Performance Lab Energy Review

Performance Lab Energy Review

Performance Lab Energy


CleanLeanMachine Rating



  • Enhanced mental performance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Proven ingredients
  • Great dosages
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Stimulant free


  • Premium price for premium product

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Performance Lab Energy Review

In need of some vitality for both body and mind? Our Performance Lab Energy Review just might be the answer,

At CLM, we are a website that is not shy to take on new challenges. This is why we have opened the doors to see what one of the most impressive companies we have seen has come out with.

This time, Performance Lab have made a supplement designed to increase cell energy as well as vitality. They even claim it works as a fat burner. If all this is true it will be an impressive product and one that will help us to operate at our peak for longer.

The ingredients and the dosages are all that matter though. If these aren’t right, the whole supplement won’t be worth looking at.

It is stimulant free so the effects won’t cause you to crash and there is no risk of side effects that can come from using them.

What does Performance Lab promise us then? They say this supplement gives the user:

  • More energy
  • Vitality
  • Healthy weight management

Sounds promising, let’s get to know the people behind it a little better first.

Performance Lab Energy Review: Who Makes This Product?

Mind Lab Pro Review - Opti-Nutra


Performance Lab Energy review

The people behind this supplement are Opti Nutra.

Based in the UK, they have an impressive approach to their work.

You won’t find many companies who give as much attention to detail when it comes to cleaning up their products.

Opti Nutra uses their patented technology, BioGenesis to ensure their products are clean and safer than the competition. This not only makes their ingredients more potent but also eco-friendly.

It is BioGenesis that ensures that their products are free from additives, GMO, soy, allergens, synthetic additives and banned substances. An impressive approach.

Part of the reason they are so popular is that they make their products vegan-friendly. This is achieved by their use of Plantcaps. This is a high-quality capsule that is easily absorbed by the body.

A lot of other companies use Cellulose. This isn’t natural and made from semi-synthetic polymer Also, it is not of the same quality.

There is even a money back guarantee and an impressive product selection.

Time to see what goes into this energy booster.

Performance Lab Energy IngredientsPerformance Lab energy ingredients

This is where we can really tell if it will work or not.

The good news is that there are no proprietary blends. This means we can see all the dosages and get a proper feel for whether this product can benefit you.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

A proper fatigue fighter it is an ingredient commonly found in pre-workouts.

WebMD describes it as an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It helps the body produce energy.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is actually a great all rounder here and really fits the bill for what Performance Lab Energy promises the user.

It can help to promote fat loss. This is done by encouraging our bodies to use fat for energy, burning it off in the process.

Naturally produced in the kidneys but also found in many common foods such as fish and meat. These are common but not great for vegans making this a great ingredient to supplement.

It has been found to strengthen mitochondrial membranes. This is partially possible by the fact that it stops free radicals from forming. These are detrimental to our cells.

We said it is an all-rounder and this is true as it can even help you to focus. It helps to aid brain energy metabolism. This is what promotes their use and even rids them of waste. It helps us to transmit brain chemicals.

All of this promotes sharp memory as well as better mental functioning.

The 750 mg here is an optimal dosage that will really do great things. The BioGenesis will also make this more potent. A great start.

R-Lipoic Acid

An interesting ingredient that really has a lot of benefits.

Firstly, it stops our bodies from creating new fat cells. This is the sort of trait we could all do with and it will even suppress appetite. This means you are less likely to snack in between meals. It even stops oxidative stress from being so prevalent.

This is a result of exercise that can actually have a negative effect on the body. The fact that R-Lipoic Acid counters this is because it is soluble in both water and fat.

Most products that include this ingredient use an inferior version which can cause side effects. Performance Lab Energy only has premium versions including this BioEnhanced ingredient that purer and more natural. describes Alpha-lipoic Acids as providing a short but potent reduction in oxidation by increasing antioxidant enzymes.

At 150 mg, it is another great amount of an effective ingredient.

This form is more easily absorbed by the body.

Coenzyme Q10

You know this is an important ingredient when advises that it has a critical role in producing energy in the body.

They also advise that it aids mitochondria during energy production. It is also thought to reduce chronic fatigue and is another that reduces oxidative stress.

It is essentially an ingredient that ensures we get the energy from our foods and is about as important as it gets really.

Why supplement it though? Well, as we age, there are many things that drive down our bodies Coenzyme Q10 levels such as stress, exercise, aging and more.

The 100 mg is a very effective boost made more potent through BioGenesis.


It is another that is thought to help work against fatigue.

By enhancing our cell energy production it really helps to lift energy levels. We do not produce it in our bodies but it can be found in various foods. A potent ingredient for protecting mitochondria against oxidative stress.

Other benefits include a boost to immune functioning and it is even thought to be an effective nootropic as it could boost cognitive function.

The form of PQQ used here is BioPQQ. This is considered to be the version backed by the most evidence.

Black Pepper Extract

An interesting inclusion. It is often referred to as BioPerine and you will find it in various supplements all for the same purpose. advises that it is ingested alongside some supplements to increase their absorption.

