Performance Lab Carb Review – The Cleanest Carb Shake?


Performance Lab Sport Carb




  • All organic vegan ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Easily absorbed
  • Top-quality carb source
  • Reputable company
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Premium price

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Performance Lab Sport Carb Review

Our Performance Lab Carb review is going to consider whether this product can offer a valuable solution. When the weights are stacked and you’re near the end of your peak, it can be hard to stay focused and push through. 

This is where you need some fuel to help you to smash a plateau and help you build muscle. These are some of the benefits we are hoping to find in the ingredients of Performance Lab Carb.

It has the benefit of being considered the world’s fastest-acting muscle fuel and such claims have certainly caught our attention. The fact that is is vegan-friendly means a lot of lean machines will be hoping it works

Although the idea itself is a little unusual, there is certainly a place for a carb supplement in the market. Without quality carbs in your diet, you run the risk of tiring during exercise, and not recovering properly after. 

When you have the right types and amount of carbs in your system it helps you to absorb nutrients faster and aids the delivery of amino acid into the places you want it, your muscles.

So, what does this product have to do to get our seal of approval? The following would make a good start:

  • Aid muscle recovery
  • Increase energy
  • Support muscle growth
  • Be easily absorbed

If you are particularly conscious about what you put into your body, then this might be one of those stand out supplements if it works. Time to take a closer look, starting with the reputation of the brand behind the product.

Who Makes Performance Lab Carb?

Mind Lab Pro Review - Opti-Nutra

This is the company behind this product and they are based in the UK. 

Their patented NutriGeneis technology is what sets a lot of their other supplements apart. It ensures their ingredients are clean, eco-friendly, and highly effective. 

Not only this, but the process also makes their ingredients safer, something we are big on. A quick look at their website and it is easy to see why they are popular in certain circles. Their products are vegan-friendly but there is plenty more to their brand than that.

Their supplements are soy-free, gluten-free, free from banned substances, non-GMO, GMP certified, synthetic additives free, and more.

This is all very well, but having reviewed their other products we have seen how they also back their good practices up with quality supplements. 

A lot of their products contain unique ingredients so you’re not getting the same supplements that a thousand other companies are making. 

Because we always search for a money-back guarantee as a sign of a reputable brand, we took a closer look at what Opti Nutra offered for this product. The good news is that it comes with a 30-day performance promise.

This means you need to try it for 30 days to see how you get on with it and if you’re not seeing results, they’ll give you a no-fuss refund. 

With everything from testosterone boosters to prebiotics available, they have an impressive range. But, is this product worth shouting about? 

Performance Lab Carb Ingredients

Performance Lab Carb review of ingredients list

The good news is that Performance Lab Carb is made up of all organic ingredients. You are getting a clean product and there are no proprietary blends where half the ingredients are hidden.

Everything is laid out and as the name suggests, the bulk of this product is carbohydrates. All the ingredients seem to be included on merit and there and it is intended for daily use.

The label says it is vegan-friendly, soy-free, banned substance tested, and with no added caffeine.

There are 20 servings in a container which equates to two scoops a time of 50g and 180 calories per serving. Time to take a look at what is so special about the ingredients.


This is their flagship ingredient and the reason behind it is all in the type of energy source we need.

The molecules have been Bioengineered to a small size that is easily absorbed by the body. What impresses the most is that it is the longest-lasting carbohydrate. With 40g of KarboLyn in every serving, there is plenty to fuel your muscles.

It is responsible for the two hours of crash-free energy that this product gives you, all without the use of stimulants. Because there is no spike in energy, the carbs are readily available for your muscles which can help with recovery.

The manufacturer says it gets glycogen into your muscles faster so it is there from the beginning of your workout when you need strength fast. This is ideal when you are training hard as it will deplete glycogen levels otherwise. 

These are the sort of traits you want from an athletic carb, making it an ingredient we are happy to see.

Organic Coconut Sugar

Although this helps to sweeten this supplement a little, that is not the main purpose. As with any product of this kind, you need ingredients that help to get the effective ones where they need to be.

Organic coconut sugar is good because it helps to move the carbs into the muscle tissues. This is part of what allows your body to absorb Performance Lab Carb so quickly.

Himalayan Pink Salt

It is the sodium content in Himalayan pink salt that is beneficial here. Again, it helps to push the carbs into your muscle tissues making it fast working but the electrolytes help you to absorb water to stave off muscle fatigue.

Because it helps you absorb other nutrients, it is only as good as the other ingredients. Thankfully, there is plenty to like about Performance Lab Carb.

Organic Coconut Water Powder

This has been included to thicken the mix naturally so you don’t need to use a blender but there are other benefits as well.

Again, the electrolytes are useful, but when you are burning through those big weights in the gym, you need to make sure you are hydrated. 

