Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review [Is It Any Good?]

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout


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  • Some useful pre-workout ingredients
  • Money back guarantee


  • Some useless ingredients
  • Beta-Alanine can cause paresthesia
  • Caffeine content is high

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Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review

When someone new jumps on a bandwagon, you have to see if it is just another cheap imitation. Our Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review gives us a chance to find out if this product is too late to the party.

Made by Amazon themselves, they have clearly seen the wide success of supplements and have decided to give it a go themselves. But, how easy is it to create something that you have no background in?

There are so many questions here, not just about their motives but about what they can bring to the table.

To be honest, if it gives us the following, it actually has a chance of making it onto our top recommended pre workouts list:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Anything less than this though and it will just be another sub-par product.

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

AmazonOwn Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout

That’s right, the new brand in the world of supplements is brought to you by this giant company.

There isn’t a lot of information that we can bring to you that you haven’t heard about them before but they do say if you aren’t satisfied with this product, they will refund you.

They also say that you shouldn’t experience jitters that are associated with larger doses of Beta-Alanine. Our issue with this is that they say that this is for doses over 3g. More reliable sources say that anything over 800 mg can cause paresthesia, the tingling sensation.

More on that later anyway.

Their facilities are compliant with GMP and they have created a number of supplements. These include the likes of Glutamine, whey protein and more.

Amazon says that every product is tested for banned substances which is reassuring. Because it is Amazon you can read the reviews for yourself. So far they are a bit of a mixed bag, but we will make our own mind up once we have gone through the ingredients.

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Ingredients Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Ingredients

This is where we can really see if they have created a market leader.

The early signs are positive though. Because they stay clear of proprietary blends, we get to take a look at all the dosages and can see if the ingredients will work or not.


A very good way to start and an ingredient included in many of our top recommended pre-workouts.

This is one of the first ingredients you look out for in a pre-workout.

Great for blood flow, it turns into nitric oxide in the kidneys. This widens the blood vessels. This is why it is known for helping the body to achieve huge gains and get you the big muscle pumps.

Often derived from watermelons, Citrulline actually converts into Arginine in the body. This helps with Creatine synthesis. This is the next ingredient we will look at so it is a bit of a top-up of this.

Examine.com, say that anything between 6 – 8 g is optimal. Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout have included an optimal 6 g.

Creatine Monohydrate

We touched on this briefly and we can see why they have included it.

Another mainstay in pre-workouts it is great for lean muscle mass. We like ingredients that have the backing of actual studies and this is one of them. Creatine is considered a safe and effective ingredient.

It is good for aiding muscular and physical performance and can even help with recovery. This is why you find it in a lot of post-workout products. There’s never a bad time to get your recovery going.

Creatine can basically benefit the body at any time. One study shows that supplementing Creatine during arm flexor strength training was found to lead to greater increases in arm flexor muscle strength, upper arm muscle area, and fat-free mass than strength training alone.

The 5 g included here is a very high amount.


An ingredient we keep an eye out for, but not in a good way. WebMD says that it is a nonessential amino acid that is produced by the body. Also, the side effects put us off.

Beta-Alanine has been found to cause paresthesia. This isn’t the worst side effect in the world, it is a tingling sensation of the skin. Basically, it’s quite annoying and can be distracting in the gym.

This actually passes within a couple of hours but it’s not ideal.

Another big problem is the lack of proper support. Some believe it can fight fatigue but even this is disputed really.

We did mention earlier that a lot of sources believe that 800 mg is all it takes to cause paresthesia. This makes the dosage of 2,000 mg included enough to potentially give you the above.

Betaine Anhydrous

An ingredient derived from beets.

It is found naturally in the body and is probably a better ingredient than you might think! It increases protein synthesis, for this reason, it is good for strength and muscle growth.

An ingredient that is described by Examine.com as working in a similar way to Creatine in that it increased intracellular concentrations of betaine promote cell hydration and resilience to stressors. This means it will help the body cope with the stress of exercise.

Still, they also noted that it is unreliable in its results, some studies found it to have a positive effect whereas others showed it to do nothing at all.

Betaine might also be able to ensure your cells have the level of water they need to function properly.

There are better ingredients for all this but the 1.5 g should be useful.


What you thought you knew about Taurine might not be true.

Some believe that it is a stimulant because it is included in a lot of energy drinks. In fact, the opposite is true.

It has actually been included to make sure the body doesn’t react negatively to stimulants. By helping you to stay calm it brings out the best in the likes of Caffeine.

