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  • Some good ingredients
  • Caffeine will raise energy levels


  • Proprietary blend
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Underdosed ingredients

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Optimind Review

Depending on where you get your information, this nootropic is controversial. Our Optimind review will reveal once and for all, whether this is a good product or a scam.

One of the reasons behind the opinion that this might be a scam product is the proprietary blend. This is where a bunch of ingredients is put together under one name. The ingredients are revealed, but the dosages are hidden.

Why does this matter?

The problem with a proprietary blend is that without the dosages, we do not know if it will work. Also – if there are stimulants (as there are here) it could be dosed too high, and this can be dangerous.

You may have heard of this from the popular Netflix documentary “Take Your Pills” and you’ve done the right thing by finding out more first.

We’ll be taking a close look at what goes into this nootropic and see if it is worth buying. Also, to see if it can make it onto our top recommended nootropics list.

What Does a Good Nootropic Do?

This is the golden question. These products have never been so popular. With the pressures of the modern day, everybody from a student to someone with a high profile or sometimes stressful job seem to be into nootropics.

This is largely because – a good nootropic really works, and is safe.

They can help the user to take in information and recall it at a later date. This is great for anyone taking their exams or who has a presentation coming up.

They also help with focusing which is why so many people use them – this even helps in the gym!

The best nootropics use natural ingredients to really ensure they are safe to use.

Optimind Review: Who Makes This Nootropic?

Optimind review - the manufacturer

AlternaScript LLC

Here we have the people behind this nootropic. They are based in Austin, Texas.

Their website says they have over 50 years of experience to bring you this product. We will find out if this is a good thing shortly.

They say they believe their products can make drastic improvements in people’s lives. We should hope this would be the case – or it would be pointless!

Interestingly their site says this is bottled in the USA – not made.

Their claim for this product is that it gives you the following:

  • More Focus
  • Increased Cognition
  • More Energy

They claim it is fast acting and long lasting, so let’s see if the ingredients make this possible.

Optimind Ingredients

Here is where we can really see how effective this product is. The suggested serving is to start with 1-2 capsules in the morning and never to exceed 5. They also say you should not take more than one serving ever 3-4 hours.

As we mentioned earlier there is a proprietary blend. This makes it difficult to really vouch for any product. We will find out what we can, but if the dosages were spot on – surely you would stick them on the label!

Vitamin D

This is an important ingredient in any supplement. It has so many levels, good for testosterone and general health it is also effective for memory (we’ve written about the benefits of Vitamin D before).

Also, it is great for how we learn and stops us from suffering from the effects of cognitive decline that come with aging. According to Examine.com increased cognition is one of the benefits associated with supplementing this ingredient.

Too many people (almost 50%!) are deficient in Vitamin D in the western world. This is a shame since our bodies actually create their own D when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Clearly, we aren’t getting enough rays.

Studies say that an optimum dosage is considered to be around 2,000 – 4,000 IU a day. The dosage in Optimind is only 385 IU per serving of 2 capsules. This means you won’t get anywhere near enough for it to be effective, even with the maximum 5 capsules a day.

Vitamin B12

A water-soluble ingredient that is thought to be more important, the older you get.

Its benefits include helping the central nervous systems to function but has other important attributes.

It stops our brains from aging as fast. This is great because the older we get, the fewer B12 we have naturally in our system. Topping it up is important for optimal brain health.

It is also beneficial for many processes that ensure our brains can function at a healthy level.

An optimal daily dosage for all the above benefits is considered to be around 1,000 – 3,000 mcg. Optimind includes 500 mcg per 2 capsules so you will need to take 4 a day to get the minimum amount required.


An interesting selection. This isn’t the best ingredient in our Optimind review but does it have a place?

It is unlikely that you are deficient in Calcium since it is found in so many foods. Milk, cheese, cereals, fruit juice, kale as well as numerous other sources.

In terms of minerals, it is the most common one found in our system so why supplement it? To be honest, it might be slightly unnecessary, but the benefits for your brain cells are high.

Calcium is good for your memory, whether it is how you store information or retrieve it. NCBI.com discusses how it “regulates several functions, such as neurotransmitter synthesis and release, neuronal excitability, phosphorylation and so on. Calcium is also involved in long-term processes, like memory.”

