Onnit Total Strength and Performance Review

onnit total strenth and performance review

Onnit Total Strength and Performance


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  • Some decent ingredients
  • Estrogen suppressants prominent


  • Proprietary blends
  • Beta-alanine causes paresthesia
  • A few ineffective ingredients
  • Underdosed ingredients

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Onnit Total Strength and Performance Review

A bit of a mouthful this one, but will our Onnit Total Strength and Performance review be a bitter pill to swallow or taste like gains and success?

There’s a lot to like about this company, they have a decent reputation in the industry and are definitely not one of those that just rely on fancy packaging and are certainly here to stay.

Too many pre workouts look the part but have no substance behind them. All the information is out there, the studies, the science, the safety recommendations. So why is it that so many supplements these days seem to ignore the advice?

Out top recommended pre workouts are on the list through merit. Can Onnit Total Strength and Performance make it onto the list? It will have to do more than get the basics right. Even delivering on what they say they will give the customer might not be enough, there are some impressive products on our list.

Onnit Total Strength and Performance say their product will:

  • Optimize Favourable Hormone Balance
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Increase Strength and Power
  • Assist With Muscle Recovery

A slightly confusing product in that it is part pre-workout, part testosterone booster, but the ingredients that can deliver in both of these areas are typically built into pre workouts, so we will treat it as such.

Let’s find out if this is a bit of a gimmick, it can go one of two ways – try to do too much and fail, or be a really good investment.

Time to get to know it a little better…

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Revire – Who Makes This Pre Workout?onnit total strength and performance review

Unsurprising for this Onnit Total Strength and Performance review, the people behind this product are Onnit. We mean that is the name, not the literal sense.

Based in the USA, they advise the customers that this product, in particular, is made from earth grown ingredients and is safe for competition, two things we like to see for sure.

They have some pretty good endorsements which include former MMA fighter, Dan Hardy. Onnit have some pretty out there merchandise on their site including Star Wars themed kettlebells! They even have massage and mobility kit (whatever that is!) and Spider-Man Battle-Ropes.

Onnit have other supplements as well including nootropics and vitality related products. They are up there with the bigger names in the industry. But bigger doesn’t always mean better in the supplements world unless you’re talking about muscle pumps.

They have a no fuss money back guarantee which seems to be legit if you don’t like it, keep it and they will refund you the money.

Might be useful, the last review at the time of writing on their site was someone giving this a single star out of 5. We will reserve judgment until we have put it through its paces.

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Ingredients

onnit total-strength-plus-performance review ingredientsWell, we’re at the first hurdle and they have fallen here…

This is because a look at the label and we can see there are numerous proprietary blends.

This makes it impossible to see how effective some of the ingredients are. Many of them are wrapped up in these blends, with the overall dosage of the blend revealed, not the individual ingredients.

Therefore, an ingredient can be dosed way too low and be ineffective, or too high and be dangerous even.

Either way, some dosages are there and we will find out as much as we can.

The suggested servings are 2 scoops 30 minutes before a workout.This is fine for a pre workout, time to take a look at what goes into it then.

Vitamin B6

A good start, this is an ingredient we like to see and it features in many of our top recommended pre workouts.

It is good for reducing the rate of which we fatigue and tire so its place in a pre workout is warranted.

It is also known for lowering our estrogen levels, which frees up more room for testosterone to thrive.

Often found naturally in various meats and is also good for protein metabolism. The 7.5 mg included will do a good job of boosting your T as well.


Another good ingredient here, magnesium will help increase energy levels.

It is a vital ingredient due to the fact that low levels of magnesium can really affect performance levels. Strenuous exercise in particular, is when you will really lean on magnesium.

It is important that a good amount of this is in a pre workout in order for it to take effect. It is good that this is not part of any blend, but the 40 mg is not enough to really do a lot in our minds.


A good ingredient here in that it is important because strenuous exercise can really deplete your Glutamine levels.

