Mind Lab Pro vs NOOCUBE – Best Nootropic?

NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro

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Mind Lab Pro vs NooCube 

Top Nootropic Supplements Compared

A chance today to check out two top nootropics in our Mind Lab Pro vs NooCube review.

Like many people, we get excited by the prospect of two top products battling it out. But only one of these can claim to be the best in our eyes.

We are going to put them through their paces to see if they can give us the brain power we are after. The only way of achieving this is by giving us the following:

  • Enhance memory
  • Improve focus
  • Zero side effects
  • Brain protection
  • Improve brain functioning

Anything less than this and neither will impress. So, let’s start by getting to know them a little.

Mind Lab Pro vs NooCube: Who Makes These Nootropics?

Opti NutraMind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

Here we have the company behind Mind Lab Pro.

Going by their site they are all about the best nutrients. Their slogan appears to be works because superior quality is our top priority.

It is hard to argue with this.

We like that it is vegan-friendly as well. This is because of their Plantcaps capsules. This is another reason they have high-quality products. These capsules are of high quality and are easily absorbed. It also means those conscious about their footprint on the earth can still enjoy quality products.

The competition often uses Cellulose capsules. These are not natural as they are semi-synthetic. Also, they just don’t have the same quality.

Opti Nutra offers a money back guarantee for their products and they make a wide range of supplements.

Wolfson Berg LimitedNooCube Review

This is the supplier of NooCube and they have been operating in this side of the market for over 3 decades.

They are based in Cyprus and deliver all over the world.

What we like about this product is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This is a good amount of time to really try it on for size.

Any purchase comes with fast and free shipping and is dispatched within 2 days which means it won’t take too long to get to you either.

They also make it in FDA approved facilities.

The company themselves actually advise that it is a product that improves concentration as well as memory and multitasking. They also to say that it enables better communication, increases mental energy and boosts brain function.

Of course, this is only going to be true if the ingredients can back this all up.

Mind Lab Pro vs NooCube Ingredients

Mutual Ingredients

This is where we can really set them apart.

The good news is that neither product uses proprietary blends meaning we get to see all the dosages.

Bacopa Monnieri

A good start.

This natural ingredient is often thought to be one of the most effective ingredients you can hope for.

Thought to be able to keep anxiety away it has a lot of uses.

An effective and traditional medicine it has various antioxidant abilities and a lot of studies to back it. It is another that can reduce anxiety and aid memory retention.

One respected study showed that this was responsible for great results when it came to memory retention, and also for brain functioning.

The dosage of 250 mg in NooCube is a generous one. The dosage in Mind Lab Pro is still effective at 150 mg though.


Another great ingredient to include in a nootropic.

Here we have another that is good for maintaining focus. L-Tyrosine helps you to battle the effects of stress and prevent the body from producing the same amount of stress hormones.

The body uses L-Tyrosine to create dopamine which makes it a neurotransmitter. L-Tyrosine is known to promote cognition, mood as well as memory.

The serving of 250 mg is another optimal one from NooCube. The 175 mg in Mind Lab Pro should also be of great benefit.

Individual Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients


A very good start to their individual ingredients.

Citicoline can protect brain cells and ensure they are well looked after.

It provides the user with acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter that increases our ability to learn, increases attention and also short-term memory.

The brand of Citicoline used is the high-quality Cognizin. There are studies that have shown it to increase brain energy by 13.6%

Examine.com says that one study showed how women who took Citicoline showed improved attentional focus and inhibition.

It also suggested that 250 mg might have been slightly more potent. This is exactly the amount we are getting from Mind Lab Pro.


Found in high concentration in the brain and an ingredient that promotes Nerve Growth Factor.

A useful ingredient that protects the brain from cognitive decline. This gets more serious with age and any protection is always a good thing.

It will improve memory and benefit cognition in multiple areas. This ingredient can promote brain cell metabolism. It does this by getting more glucose into your system.

Phosphatidylserine works to support the production of brain cells. According to WebMD it is an ingredient that is essential in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain.

You will also find studies that suggest it battles stress.

The dosage of 100 mg included is a very good amount.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

A good ingredient again and another with multiple uses.

We like that it boosts nitric oxide levels which boosts circulation. This, in turn, creates enhanced blood flow to the brain. It can also help prevent cognitive decline.

It moves antioxidants across the blood-brain barrier. This makes sure they are in a place to stop free radicals from causing cell damage.

The form used is the most potent available and will do a lot of good.

Vitamin B6 / B9 and B12

These 3 B-Vitamins have been included to increase brain sharpness.

A deficiency in these vitamins can lead to an unbalanced mood as well as brain degradation. On top of this, they support brain function by supporting blood flow to the brain.

B6 is thought to be able to enhance sharp thinking, helping the user to improve reactions. It also has uses for memory in that it converts brain chemicals to provide support in this area.

B9 is good for decreasing inflammation which really offers cognitive enhancing support. Supplementing B12 gets more important with age and supplementing it helps to maintain healthy levels of B12 that would otherwise decline as we get older.