It does this by inhibiting enzymes that would attack other molecules (also see

It has been included here to help the user to absorb the other ingredients faster and enhancing the supplement as a whole.

The 2.5 mg will give you enough of this to get the above.

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Performance Lab Energy Side Effects

The good news is that this product will not cause the user any sure effects. We have not found a single supplement from Performance Lab that does.

They are some of the purest and cleanest we have seen!

Performance Lab Energy Review Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Energy Review Pros

  • Enhanced mental performance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Proven ingredients
  • Great dosages
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Stimulant free

Performance Lab Energy Review Cons

  • Premium price for premium product

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Performance Lab Energy Review: FAQ

Why Is BioGenesis So Good?

It is what sets them apart in many ways. Their patented technology is what cleans up the ingredients and enhances their potency and safety. By making them eco-friendly as well it can only be a great thing.

You will see that no one else is going through such lengths to enhance their ingredients. The quality of their products as a whole is enhanced by this. At times, their dosages might even seem lower than a lot of the competition. They actually need much less to get results.

Is Performance Lab Energy Safe?

100%, yes.

The quality ingredients and made even better through BioGenesis. You can see they have gone for the best possible version on the market. From what we can see, these are the most well researched and respected. With no additives or stimulants, it is as natural as you could hope for.

Their website does say that they put their products through some strenuous quality control. This even involves them sending their products to an independent third party to check the accuracy, purity, potency, and quality of every product.

We only hope they are a trendsetter and more follow suit.

Do I Need To Cycle Performance Lab Energy?

No, Performance Lab energy is safe for continual use.

Is Performance Lab Energy Vegan?

Yes, it is. All the ingredients are vegan-friendly and the capsules are made from Plantcaps, the premium vegan capsule.

Where Is Performance Lab Energy made?

They design and think out their products in the United Kingdom but they make them in the USA.

This is in New Jersey and they are produced in FDA and GMO approved facilities.

Just go to the Opti Nutra site for more information on this.

What Countries Do They Ship To?

Performance Lab ship to most of the major places and for more information, there is an extensive list on their website.

If you still don’t get the answer you are after then you can email them directly to find out more.

Does Performance Lab Energy Have a Money Back Guarantee?

We don’t really recommend any products that don’t come with money back guarantees. We understand that every product works differently for everyone, no two bodies are the same.

This is why it is so good that Performance Lab Energy comes with a money back guarantee.

Their website advises that you should try the product for 30 consecutive days to give it the best possible chance to create results. From this point, you can return the item for your money back (minus shipping costs).

This only applies to first time orders.

Can I Buy Performance Lab Energy on Amazon?

No, but you can use Amazon Pay to checkout quickly and conveniently using your existing Amazon account.

We have seen first hand how the comments and reviews are easy to manipulate on Amazon. We have reviewed countless products. Some of the worst we have seen actually have 100’s and even at times, over 1,000 positive reviews!

Of course, the best place to get your hands on any Performance Lab product is from their website directly. This means you get their efficient customer service. We also found their staff to be very knowledgeable because they are Performance Lab’s customer support team… not Amazon customer support trying to deal with millions of other products.

Having dealt with them in the past they know their products inside out as you would expect.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

You can pay securely by credit or debit card card methods but also PayPal and Amazon Pay. These add a level of security and convenience.

Are There Any Performance Lab Energy Pricing Bundles?

Yes, this is another thing to like about Performance Lab.

You can save 5% by purchasing 2 boxes of this supplement at the same time and 10% when ordering 3.

This covers a 2 and 3 months supply.

Is There Free Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, on orders over $200 you can receive free worldwide shipping.

What Does Clean Label Mean?

This is something you will see Performance Lab talking about a lot.

It is part of what separates them from the competition really and it makes their products the premium and clean versions that they are.

Their products are also free of banned substances, GMO, soy, additives and more. The Clean Label is their way of assuring customers of all the above.

This is pretty rare in any industry and is one of the major selling points for Performance Labs products.

You only need to go to their site to see that their products are the world’s cleanest formulas. Any company that even attempts this should be congratulated.

Performance Lab Energy Review Conclusion

Performance Lab 3 Pack

Buy Performance Lab Energy from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Take advantage of their 10% off when purchasing a 3 months supply!)

It isn’t often that we cannot find any fault in a supplement.

There is usually something, sometimes it can be the price, premium products often require a premium spend. We consider this to be a premium product but it has definitely not placed itself in the higher price bracket.

For anyone looking to really increase their energy levels in a safe way then this is a great option.

The all natural ingredients that have been enhanced to be safer and cleaner and even more potent means you are having your energy delivered in the best way possible.

Too many competitors fill their supplements with junk, additives or too many stimulants. This is why we keep coming back for more when it comes to Performance Lab.

There just isn’t anything in their products you wouldn’t want. If someone could make all our food as clean ss their products, they would make a fortune!

All in all, this has all the ingredients to boost energy levels but also leave you in better shape. The ingredients help to burn fat, as well as give you the energy to burn even more.

A great vegan-friendly product that will benefit anyone.

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