Onnit Alpha BRAIN Review

Onnit Alpha BRAIN honest in depth review



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  • Enhances your memory
  • Contains some good quality ingredients
  • Years of happy customers


  • Proprietary blends
  • Under dosed ingredients
  • Some ingredients are dubious in their effectiveness

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Onnit Alpha BRAIN Review

When a Nootropic is endorsed by athletes, it immediately grabs your attention. Our Onnit Alpha Brain review has done just that.

This is fine and everything but that doesn’t excuse some of the flaws that can be found underneath. Many products on the Nootropic market are guilty of this. But we are here to take a closer look at Onnits Nootropic for you.

How Does Alpha BRAIN supplement work?

Like all Nootropics, Onnit says it:

  • Enhances memory
  • Increases your brain speed
  • Helps you focus

A good Nootropic requires a lot of science in both its initial development as well as ongoing to keep up with developments. We take a look at the pretty surprising results when looking at Alpha BRAIN.

Onnit Alpha BRAIN Review: Who Makes It?

OnnitOnnit Alpha BRAIN honest in depth review

The company itself is called Onnit and they have a good reputation after becoming a household name in the supplements industry. They reach beyond supplements and have even produced their own food.

It is used by a variety of celebrities and sports personalities such as Joe Rogan and Pro Hockey Player Duncan Keith amongst others.

This still doesn’t mean it is effective. Sometimes a handful of useful ingredients and clever marketing, and an advertising budget can bring a limited amount of success. Your real reputation will be based on the quality of ingredients and how effective the product is – so let’s find out more.

Alpha BRAIN Ingredients

We like the ingredients in Alpha Brain, let’s just get that out there. What we also need to get off of our chest is the fact that they use proprietary blends – something were not so keen on!

When a supplement company combines a handful of ingredients into one new ingredient they can label it as a proprietary blend. The issue we have with this is you often don’t get to know how much of each ingredient is included.

This way we are never certain of the effectiveness of each ingredient based on the fact that the dosage could be lower than the required amount for it to make a difference.

Many people and review sites don’t seem to mind this. But we prefer openness.


A solid ingredient in any Nootropic, we always look out for L-Theanine. We like it’s relaxing properties so when under pressure it helps your brain to stay in control. Often found in green tea and plants rich in antioxidants.

It is often thought to give you a more stable caffeine buzz than that of a coffee and can help to give you a good night’s sleep – which in turn is good for tomorrow’s brain functioning.


Often found in studies to lower cortisol and give your memory a boost. It is a lipid found in the brain and one of the most common. It declines with age and therefore anything that can enhance its prevalence in the brain will help your memory.

Alpha GPC

When you look for powerful nootropic ingredients, Alpha GPC is always one of the good ones. It is thought to help stave off cognitive decline as well as giving more power when undertaking athletic activities.

It is a compound that aids the acetylcholine in the brain – good for making a split decision so Alpha GPC is arguably included to help keep your brain on it’s toes and stay alert.

The problem we have with Alpha BRAIN’s inclusion of this is the ingredient appears to be under dosed. Studies have pointed to the fact that anything over 300mg will start to give you physical improvements. But cognitive decline can only be prevented at above 1,200mg.

The proprietary blend here is a total of 240 mg meaning the Alpha GPC included is going to be significantly lower than what is required. Unfortunately it appears they have included some important ingredients but masked them behind a proprietary blend.


Derived from a herb this is mostly thought to improve memory but also has the ability to aid cognitive function. It increases levels of neurotransmitters that are linked to memory and information, the recollection of information and your basic cognitive function.

Bacopa Monniera

Alpha BRAIN contains a bunch of natural and semi natural ingredients. Bacopa Monniera is one of the natural ones you might be pleased to know.

It helps to boost your memory and has been used in India for both adults and children alike for centuries.

It helps one to retain memory as well as stave off anxiety so it has a lot of different uses.

The problem again here is the fact that it is included as part of the Alpha GPC blend. This means we have no way of advising whether it exceeds the minimum effective dosage required.

AC-11 (Uncaria Tomentosa)

Often known in the industry as Cat’s Claw. There is not a great amount of evidence to suggest it is truly effective.

There isn’t a lot of information about this ingredient full stop. But it has been included in Alpha BRAIN for some time so it could be argued that it is effective.

Onnit claim that it helps to aid nutrition as well as DNA repair and have included it to make sure that it is a well balanced stack. Again, it is a proprietary blend so there is no way of breaking down it’s true effectiveness.


Derived from the periwinkle plant it is probably included because some studies have shown it to enhance memory. This is probably why it is thought to fight off Alzheimer’s as well.

However, in high doses there have been cases of some short term and mostly mild side effects such as headaches and sleep disturbance. Although some studies have shown no side effects when using moderate doses for 12 months.


Often linked to the lowering of stress this only really comes into effect when used as part of a high dosage. The L-Tyrosine included is not up to the effective amount for this to take place.


Probably included because some studies have shown that it can help to support the health and life of brain cells. They both repair and prevent damage to cells as well as lower anxiety.

Alpha BRAIN Review: Ingredients Summary

So, like with many nootropic supplements, Alpha BRAIN features some very good ingredients, some of the best you would expect to find in such a supplement.

The problem doesn’t lie there. It is within the proprietary blend and the dosages that seem to be lower than the recommended amount for it to be effective.

Onnit Alpha Brain Side Effects

We haven’t experienced any side effects and cant find much evidence of any, which is good news. The dosages don’t seem high enough for the Vinpocetine to give you any unwanted symptoms.

Onnit Alpha Brain Review Pros and Cons

Onnit Alpha Brain Review Pros

  • Enhances your memory
  • Contains some good quality ingredients
  • Years of happy customers

Onnit Alpha Brain Review Cons

  • Proprietary blends
  • Under dosed ingredients
  • Some ingredients are dubious in their effectiveness

Onnit Alpha Brain Review Conclusion

Whilst there are many good things about this supplement there are is also enough in there to put some people off purchasing.

If you are into celebrity endorsements to support your purchase as well as years of happy customers and a trusted brand then this is a decent choice for you. We just believe there are other better formulated nootropics on the market that will do a great job for you that you might want to consider instead.

The Bacopa Monnieri is a good inclusion, the more natural the better and this has many studies to back it’s inclusion in any nootropic supplement.

Unfortunately, all the ingredients here are all a part of different proprietary blends. Some companies have a proprietary blend within an ingredients list that is both open and useful. But this proprietary blend means you do not know how much of each ingredient is being used and have no idea how effective they are.

We can work out from the overall dosage of the blend that many of the ingredients are under dosed. Some of the blends in their entirety have smaller amounts than each ingredient requires on their own.

This isn’t to say that Alpha Brain doesn’t have a lot of good going for it. You will benefit from many of the ingredients. Just not by the amount that Onnit would have you believe if we’re being honest.

If it was more natural and open with their ingredients then it would have a better chance of doing more for you.

We like to see a nootropic with no proprietary blends, and effective ingredient dosages – which is why we recommend Mind Lab Pro.

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