Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review [Does It Actually Work?]

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review

Nitrosurge Pre Workout


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  • Some useful ingredients
  • A lot of good dosages
  • No proprietary blends


  • Beta Alanine and Hordenine
  • Missing a couple of useful ingredients

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Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review

A chance to take a look at a pre-workout that has been making waves in our Nitrosurge review.

But will it show us a product that is head and shoulders above the competition, or another to forget?

It seems easier to plan a pre-workout supplement in your head than actually pick up an effective one. We have reviewed a ton of them but have only found a handful of effective products.

What is it that we are looking for? A supplement that gives us the following is a start:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

Anything less than this and it will not be making it onto our top recommended pre workouts list.

Let’s start by getting to know them a little better first.

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review: Who Makes This Product?

Jacked FactoryNitrosurge Pre Workout

A company that appears to do everything by the book.

Jacked Factory is GMP certified and gives their customers a 100% money back guarantee – something we always look out for! We want your purchases to be risk-free.

Their website says that this product gives your laser focus, powerful pumps, endless energy, and muscle growth.

This is easier said than done though and it is made in the USA.

We like to see endorsements and they have the likes of Shaun ‘’Giant Killer’’ Calrida. The guy is a 3x IFBB 212 Olympian. On their roster are also some national level bodybuilders.

They are a pretty sizeable company and they make everything from men’s multivitamins to a PM T-Booster!

We actually reviewed their PM Fat Burner. If you thought that burning fat whilst you sleep is the thing of dreams then….you are right, we found it to be a pretty unimpressive product.

Novelty products are part of their set up, but will this pre-workout today be another gimmick?

Time to see what it has for us.

Nitrosurge Pre Workout IngredientsNitrosurge Pre Workout Ingredients

This is where we can really sink our teeth into this pre-workout.

The early signs are good – there are no proprietary blends. This means we get to see all the ingredients and dosages and judge how effective they can be.


A very good start and an ingredient that we often look out for.

You will find that it is a popular ingredient in our top recommended pre-workout products and is derived from watermelons. L-Citrulline is a powerful vasodilator but why is it useful?

It will improve the quality of your pumps and taking it results in better size and appearance of your muscles. That’s what we’re here for right?

It turns into L-Arginine in the kidneys, this is what helps us to increase our levels of nitric oxide.

Because of this, our blood vessels dilate which makes it easier to get more blood flowing to the muscles.

Basically, it is good news for your gains. but it has also been linked to fighting fatigue. The dosage of 2 g is a decent one as well.

Beta Alanine

Not an ingredient we get too excited about.

It is thought to have some benefits, these include the fact that it might fight fatigue. The problem though is it doesn’t have a lot of proven backing behind it and a lot of its supposed benefits are disputed.

Also, there is the fact that it has been linked to causing paresthesia. This is a tingling sensation which is a bit of an annoyance in the gym. Sure, it passes before too long but it’s inconvenient.

WebMD confirm this by saying that high doses can cause flushing and tingling. They also say that it is a nonessential amino acid and is produced in the body.

A natural amino acid, it is just the higher amounts that aren’t great.

After a decent start, it is a bit of a disappointment to see it. Beta Alanine might boost the production of Carnosine. When this is increased, it is believed to help muscles to stay at peak levels for longer.

The dosage of 1.6 isn’t the highest you will come across, we just hope it doesn’t result in tingling!

Betaine Anhydrous

Derived from beets it is a return to the decent ingredients.

Naturally found in the body it plays a role in the increasing of protein synthesis. This is why it is thought to be good for muscle growth and strength.

Some studies have shown it to be able to help users to sprint for longer and push out more reps as well.

Also, it is linked to increasing the body’s ability to produce creatine. This means more muscle output and strength. It is the kind of ingredient you look out for although there are more effective options.

Still, they are showing signs of a good product. Also, at 1.25 g you are getting another good dosage.

Caffeine Anhydrous

A common ingredient in just about every type of supplement.

