Onnit Alpha Brain Vs Mind Lab Pro


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Mind Lab Pro vs Onnit Alpha Brain

We love a good battle of the supplements, and the category we will be looking at today is Nootropics. The two in question make up our Mind Lab Pro vs Onnit Alpha Brain review.

We’re going to take a deeper look at what makes a good nootropic. To see if these two have enough about them to be described as a quality Nootropic. To also see which one delivers the best quality to come out on top.

With so many nootropics being pushed out, it is important to find one that suits you and your needs. With many high level professionals, and gym fanatics alike turning to a good Nootropic it is important to look at:

What Makes a Good Nootropic?

You want a better brain basically, one that is healthier and sharper, so you would expect the top level products to deliver all of the following:

  • Enhanced Memory
  • More Focus
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Clearer Thoughts
  • More Processing Speed
  • The Absorption of Memory

Every Nootropic you see is promising most if not all of this on the label, but do they have the ingredients to back it up? Let’s take a quick look at what we don’t want from a Nootropic:

Proprietary Blends

This is what you want to avoid if you can. Although there are plenty of adequate and excellent products that use them. You just can’t tell how effective a product is if it uses proprietary blends.

If a company uses them then the chances are they are not revealing the dosages of each ingredient. Therefore one cannot tell the effectiveness of everything in the bottle. Also a lot of the ingredients are not revealed.

We like to know exactly what we are getting, and how much of it.

Mind Lab Pro vs Onnit Alpha Brain: Who Makes These Products?


Alpha Brain is produced by Onnit, who have a pretty big reputation in the supplements industry. This is partially because of the celebrity endorsements they have such as comedian Joe Rogan and Pro sportsmen and women alike.

With a pretty slick website, they ooze big business. Since they were only established in 2010 they are doing amazing things so far. Alpha Brain is their flagship product so their whole company was based around this at some point.


Mind Lab Pro is a product from Opti-Nutra. Based in the UK they have a solid reputation with their products being found in a lot more places due to the fact that they make quality products with 100% natural ingredients.

Their capsules are vegan friendly due to their plantcaps capsules and they have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their product.

Mind Lab Pro vs Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients

On to the important stuff then. This will separate the quality from the sub par as we discuss the key ingredients in each product.

Some of these will feature on our list of top ingredients for nootropics. So head over there for a more in depth overview of what goes into a good nootropic.

So, let’s get to it, first up…

Alpha Brain

For the most part, they have some very good and essential ingredients. That’s the good part, the not so good is their use of proprietary blends. We will try and get as much information to you as we can of the ingredients here.

Onnit say Alpha Brain does the following:

  • Enhances Memory
  • Increases Your Brain Speed
  • Increases Your Focus
  • Focus on Complex Tasks

Let’s see if they have the ingredients to back this up


A pretty solid start and an ingredient we often look out for in a Nootropic.

It has relaxing properties. If you are anxious about an upcoming meeting, presentation or exam then this might be the thing you need to help you stay in control when under pressure. We always look out for L-Theanine and it is often found in green tea and plants rich in antioxidants.

More of a consistent buzz that is relaxing, at the same time it is an alternative buzz to caffeine that even helps to enhance the quality of your nights sleep.


Many studies have showed that this lowers your cortisol and gives your memory an added boost.

It is one of the most common lipids found in the brain. When you get older, it begins to decline therefore you want to ensure it’s upkeep by getting more of it into your brain.

Alpha GPC

Another positive here from Alpha brain is Alpha GPC. A powerful cognitive enhancer. It helps to stave off a decline of your cognitive functioning as well as increasing its power for tackling academic activities

This compound is great for the acetylcholine in the brain – brilliant for making a split decision. Alpha GPC is most likely to be included to help keep your brain stay on it’s toes and be alert.

There is an issue with Alpha Brains dosage of this ingredient since it is part of a proprietary blend. The blend itself is a total of 240 mg which means since there are numerous ingredients included, the Alpha GPC will be a lot lower than required.

That is a shame because the studies we have seen all point to the fact that anything over 300 mg will start to offer the user physical improvements. But benefits for the reversal of cognitive decline only takes place at above 1,200 mg.

Bacopa Monniera

In Alpha Brain you will find a mix of natural and semi natural ingredients. Bacopa Monniera you will be happy to hear, is one of the natural ones. On top of that, it is commonly thought of as one of the best ingredients for a nootropic.

It helps to boost your memory as well as retain it, plus it will keep anxiety at bay. Its uses really are varied.

Our issue is once again it is part of the same Alpha GPC blend so we cannot comment on just how effective the dosage is.

Mind Lab Pro

This all natural supplement is a great all rounder with an impressive ingredients list. They claim it does the following:

  • Enhances Brain Energy
  • Aids Key Transmitters
  • Good for Cell Repair
  • Improves Brain Waves
  • Provides Brain Protection

So, just what is it about Mind Lab Pro that does all this?


Gives your brain cells a big energy boost as well as synthesize phosphatidylcholine – great for helping your brain to repair cells as well as regenerate them.

On top of this it will help to improve your memory and the way you absorb new information. It also provides much needed brain energy for that intake of information

Bacopa Monnieri

Featuring in both nootropics on this list which is always a good thing. We mentioned earlier it is beneficial for your brains antioxidants, giving them a boost which protects your brain from the effects of ageing.

Your thoughts will be clear and you memory and mood will be enhanced, happy days!

Mind Lab Pro contains a good amount of it for us to know it will be effective. This is something we couldn’t say about Alpha Brain due to its inclusion within a proprietary blend.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Found more and more often in nootropic stacks and other supplements. Its inclusion here is most likely die to it’s benefits to general brain health.

It has various studies to back up the fact that it helps to promote Nerve Growth Factor which is often linked to how much capacity the brain has to store added information and memory.

Rhodiola Rosea

How often have we seen this in the best nootropics available (a lot!). It is a definite mainstay in our top nootropics ingredients list for many reasons.

It helps to keep your mind sharp as well as help you to stave off stress. The effects are long lasting as well.

B-Vitamins B6, B9 & B12

If you need an added boost for your brain to increase its sharpness then B-Vitamins might just be your answer.

Those deficient in B-Vitamins have been found to suffer from brain degradation as well as an imbalance in their moods.

Mind Lab Pro vs Onnit Alpha Brain Conclusion

Winner: Mind Lab Pro

Well, there is a lot to take in with both products offering good ingredients. They both have very good reputations between them.Mind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

For us, whenever we see a proprietary blend we find it makes it challenging to draw a definitive conclusion over its effectiveness compared to others. The testimonials and celebrity endorsements are there to be seen, so it clearly works. But we like the fact that Mind Lab Pro is natural with no blends in sight.

Because of this we are making Mind Lab Pro our overall winner here. Having said that, we wouldn’t object to using either and have had nothing but positive experiences with both.

If you are using a new nootropic we also recommend that you monitor your results. Especially the first two weeks, to make sure you react to it in the way you want to.

If you are thinking of switching, then purchasing Mind Lab Pro will give you what you need.  To read our more detailed review of Mind Lab Pro, click here.

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