The amounts provided ensure you get a good top up and the above benefits.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

An ingredient popular in various supplements but why has it found its way into a nootropic?

It is thought to be good for helping to protect the brain against degradation by boosting the nerve growth factor. This promotes the healthy function of the brain as well as moves brain cells to where you need them.

The dosage of 500 mg is another good amount.


It has calming properties that are the reason it often finds its way into pre-workout supplements. This is because a lot of them contain caffeine, and high amounts as well.

L-Theanine has a calming effect that is of benefit to those who consume stimulants.

The relaxing control it provides is of great benefit for your brain. Derived from Green Tea it can reduce stress.

It helps the user to feel relaxed without resulting in drowsiness. It is thought to increase the activity of alpha brain waves. This is of great benefit as it is this that helps the user to learn and take in information.

The 100 mg is a good amount once again form Mind Lab Pro.

Rhodiola Rosea

An effective ingredient that will help you to focus as well as enhance your mood.

A favorite of academics it is known to be an endurance enhancer. More stamina for the brain is always a good thing.

Examine.com says that Rhodiola Rosea does this by working as an adaptogen. This means it helps us to deal with stress caused by exercise.

Protecting the brain is vital and every good nootropic should be full of these ingredients.

50 mg is a nice boost to a great ingredient.

Buy Mind Lab Pro from www.mindlabpro.com

NooCube Ingredients

Alpha GPC

An ingredient that will help you to keep cognitive decline at bay but also increase the power of which you tackle academic activities.

Great for acetylcholine, it will help the user to make a split decision. Alpha GPC is also known to help you to stay alert.

Examine.com advises that Alpha GPC it is used for its cognitive-promoting properties, and to improve power output in athletes.

The 50 mg included in NooCube isn’t the most potent but it can still be useful.

Cat’s Claw

A herb derived from a vine that is only found in the Amazon.

Another ingredient that contains a load of antioxidants that can help to repair cell damage. It can help to fight Alzheimer’s and improve immune function.

Cat’s Claw boosts neurotransmitters which increase serotonin. This is useful as it helps to leave a calming effect and even alleviate pain.

It is believed to be able to improve earning and even memory. The 350 mg in NooCube is a very generous one.

Oat Straw

Believed to be good for enhancing cognition it is another great nootropic.

It can help to battle stress and some sources even say it is an effective aphrodisiac.

Oat Straw has been used in nutrition for thousands of years making it a very safe ingredient. It is also thought to be good for anxiety and stress.

It contains arginine which is an amino acid that helps to create nitric oxide. This dilates blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow.

Oat Straw can also increase alpha brain waves. This usually occurs when you are more relaxed and can help to promote feelings of joy.

The dosage of 150 mg from NooCube is a generous one.

Huperzia Serrata

Otherwise just known as Huperzine A.

This is one of the best ingredients in this whole comparison,

It stops the brain from producing acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme breaks down neurotransmitters so it’s something you will want to avoid.

It can also help to fight Alzheimer’s and promote brain energy. Huperzine A is known to protect brain cells it can even make the user feel more alert.

A mainstay in a lot of the better nootropic products on the market. The 20 mg included in NooCube will be a great help.


An ingredient that you will sometimes find in nootropics and even testosterone boosters at times.

Strangely, it has been linked to increasing lifespan (although according to Examine.com this is false and does not appear to do so in mammals). It does seem to be good for protecting the heart but doesn’t actually add years to your life.

Found in wine, it is linked to being able to improve cerebral circulation. This is the blood flow in your brain which allows it to have all it needs for optimal cognition.

Also, resveratrol has been found to improve learning and overall mood. It is a fast acting ingredient because it doesn’t take long for it to enter the brain upon consumption.

There are a lot of links to studying. Attributes such as improved long-term memory as well as the ability to study better are just two of them.

At 14 mcg, it is a good amount though.

Buy NooCube from noocube.com

NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

The good news is that neither product includes anything that should concern the user.

Everything is well selected and dosed safely.

NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro Pros and Cons

NooCube Pros

  • A lot of effective ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Safe to use
  • Some good offers
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money back guarantee

Mind Lab Pro Pros

  • Good dosages of proven ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Supports the brain in more ways than a lot of nootropics
  • Natural ingredients
  • Completely safe and legal
  • 30-day money back guarantee

NooCube Cons

  • Only available online

Mind Lab Pro Cons

  • Only available online

NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro Conclusion

Winner: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro review conclusion

Buy Mind Lab Pro:


It was one of the closer comparisons but Mind Lab Pro edged it.

It contains a load of the best, premium quality ingredients you could hope for in a nootropic. There is nothing included that isn’t there on merit and the dosages mean that every ingredient will work.

Mind Lab Pro ticks so many boxes that it is no wonder that so many people are happy to recommend it, including us!

Buy Mind Lab Pro: www.mindlabpro.com

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