It has to be one of the most versatile ingredients which are is you will find it in nootropics, fat burners and pre-workouts as well.

The energy increase is an obvious place to start. You will walk into the gym ready to go and the anhydrous element refers to the fact that this is a powdered form that is easily absorbed and fast acting.

You will approach every set with more intensity but it will also speed up your metabolism. This means it can help to get you shredded as well. Like any supplement, you want ingredients that complement one another.

You get this from Nitrosurge Pre Workout as it also contains L-Theanine, but more on that in a minute.

Caffeine will enhance the user’s focus and keep them alert. This means you are less likely to get your phone out of your pocket every 2 minutes at the gym.

The dosage of 180 mg is actually a very sensible one. It means it will be well tolerated and won’t result in too much Caffeine all in one serving.


As we mentioned, this compliments Caffeine.

In fact, it is often found alongside stimulants because it can help the user to stay in control. It does this without affecting the main benefits of Caffeine. It means you will still get the energy increase and more focus, you will just be calmer.

You don’t want to be shaking and out of control. L-Theanine means any potential side effects are less likely to be felt.

Derived from Green Tea leaves, it is a natural ingredient that is well tolerated. Unsurprisingly, it is a common ingredient in nootropic supplements.

Many of our top recommended pre workouts include it and it shows a good understanding of what a pre-workout should look like.

It is an amino acid that actually keeps the positive traits of Caffeine lasting longer. Your energy levels are still increased. The last thing you want is an energy crash halfway through your workout.

The dosage of 90 mg is a nice amount. Some supplements include more, but this is often because they have crammed in more Caffeine.

Hordenine HCI

An ingredient you might start to see more often.

To be honest, the last two ingredients work in similar ways. The idea is that they increase the benefits of the other ingredients around them.

Since this product has enough decent ingredients, this is a useful inclusion. WebMD says it is naturally found in barley and is similar in structure to bitter orange. They also say that people take it to increase athletic performance and weight loss.

This isn’t a great thing though as Bitter Orange is linked to some serious side effects. They do say that the effects are short-lived and that you need high doses for it to have such an effect.

The dosage of 25 mg doesn’t seem to be a large amount.

Black Pepper Extract

We mentioned that this is an ingredient that enhances the capabilities of other nutrients.

Since there are enough good traits from this product, it is a useful inclusion. Again, it is an ingredient that is found in just about every type of supplement because of its uses.

This should result in even better muscle pumps, greater energy, and more focus.

Such a good all round ingredient get 2.5 mg which isn’t a great amount.

They have gone for the BioPerine variant which represents a premium quality ingredient here, they could have just given us a little more of it.

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Side Effects

This is where we would usually say there is nothing to worry about.

At the moment there isn’t a lot to be concerned over, the Beta Alanine content is a bit of an inconvenience given the tingling sensation it is often linked to. However, this isn’t the most serious side effect and it does pass.

Also, their Caffeine content is well dosed so as a result it should be well tolerated. Also, they have included L-Theanine which should help to ensure it does not give you any side effects.

Until there is more research into Hordenine we cannot condemn nor support it. It is thought to be similar to Bitter Orange so just keep an eye out for that.

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review Pros and Cons

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review Pros

  • Some useful ingredients
  • A lot of good dosages
  • No proprietary blends

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review Cons

  • Beta Alanine and Hordenine
  • Missing a couple of useful ingredients

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Not the worst pre-workout by a long stretch but also short of the better options.

It has some of the best ingredients you could hope for but after these, it doesn’t offer a whole lot. One of the big positives is that they haven’t tried to overload the stimulant content. Far too many supplements are doing this these days and it means that they are often masking ineffective ingredients.

It doesn’t seem as though Nitrosurge is hiding anything and the fact that they do not use proprietary blends is to their credit.

Still, with a few more useful ingredients we would be speaking a lot more fondly of this product. It doesn’t stack up against the best in the business though.

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