Clearly an important part of brain functioning, its inclusion is likely to be a little unnecessary. At 44 mg per serving, it is no more than a bit of a top up anyway.


Again, not uncommon in the body and found in many foods but is very important when it comes to cognitive health.

It is great for brain energy as it helps with ATP synthesis. In terms of long-term memory, there have been studies that have spanned decades that show the effects of using magnesium can help, even for weeks at a time.

It is thought that supplementing magnesium will help you to notice a difference in how you can focus as well as your cognitive ability overall.

A deficiency in magnesium is also often linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

The dosage is a very low 16 mg per serving anyway. The recommended daily dosage is a lot higher at 400 mg for you to feel a noticeable difference.

Proprietary Blend

Now for the ingredients in the “Focus Blend”. The total dosage of all ingredients is 1,288 g. The caffeine content, advised by Optimind is 150 mg per serving of 2 capsules. They also advise not to use this product if you are sensitive to caffeine.

In general, 1 – 400 mg of Caffeine a day is considered an ok amount and should help you remain clear of side effects. Everyone is different though so be wary of this.

Bacopa Monnieri

A very good ingredient and one found in a lot of our top recommended nootropics.

Used for centuries, it is the antioxidant capabilities that make it so useful in a nootropic. Studies have backed its capability for reducing anxiety as well as retaining memory. This is exactly the sort of trait you would want from a nootropic ingredient.

A random, placebo-controlled double-blind trial showed that it produced excellent results for the retention of memory as well as functioning.

The study did produce some side effects, but the dosages were higher than what your average nootropic supplement would use.

It protects brain cells and even boosts brain circulation. The dosage seems to be considered around 3 – 500 mg. Since there are many more ingredients in the proprietary blend, you would have to assume that there isn’t an optimal dosage here.


An amino acid, it is often found in our diets through meat and fish among others.

It is most commonly used in nootropics due to its calming effect. It helps to reduce the amount of anxiety felt by the brain cells. This, in turn, helps the user to relax – never a bad thing.

It is not exactly lacking in the body, in fact, it is pretty common. There has been research to show that low levels of it are linked to Alzheimer’s.

You may have heard of it before but it is most likely because it is in your pre-workout? There is a misconception of it as a stimulant. This is because it features in various energy drinks.

The reality is, the opposite is true. Taurine has a calming effect. Its place in these drinks is to stop the high levels of caffeine from being felt so strong.

The problem is, human trials are lacking. The animal trials do show promise, but we will reserve our excitement for when we get more concrete evidence.

It is thought that 1,000 mg is needed to really gain the benefits. Because of the blend, this could be underdosed anyway.


A very good inclusion in any nootropic.

This helps to support the production of brain cells. It is often credited with helping neuron membranes which in turn is good news for various reasons. These include battling against cognitive decline, general cognition and improving memory.

WebMD describes it as key in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain.

Your brain will have more energy when supplementing Phosphatidylserine. It increases the amount of glucose and oxygen molecules that can help the brain. A truly good inclusion as uncovered in this Optimind review.

There are studies that back it as possibly beneficial for battling stress.

The optimal dosage is considered to start at around 100 mg. The proprietary blend means we have no idea whether Optimind has included enough.


Sometimes known as GABA this is usually in fine supply in healthy brains.

It is important to keep it topped up with the effects of not having enough include the likes of affecting mood, anxiety, and epilepsy.

The reverse of this is what you can expect through more GABA. Also, you might experience better sleep and reduced pain.

The main problem it has it supplementing it does not guarantee you will get the benefits. It does not cross the blood-brain barrier effectively (see Examine.com), meaning its inclusion is often pointless.

Combine that with the fact that you need over 2,000 mg for it to be effective and the blend means we have no idea if it will work.


We like the fact that despite the proprietary blend, Optimind has seen the sense in including the dosage of this stimulant.

You need to know how much there is to really make sure you can stay clear of side effects.

In terms of its place in a nootropic, Caffeine has its uses. Not only does it act fast but it increases brain energy and if you often drink coffee, you will know what we mean.

The effects are also long-lasting. It can stay in your system for hours which is why you are advised to not consume any within 4-5 hours of your intended sleep time.

The other benefits to your cognition include the improved reaction time, as well as enhancing concentration levels. This is through releasing a form of adrenaline that does wear off.