This is where organic coconut water powder can help. Anything that stops hydration will prevent muscle fatigue as well.


Health benefits are abundant when it comes to cinnamon but it has been included for a reason.

Again it is easily absorbed and when in your system it helps to increase the absorption of other ingredients. This is typical of Performance Lab products as the result is a well thought out combination of ingredients without any filler.

Because it helps to control insulin spikes, Cinnamon is a good inclusion with any carb related product or even if you are eating a meal. 

With the high-quality carbs here, Performance Lab has made it so you get a fast absorption with a regular release as well as insulin control. All these elements combine to ensure you are getting all the fuel you need for a workout.

How To Take Performance Lab Carb

The instructions for taking Performance Lab Carb are: 2 scoops with water and taken 30 minutes before or after a workout, or even during. 

The company themselves advise that any athlete can benefit from using this product. It is ideal for a quick burst of energy that would help a powerlifter to perform at their best or the sustained energy release that is great for endurance-related sports.

Interestingly, they have matched the flavor with their Protein powder to ensure the two can be taken together and without effective the taste.

Performance Lab Carb Side Effects

Although there is a lot of good about Performance Lab Carb, there are still people out there wondering if there are any side effects when using it.

The good news is that it should be well tolerated by just about anyone and because the ingredients are clean, and made to a high standard, you are not going to experience side effects. 

If you have certain allergies or intolerances then it is always a good idea to check the label and it does contain coconuts if this is something you usually keep an eye out for.

With no stimulants you won’t experience any crash, making it an excellent alternative to a pre workout if you don’t get on with the caffeine content of a lot of them.

It’s suitable for vegans and keeps out a lot of the other allergens such as soy, egg, dairy, and wheat among others. 

There is also no gluten, banned substances, artificial colours, and other unwanted ingredients. 

Performance Lab Carb Review Pros and Cons

Performance Lab Carb Review Pros

All organic and VEGAN ingredients ✅

No proprietary blends ✅

Easily absorbed ✅

Top-quality carb source✅

Reputable company ✅

Money-back guarantee ✅

Performance Lab Carb Review Cons

Premium price ❌

Performance Lab Protein Conclusion

Although this is a product with a bit of a unique selling point, it is certainly one we love. 

The fact it’s clean, organic and vegan with inclusion of clever ingredients to provide energy as well as keep you hydrated make it stand out above the usual carb shakes.

performance lab carb review
Buy Performance Lab Carb from

Each tub gives you about a month’s supply which represents good value considering the premium quality of the organic vegan ingredients. It is ideal for anyone trying to bulk out or increase their stamina in the job or during endurance activities. 

Because there is no need for cycling this product, it is totally safe and great for long term use. Anyone looking for a new injection of energy in the gym without having to keep switching products will appreciate it.

The natural flavour of organic cocoa powder with vanilla and cinnamon is really pleasant and isn’t as offputting as that ridiculously oversweetened Sucralose taste you get with cheap carb supplements. Also, it has a decent consistency thanks to the guar gum and organic coconut water powder.

We have a feeling that KarboLyn is going to be an ingredient that we see more often in the future. It is rapidly absorbed and gives a consistent energy source for around two hours, what’s not to like?

To top it all off, the 30-day performance promise means that if after that time you aren;t getting the results you hoped for, you can get your money back. Our feeling is that this is going to be unlikely.

Buy Performance Lab Carb from:

Is Performance Lab Carb Safe To Use?

To put it simply, yes it is!

With organic ingredients and no stimulants, it is well tolerated and fine for everyday use. The ingredients have been the subject of intense research to ensure they are potent and clean thanks to their NutriGenesis method.

Where Can I Buy Performance Lab Carb?

The only place to buy Performance Lab carb is through their website.

We always prefer to pick up a new supplement straight from the producer. This means you are not at risk of buying a counterfeit product. Too many fake supplements end up on Amazon. If you see this product there, avoid it!

Does Performance Lab Carb Come With A Money Back Guarantee?

The good people at Performance Lab have included a 30-day performance guarantee. This is a good idea because it encourages users to give it the best chance of working before deciding whether it works for them or not.

If after this time it hasn’t given you what you need, it is easy to get your money back.

Does Performance Lab Carb Work?

Although the idea of giving your body quality carbs is simple, this does it very well.

Other products might help you power through large sections of a workout, but then the inevitable crash comes. There is no risk of this with Performance Lab Carb because it is stimulant-free and every ingredient is there on merit. 

When Can I Use Performance Lab Carb?

One of the best things about this product is that you can use it before, during, or after a workout. The fact that it is absorbed quickly means you can take it 30 minutes before a workout and get the benefits the entire time you’re in the gym.

It is fine for daily consumption with no need to cycle and we recommend it as an excellent alternative to a pre workout.

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