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  • Some good ingredients
  • Safe Product


  • Proprietary blend
  • Many ingredients underdosed
  • Not enough proven T boosters
  • Serving is once a day

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Nugenix Review

Another day, another T booster but will this be a good day for Nugenix? Let’s find out in this full Nugenix review.

It makes all the usual claims of the best testosterone boosters but it is down to us to see how it compares to the better products we have seen.

For this to do well it must do more than just increase T levels in your body. It needs to help you with recovery, increase those massive pumps, enhance libido. As well as give you greater strength amongst other things.

On top of this, a good testosterone booster will have ingredients that lower estrogen levels in your body and should also be completely safe to use.

If it is also free of proprietary blends then even better!

If Nugenix is something you are looking at for your next supplement, then read on to find out if it is worth your time. Let’s begin with the company…

Nugenix Review: Who Makes This T Booster?

Direct Digital are the people behind Nugenix, they were founded in 2009 so they have a good few years under their belt.

They make some other big brands including Instaflex and many of the supplements they make can be found in store.

They claim to be leader in marketing so they believe they know how to promote a product. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good product, we will decide that later.

Direct Digital is based in the USA and their website gives two addresses, one in Charlotte and one in Boston. Their site also states that they spend countless hours researching the science behind their products. Let’s see if they have used the time wisely.

Their website does lack a bit of personality and is pretty basic. We like it when a company at least tries to appeal through marketing itself well.

Nugenix Ingredients

The first thing we noticed here is that the supplement is to be taken just once a day in a serving of 3 capsules on an empty stomach. We much prefer it when a supplement can be taken over at least 3-4 servings a day to spread out the benefits.

The amount of testosterone you get will peak and fizzle out throughout the day. Whereas a more careful approach from other testosterone booster supplements can leave T levels up for longer.

We can also see that although there are some quality ingredients on the label. Some of them are contained within a proprietary blend. This means you cannot see quite how effective the ingredients are.

Not a great start to the Nugenix review.

If they are part of a blend then this means the company is not revealing all of the dosages. As a result, each ingredient could be underdosed and ineffective, or it is too much and this runs the risk of side effects occurring.

With this in mind, we will do what we can and start with the ingredients with dosages.

Vitamin B6

A good ingredient in a T booster in that it is linked with reducing estrogen levels. This is important for your testosterone as you can make more of it when there is less estrogen around.

For the benefits of B6 to be present, you must supplement it since it is water soluble and therefore cannot be stored in our body. It is also found in many foods from avocados to nuts and fruits.

Vitamin B12

You won’t find a whole lot of information regarding this ingredient as a testosterone booster. That’s because it is better known for its ability to help your testes to function properly. Mostly the way they produce sperm so it is good for the general health in this area.

It is mostly known as being essential for brain health and your nervous system functioning so in terms of a T booster there isn’t any direct reason for its inclusion.


Finally, a true testosterone boosting ingredient we like it when this is included in a supplement because it has so many uses.

The fact is, testosterone can’t function without Zinc and it even has uses throughout your workout as it stops your body from depleting the T levels as you train.

It is even linked to reducing prolactin levels so it makes more room for extra T in your body as well.

The problem with Zinc in Nugenix is that it has only included 1 mg! This is barely enough to be effective since most diets are deficient in Zinc. We think it is almost a pointless inclusion and the first example of a good ingredient being underwhelmingly dosed in this product.

Arguably the best ingredient in the whole Nugenix review, wasted.

L-Citrulline Malate

Good for dilating blood vessels for those giant pumps everyone wants from a T booster this is an ingredient often found in pre-workouts, to be honest. We don’t mind it here as some of the benefits translate to T boosters anyway.

It even mimics the effects of testosterone by enhancing your sexual functioning so in terms of libido this is an area where Citrulline is helpful.

The problem with this ingredient is it is part of a proprietary blend so there is no way of telling if it is effective or not.


Research supporting this as a T booster is often thought to be limited so read into that what you will but it has promise as helping to release the luteinizing hormone.

It also has a reputation for being good for your libido. We have seen enough evidence to support it as being an effective ingredient in a testosterone booster. This would be the case here if we could tell you if it’s dosage was effective or not. We cannot though as it is part of a proprietary blend.

Tribulus Terrestris

This definitely requires further evidence before you can suggest it is a top testosterone booster. Thought to regulate your blood sugar levels more than anything else it also can enhance your libido.

It seems that most of the ingredients in this product support sexual health which is fine because there are a lot of links between this and testosterone levels. We would just prefer to see more ingredients that are proven T boosters.

Some more of the proper T booster like Vitamin D and D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) would have been a good idea. The least that they could have done with Nugenix is dosed Zinc correctly.

Nugenix Side Effects

This is one of the plus points about this product. All the ingredients are chosen carefully in that they are natural and safe so there are no problems with side effects.

The only problem is that the proprietary blend means the dosages of the ingredients within it could be dangerously high. But because the ingredients in the blend don’t generally have any dangerous side effects. We think this product should be safe to use.

Nugenix Review Pros and Cons

Nugenix Pros

  • Some good ingredients
  • Safe product

Nugenix Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Many ingredients underdosed
  • Not enough proven T boosters
  • Serving is once a day

Nugenix Review Conclusion

Whilst this product is safe to use and has some decent ingredients, it was on the whole completely underwhelming.

What good it did have it just didn’t have enough of and it is a bit of a pointless supplement in our opinion.

We say this because it feels like they haven’t even tried really.  It wouldn’t take much to make this an ok T booster, they could raise the amount of Zinc and other ingredients and include one or two proven T boosters to give this product a chance of actually being effective.

If they wanted to make this product better they could have also got rid of the proprietary blend. We never like to see these and in our opinion. It is a sign of a company trying to hide either an ineffective section of ingredients or even potentially dangerous dosages.

The problem lies in the fact that there are a lot of better products out there who have many of the top testosterone boosting ingredients. And at proper dosages.

Best Testosterone Boosters on the Market

It’s pretty much a minefield out there, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

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