Neurogenika Strive Review [Will You Thrive, Survive and Revive?]


Neurogenika Strive


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  • Proven nootropic ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Safe to use
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Discount on buying all 3 together
  • Discount codes available: CLEANLEAN10


  • To get all the benefits you must take 4 capsules in the morning

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Neurogenika Strive Review

Neurogenika Thrive, Strive & Revive Reviews

I recently came across a new start-up on my Facebook feed that makes 3 interesting nootropics offering different benefits. The clean approach caught our attention so we had to take a look. Here’s our honest and unbiased Neurogenika Strive Review, diving into all three products – Neurogenika Thrive, Neurogenika Survive and Neurogenika Revive…

They seem to be a more natural based company that doesn’t hit you in the face with big promises. Hopefully, they have allowed their ingredients and dosages to do the talking.

In the world of supplements where cramming as many ingredients onto a label as possible, the 3 products today don’t go down this route and favor quality over quantity.

They have made it possible to buy all 3 at a discount. But, what does a good nootropic need to do to impress?

The following is a good start:

  • Enhanced Focus
  • Better Memory
  • Increased Brain Energy
  • A Safe Product

Each product offers its own unique advantages and this is what they look like:

  • Thrive – Performance Formula. For improving cognitive function
  • Survive – Protective Formula. For nourishing your brain and protecting it
  • Revive – Recovery Formula. For restoring your brain and upgrading your sleep

Neurogenika Strive is the bundle of all three together which we will be looking into.

So, can these products give us what we are looking for? Time to take a closer look.

Neurogenika Strive Review: Who Makes These Nootropics?

NeurogenikaNeurogenica Strive

We like that they created their products because they wanted to use them, and no one else was making them. This is what the industry should be all about.

Instead of forcing another genetic supplement on us, there should be a valid reason why we are looking at new nootropics.

They have a good understanding of the market and aim to provide exceptional customer service. Also, they recognize that a lot of companies push out ineffective products to people who don’t really know what they are looking for.

They are against proprietary blends which is something we at CLM have in common with them. Transparency is key.

Their commitment to quality ingredients is commendable as well. They make everything in the UK to GMP, ISO 9001 and SALSA certifications.

Everything they make is vegan-friendly, even the capsules and they are also free of GMO and gluten.

Also, they have a money back guarantee which is good to see. They advise that this does not require the user to send the product back either.

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Neurogenika Strive Ingredients

Since this is a combination of the 3 nootropics we will take a look at them individually and see what they have to offer.

They are all free of proprietary blends which always works in both the companies and customers favor in our eyes.

Neurogenika ThriveNeurogenix Thrive

This is the nootropic supplement that they advise is for working memory, mental speed, and attention. Something we could all do with more of but can the ingredients give us all this?

The advice is to take 2 capsules a day, preferably in the morning. Let’s see what goes into each serving.

Rhodiola Rosea

A real mainstay in nootropic supplements.

This is because it promotes quick thinking and prevents brain fog from setting in.

It is an excellent ingredient for anyone who has a big deadline coming up or a key presentation that they are worried about.

Rhodiola Rosea also prevents stress hormones from being released. It is a Russian root herb that is a well respected mental performance enhancer. This is the sort of ingredient that will really keep you at your mental peak for longer.

If you are feeling stressed or even tired, then this is the kind of ingredient that has your back. It will keep your attention enhanced where you can really stick to the task at hand.

At 500 mg you are getting a big, but safe and well-tolerated amount of this effective ingredient.

Bacopa Monnieri

One of the best nootropic ingredients you can hope for.

Traditional medicine has been using it for its antioxidant capabilities and it has various studies to support its ability to reduce anxiety and aid memory retention.

One well-respected study showed that Bacopa Monnieri was responsible for excellent results when it came to the retention of memory as well as brain functioning.

It can also aid brain circulation which makes it a great all-rounder for a nootropic. The 300 mg is an optimal one that will really give you the above.


Another traditional ingredient, another proven to work.

It is thought to be useful for reducing the effects of anxiety and leaves a relaxing feeling. You will often find it in other supplements, especially those that contain stimulant for this very reason.

It works against their effects to help the user to remain in control. It is also believed that Ashwagandha contains many antioxidants. This supports brain health by reducing oxidative stress. Great for protecting the brain against unwanted brain disorders. describe it as an adaptogen which is typically used for stress and anxiety relief.

They go on to say that it shows promise for reducing stress-induced depression.

Their dosage suggestion is in line with what Neurogenika are offering as well. At 300 mg you are getting yet another effective dosage.

One last trait to fit in here – it is also believed to be an effective sleep aid. Is there anything this ingredient cannot do!?