It can increase blood flow and act as an antioxidant. Taurine has calming effects for the brain which make it well suited to nootropic supplements. The only problem is there aren’t a load of human trials to support this potential.

With animal trials showing promise, it just might be an effective ingredient. The dosage of 1 g is a good amount though.

Arginine Silicate Inositol

This is a branded version of Arginine better known as Nitrosigine.

A nitric oxide booster, its main selling point seems to be that its effects last longer. This means more blood flow for the muscles and therefore bigger pumps and gains.

WebMD puts it simply by saying that nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow.

Arginine is also recognized for removing toxins that start to gather during intense workouts. This makes it a very useful ingredient to include.

The 750 mg seems to be a reasonable amount.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

A good ingredient here and one that is linked to helping the user to deal with stimulants.

It keeps you calm and allows them to do their thing. An added bonus is the increased focus as well as the fact that it keeps you calm during stressful times.

The 500 mg is a generous amount.

Choline Bitartrate

Not a great ingredient but it does have some uses.

These aren’t exactly what we are looking for and one thing you should know about it is that it can cause a fishy smell on your breath! Hardly the most desirable trait for a supplement.

Examine.com tells us that it is found in high amounts in eggs and is mostly used for its cognitive boosting properties (turning into acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter), or as a health agent.

At 500 mg it is a higher dosage than a lot of others. Be sure to take a mint with you to the gym though just in case!

Caffeine Anhydrous

A very good ingredient for just about any supplement.

This is because it can keep you alert, making it good for a nootropic. It can also boost metabolism so it can help a fat burner and even increase energy. This is good for what we are looking for – pre-workout.

The increased energy is what will really help your workout. By helping you to get the most out of each session, it is a vital ingredient for some

The anhydrous side just means it is a powdered version that is easily absorbed and gets to work fast.

The dosage is very important though. At 300 mg it is the equivalent to around 3 cups of Coffee. This is a lot in one go. Some people will need to build up their tolerance as a result.

WebMD says that consuming too much Caffeine cause nervousness, insomnia, stomach irritation, nausea, increased heart rate, and other side effects.

Coffee Fruit Extract

From the branded version called Neurofactor, it is another that has cognitive benefits.

We do have plenty of these and if there wasn’t quite so much Caffeine, it is possible that these ingredients could have made room for something else.

It is thought to help keep cognitive decline at bay. It is believed to be able to promote BDNF which is a protein found in the brain and keeps neurons in good health.

Some of the better pre-workout ingredients could have been used instead though and the 100 mg is a bit of a top up really.


The energy boost from this ingredient will be useful but it is another stimulant and we already have a high amount of Caffeine.

WebMD says it is naturally occurring chemical that is similar to Caffeine. They say it stimulates the central nervous system at higher doses.

The problem with a lot of supplements is that they try to mask sub-par ingredients with stimulants to make it feel like the product is working.

The dosage of 25 mg isn’t a big one anyway.

Toothed Clubmoss Extract

A bit of an unproven ingredient and because its long-term safety hasn’t been investigated properly it is hard to say if it will really work.

It is believed to be good for focus and cognition but it is just another of the already too many ingredients in this area.

A natural source of Huperzine A but we want more proven pre-workout ingredients really.

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Side Effects

There isn’t anything major to worry about here but a few things deserve your attention.

The inclusion of Beta-Alanine means you could experience the tingling sensation that is paresthesia, keep an eye out for this.

Also, the Caffeine content is what some might consider being on the high side, especially all in one go. It might be worth building up your tolerance by starting with smaller doses. Watch out for headaches, rapid heart rate, insomnia, jitters and more.

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review Pros and Cons

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review Pros

  • Some useful pre-workout ingredients
  • Money back guarantee

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review Cons

  • Some useless ingredients
  • Beta-Alanine can cause paresthesia
  • Caffeine content is high

Own Pwr Elite Series Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Whilst there are some of the better pre-workout ingredients here, they didn’t build on their good start.

By including so much Caffeine, they had to use a lot of room compensating with ingredients that help you to deal with the effects of the stimulants.

One good thing that they achieved is they dosed the better ingredients very well, they haven’t held back in that area. Still, for a product made by such a big company, they have failed to create an outstanding product.

Beta-Alanine is another ingredient that companies seem to include and almost try to reassure you about. Here, Amazon is saying that they haven’t given you a high enough dose to worry about, but some experts would disagree.

The best pre workouts don’t need to include any filler and give you everything you need to really get those big gains and to make the most of your time at the gym.

This isn’t the product to do that, but don’t give up hope.

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