By supplementing this ingredient it ensures you are able to improve your muscle recovery levels.

Vitamin B5

A good ingredient in some ways.

It helps the body to cope with stress a little better it is thought that keeping this topped up helps you to perform much better during exercise.

According to examine.com it is rare that we are deficient in this though and they even say that further supplementation shows little promise.

Therefore the 100 mg in Onnit Total Strength and Performance is taking up a lot of room that it really doesn’t need to.

Branch Chain Amino

These are thought to be good for a few pre workout enhancing reasons.

They can help with making protein synthesis faster, stopping your body from damaging muscles and even reduce soreness. They are thought to work efficiently by going straight to the muscles to work their magic.

However, the BCA here is part of the proprietary blend making it hard to say if they would be effective or not anyway, even if it was a great inclusion.


This can enhance your performance and help you to train for longer by improving muscle endurance.

It is naturally found in your muscles and is a popular ingredient in sports supplements especially pre-workouts.

Our problem is the fact that it can cause paresthesia. Onnits’ website even confirms this. It is an itching and tingling that although annoying it does wear off.

For us though, this might be a popular ingredient, but we like to avoid it based on the above. Even Onnit recommend consulting your doctor if you experience the discomfort.


(The best pre workout we’ve reviewed – 4 Gauge – does not contain Beta-Alanine, so there are top pre workouts available free from side effects.)

D-Aspartic Acid

A great ingredient, for testosterone levels.

It is especially good at stimulating the luteinizing hormone, this communicates with the testes to create and release more testosterone into your system.

It also increases sperm count and triggers the HGH (Human Growth Hormone). For a pre workout it is not an ingredient you would usually see but given this product has included a few ingredients that are good for both your T and for a pre workout, we are not suprised.

It is just a shame that it is included in a proprietary blend. If they had included an optimal amount of such an important ingredient, they would probably be letting you know about it.

Arguably the best ingredient in the whole of our Onnit Strength and Performance review.

Mucuna Pruriens

A good inclusion, there are some decent ingredients here.

Good for reducing stress, which is a well-known killer of your testosterone. It is also good for stimulating the luteinizing hormone and blocks prolactin, the female hormone which is another T buster. Mucuna Pruriens is also good for increasing the Human Growth Hormone.

It would be great if we could see if this is optimally dosed but due to the proprietary blend, we cannot.


Another decent ingredient you can catch this in quite a few good products.

It is good for lowering the SHBG as well as inhibiting aromatase. This stops it from converting your T into estrogen, the opposite of what you want! How much is included? We have no idea because of the blend.


Could be a good inclusion, it does have some libido enhancing capabilities but that’s where it starts and ends. Plus we don’t know how much of it is in this product again anyway.


Basically black pepper but it is a useful ingredient.

Although it does not directly enhance performance, its main job is to enhance the capabilities of the other ingredients. It is a bit like a boost so is often found in supplements.

That wraps the ingredients for this Onnit Total Stength and Performance review.

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Side Effects

This is where we would usually tell our readers not to worry about a product.

For the most part, this doesn’t have anything in it for you to worry about. The Beta-Alanine, however, is what concerns us. Because it is known to cause paresthesia, as we mentioned the tingling and itching, it puts us off this product.

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Review Pros and Cons


  • Some decent ingredients
  • Estrogen suppressants prominent


  • Proprietary blends
  • Beta-alanine causes paresthesia
  • A few ineffective ingredients
  • Underdosed ingredients

Onnit Total Strength and Performance Review Conclusion

It’s not the worst product we have seen, but it is not one we would recommend either.

The fact is the proprietary blends get it off to a bad start, but some of the better ingredients are underdosed anyway so they are ineffective.

There is also the fact that Beta-Alanine can cause paresthesia. Although this is a popular ingredient, we still like to stay clear of it. You will only see us recommending products that are 100% safe to use and are truly effective at boosting your testosterone.

To put this Onnit Total Strength and Performance review simply: this product misses the mark.

But there are other options…

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