So, it is clear that Neurogenika Thrive delivers on its promises. The ingredients included will help with recalling facts and problem-solving. In fact, they have probably underplayed a lot of the benefits since the ingredients included work on so many different levels.

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Neurogenika SurviveNeurogenica Survive

Here we have the nootropic that has been made to offer brain development and protection. The enhanced cognitive function is very welcome if the ingredients can deliver.

Again, two capsules in the morning are the recommended dosage.

Green Tea Extract

An ingredient we often review but usually in fat burner supplements.

It is one of the best in that area so it is an impressive ingredient. An all-rounder that also has links to increase energy levels in athletes and headache relief it is the L-Theanine content that could be the most beneficial here.

Thought to be reliable at promoting relaxation it is the element of tea that leaves the user feeling calm. backs this up by saying it is a relaxant without promoting drowsiness.

It will reduce stress levels and help the consumer to feel more alert. Arguably Green Tea has been included in this nootropic because of the neuroprotective capabilities in L-Theanine. It helps to reduce age-related cognitive decline.

Olive Leaf Extract

An effective ingredient.

Although not as potent as Green Tea in a nootropic it still earns its place here.

It is thought to be effective for enhancing the way our brains age, protecting it from cognitive related decline. 

Olive Leaf Extract has antioxidant benefits which can explain why it is sometimes found in nootropics.

It also has links to supporting Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which protects brain cells and helps to support their growth.

Grape Seed Extract

The polyphenols in Grape Seed Extract are what are most beneficial here.

There are links to these and enhanced cognitive capabilities when you age. This is a part of the protective formula.

Also believed to be useful for reducing brain inflammation but it is the anti-aging effects that will be most well received here.

Another good trio of ingredients that will benefit the user in terms of protecting the brain from the effects of aging.

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Neurogenika ReviveNeurogenika Revive

The final product from this company here and now we are getting into the sleep quality and recovery side of nootropics.

Since sleep is vital for your cognitive health, we are interested to see what this has in store. It promises to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve the overall quality of sleep in the user.

They advise taking before bedtime for best results.


An ingredient commonly found in foods high in protein and according to WebMD is used to treat sleep problems and is involved in the transportation of chemical signals in the brain.

It is thought to enhance sleep function which is why it has been included in this supplement. Also, studies have shown that it can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep making it a useful ingredient here.


Another ingredient that has calming benefits.

Of course, these are related to enhancing sleep which is what this product is all about. It also reduces anxiety which is a big sleep aid in itself.

You are more likely to find this in other supplements due to the fact that it has links to enhancing performance.

One study did show that it helped to reduce anger and enhance perceived sleep quality in participants who took L-Ornithine when compared to the placebo group.


A more common ingredient and one we spoke of earlier as it is found in Green Tea Extract.

We mentioned that it is a relaxant and referenced who say it is a relaxant that doesn’t promote drowsiness. The calming effects will help you to sleep.

In fact, L-Theanine is thought to not only help you to fall asleep faster but actually improve the quality of sleep as well.

It doesn’t take long to take effect and when it does, studies have shown it to reduce stress and anxiety which is linked to improving overall sleep.

A useful ingredient that rounds off this interesting and effective sleep enhancer.

The 200 mg is a good dosage that will give you the above benefits.

The good news is that none of the ingredients are sedatives and are safe for long-term use. Healthy sleep is essential for brain repair so the fact that Neurogenika has made an effective product here is a great news for fans of nootropic supplements.

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Neurogenika Strive Review Side Effects

There is nothing in any of these supplements that should concern any user.

They are stimulant free, there is no rubbish in there and all the ingredients have been selected from high-quality sources.

When combined into a stack they will be well tolerated.

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Neurogenika Strive Review Pros and Cons

Neurogenika Strive Review Pros

  • Proven nootropic ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Safe to use
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Discount on buying all 3 together

Neurogenika Strive Review Cons

  • To get all the benefits you must take 4 capsules in the morning

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Neurogenika Strive Review Conclusion

A pleasant surprise from these products!

We like the fact that they come from different angles and have various attributes of their own. A lot of the time if you want a nootropic for a certain reason, you have to buy a nootropic that tries to do too many things.

Here, we have a product that you can take together to get added benefits if you like or take separately.

Our advice is to get the benefits of all 3.

The ingredients have some solid backing and we are all for their natural approach. Here at Clean Lean Machine, we like our products to be as free from rubbish as possible.

Neurogenika has gone to great lengths to ensure their products include quality ingredients, with no added rubbish.

All in all, these are high-quality nootropic supplements. With the amount of rubbish there is on the market, their refreshing approach has caught our attention.

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