens, or banned substances.

Performance Lab Maintain Pros and Cons


✅ All organic ingredients

✅ Impressive dosages

✅ Slow-release Beta-Alanine

✅ No proprietary blends

✅ Clean, non-GMO ingredients

✅ 30-day satisfaction guarantee

✅ Vegetarian & vegan friendly


❌ Premium price

Performance Lab Maintain Conclusion

Performance Lab SPORT Maintain review

Although a rest day supplement isn’t the most common, there is certainly a good case for finding a quality one in this product.

Its combination of three sensible yet effective ingredients makes it an excellent option for anyone who feels particularly sore on a rest day. Also, for anyone who has to take more than one day rest after gym day.

The fact that it is an extended-release product means the benefits are spread out throughout the day. Therefore, you aren’t just getting an intense hit of nutrients. This means it will recover your muscles gradually and without the itching sensation that can sometimes be present in Beta-Alanine.

Because muscle growth can last up to two days after exercise, your muscles need the support to recover otherwise you aren’t hitting the gym at 100% the next time. 

The ingredients are also great for preparing your muscles for the next day, giving them more strength than if you didn’t take anything on your rest day.

The technology that has gone into the ingredients is also what sets it apart. Because they have been enhanced, they are cleaner, safer, and more effective. Not to mention vegan-friendly for anyone who is looking for top supplements in this area.

Intense training depletes a lot of the essential ergogenics in your body. This is an excellent way of getting more of the nutrients your muscles need to recover and fire on all cylinders the next day.

We’re recommending this product as it has all the hallmarks of a quality rest day supplement.

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Is Performance Lab Maintain Safe To Use?

Yes, the ingredients are already well tolerated by most people. Only with Performance Lab, you have the added benefit of enhanced ingredients that have been made cleaner and safer as a result.

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab Maintain?

The only place to buy Performance Lab supplements is directly from their website

If you see them anywhere else then you should avoid. It is one of the reasons to not buy from Amazon. Since there are so many fake items on there, which can be dangerous when it comes to supplements.

Does Performance Lab Maintain Come With A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30-day performance promise. This means you take it for 30-days and if at the end of it you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can get your money back.

It means you get to give the product the best possible chance of working.

Is Performance Lab Maintain Value For Money?

It depends on the results but in terms of how much you get in a bottle. We think the one month supply is a reasonable price considering the quality of the ingredients.

You can save money by purchasing a three month supply. This comes with a fourth box free.

As we said, it is difficult to find a quality vegan-friendly product that is also non-GMO. Also, one without any filler ingredients so this is value for money.

If you want to speed up your recovery and get more energy in your muscles the next time you’re in the gym then Performance Lab Maintain is a product worth considering.

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