The 150 mg per 2 capsules here is a fine amount. If you are looking to take 4 capsules to maximize the potential benefits, we advise that you stop around there, the upper limit is around 400 mg for most.

Still, remember that everyone’s tolerance is different and to avoid side effects such as heart palpitations, upset stomach, and irritability – build up your tolerance and listen to your body.


Another good inclusion, this is an ingredient we like to see.

It is useful for your attention, keeping you focused. It is most commonly known for battling stress. Since it stops your body from producing as many stress hormones it is a frequent find in a nootropic.

Your body also puts it to use to produce dopamine so you can add neurotransmitter producer to the list.

It is one of those ingredients that do a bit of everything. This is why we like it. On top of all the above, L-Tyrosine is also beneficial for improving mood, memory, and cognition.

The dosages should start at around 100 – 300 mg for you to get the benefits. Since it is in the proprietary blend, we cannot say if Optimind has included enough.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This ingredient is thought to help stave off cognitive decline caused by age.

It is often used to increase the amount of cell energy your body has as well as overall brain health. When it comes to free radical damage, this is your ingredient. ALA helps to reduce the oxidative stress this causes.

It also has a stabilizing effect that helps you to communicate in a clearer way.

The human trials using ALA for fighting cognitive decline tend to use large amounts with anything from 500 mg being an effective dosage. There are sources that say 300- 500 mg is a good amount.

Basically, it is likely that a lot of the ingredients in the blend are underdosed.


Made from periwinkle leaves this is thought to have a couple of benefits.

It can protect the brain cells and according to Examine.com may enhance blood flow and is touted to increase memory; this latter claim has not been investigated.

There are a lot of maybes around this ingredient. It may be good for improving reaction time. It may be good for memory function.

Our problem is we don’t like to rely on maybes. Sure, research is ongoing but we will only get behind proven ingredients.

Doses are recommended at around 15 – 60 mg a day. Again, the proprietary blend gets in the way of that.

Huperzine A

A good inclusion, one of the better ingredients in the whole Optimind review.

It is effective because it prevents the brain from producing acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme breaks down neurotransmitters so it’s bad news.

Other benefits are thought to be that it can help fight Alzheimer’s as well as promoting brain energy and even protecting brain cells. It is even thought to make the user more alert.

A definite mainstay in many nootropics. Does this one contain the 1- 200 mcg needed for the above effects to be felt? Your guess is as good as ours due to the proprietary blend hiding the dosages.


A bit of a general ingredient in that it might be good for a few things.

More research is needed but it could be good for stopping your memory from declining. It is also thought to have the potential for reducing brain fatigue.

Again, our issue is with the maybes. Try and stick to the proven ingredients that mean you will get solid results.

The common dosages are around 2- 500 mg of this ingredient. This again would be quite a large portion of the blend that it is in.

Optimind Side Effects

The ingredients, for the most part, are pretty common for this type of product and are found in many products.

In terms of side effects, the only thing that would concern us is if any of the ingredients in the proprietary blend were dosed too high. Since the total blend is 1,288 g and there are several ingredients, this doesn’t seem likely.

As always, keep an eye on your caffeine tolerance. The side effects of too many caffeine include stomach issues, insomnia, irritability, chest pain, anxiety, heart palpitations and more.

Optimind Review: Pros and Cons

Optimind Review Pros

  • Some good ingredients
  • Caffeine dosed sensibly

Optimind Review Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Underdosed ingredients

Optimind Review Conclusion

Whilst there is a lot of fuss about this nootropic, we don’t quite get all the hype.

Sure, there are enough good things about this product to say it will help. Our problem is, it doesn’t stand up to the best in the industry.

The likes of Vitamin B12, Bacopa Monnieri, and Huperzine A are all effective. To contrast this, Gamma and Sulbutiamine are wasted here really.

The proprietary blend concealing the dosages of half of the ingredients makes this a difficult product to vouch for. If we knew the dosages we could say whether the ingredients can be effective. The problem is the blend totals just 1,288 g and a lot of the optimal dosages of the ingredients would take us quite close to that figure by themselves independently.

We can see why there was a bit of a fuss about this because of it featuring in the Netflix documentary ‘Take Your Pills’. The problem is, the product doesn’t quite live up to the hype in our opinion.

To wrap up our Optimind review, there are better products which are confident in their formulas and do not hide behind proprietary blends on our top recommended nootropics list.


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