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  • Some good and effective ingredients
  • Company has a good reputation


  • Proprietary blend
  • Unsure on how high the caffeine content is
  • Better value for money elsewhere

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NervaCORE Review

With the strains and pressures in the workplace in the modern world, the need to get laser focused has never been higher. Our NeraCORE review gives you the chance to see if this Nootropic can help.

A balanced diet, a good night’s sleep can give your brain a recharge that it needs. But what about unlocking your brain’s full potential to make you think faster. As well as memorise more and have more energy.

This is where a good nootropic comes in. We are all capable of so much. But a nootropic can really take your brain to different places, and be completely natural.

NervaCORE arrives with a good reputation. It is rated within the nootropic market so just what is the fuss all about? It says it can give you the following:

  • Enhanced memory
  • Better focus
  • General brain function
  • More brain energy

All nootropics should do these things to some degree so we’re going to dig a little deeper and see if it is up to the standard of our top 3 nootropics.

NervaCORE Review: Who Makes This Nootropic?

NervaCORE is the nootropic from supplements company CEL Nutrition. They have only been around since 2015 but have built up a steady following.

They are looking to build on their natural product and their website slogan is ‘’enhance your mental state’’. Their main products are NervaCORE and ENERGY+.

Their mission statements and website content signal a sign of their intent to really help their customers to reach their peak in health.

NervaCORE Ingredients

Read any of our reviews and you will know that this is where we really find out just how good a supplement is. The ingredients make or break a product and we don’t let them get away with anything.

NervaCORE claim to be an all natural product, which is always a good start. But then a closer look and we have already spotted something we are not so keen on, a proprietary blend.

Some people don’t seem to mind when their supplements are made up of these. But we prefer to know what all the dosages are so we can make a more informed decision of the effectiveness of each nutrient.

Each blend is a mixture of ingredients, combined to make one ingredient. With the total dosage of all ingredients included as one. So a 500 mg blend can contain 6 or 7 ingredients and you have no idea how much of each one.

So, an unfortunate thing in some ways. The label does show that they also care about the ingredients with some good nootropic additions as well.

Let’s carry on to see how effective this product can be:


This is an ingredient you don’t often see if some of the higher quality nootropic supplements, why? Because it doesn’t have a lot of studies to support it effectiveness in a nootropic.

There have been some people who use it to aid memory loss. But we would like to see more supporting evidence to back up its inclusion.

Vitamin B12

We like this ingredient. In fact it even features in our top nootropic ingredients review. Its main uses are for healthy brain functioning and to fight against the decline of cognitive capabilities due to age.

Definitely an ingredient we welcome in any nootropic.

Vitamin B6

This is where it starts to get good. We like B6 to be in a nootropic because it helps neurotransmitters to synthesise dopamine and norepinephrine. This in turn affects your alertness memory as well as your overall mood.

Deficiencies in B6 can lead to cognitive decline and your brain will not be able to function in its  regular way.

Folic Acid

Another B vitamin, this has its doubters. Long term use can lead to side effects and like with any supplement, it requires you to use it continuously for a period to get the anticipated effects.

Therefore, the benefits it can provide such as the fact that it has been shown to improve memory and logical reasoning are countered by side effects. These include stomach complaints, insomnia, seizures and skin reactions.

In the right dosages it can be useful and the dosage is within the safe zone. Just monitor yourself like we always recommend when taking a new supplement.

NervaCORE Proprietary Blend

This is where we take a closer look at the ingredients within their proprietary blend. It’s unfortunate that we cannot see the dosages because some of the ingredients are great.


Probably the most effective nootropic ingredient included in this NervaCORE review.  Yet we have no idea how effective the dosage is because of it is hidden within the blend.

L-Tyrosine is great for helping cognitive stress. The stresses on the brain such as a lack of sleep and hot and cold conditions can be restored be supplementing this ingredient.

It can also help you to focus. It has been used as a treatment for ADHD and is often used within pharmaceutical drugs such as Ritalin to boost their effectiveness.

Paullinia Cupana

A stimulant derived from the Guarana tree it has a high caffeine content that will make you feel like you are experiencing a difference straight away. Be wary of this since there is no way of determining how much caffeine there is. This is because it is hidden behind the blend once more.

It does have its uses and can fill your brain with healthy antioxidants giving it a few positives here. The caffeine content is twice as potent as coffee so if you are sensitive to it, be wary.


An organic acid often found in meat that has been proven numerous times to have no side effects. It is beneficial for many reasons around the body as a whole. From a nootropic point of view it is good for your memory, aiding sleep and elevating your mood.

How effective is the NervaCORE L-Taurine content? No one knows because of the proprietary blend it is found in.


A safe inclusion – tick, effective – tick, good dosages – who knows!

It is great for producing more acetylcholine which can promote memory, analysis, learning and many more cognitive benefits. It’s a real shame we aren’t able to see how useful this can be.

Huperzine A

No complaints in its inclusion in a nootropic. We like to see Huperzine A combined with Bacopa Monnieri as the two compliment each other.

Huperzine A works by preventing the brain from producing acetylcholinesterase commonly known as the enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters – not good news. This is good because when ineffective it ensures the brain is able to use acetylcholine. This will leave the user able to focus more, with enhanced memory function.

Black Pepper Extract

You will find this is just about any supplements whether it is a pre workout, testosterone booster or nootropic. What it actually does is enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients so it is a good thing to have.

Once again, there could be as little as a grain of sands worth for all we know since it is part of the proprietary blend.

NervaCORE Side Effects

Outside of the proprietary blend, there isn’t much to worry about. The ingredients are natural and the dosages appear to be within what we would call a safe and effective amount.

Within the blend, you have Paullinia Cupana, double the strength of normal caffeine and we are not aware of the dosage. This is difficult because if you knew you could keep a track of your overall caffeine intake for the day and make sure you are within the safe guidelines.

Side effects from too much caffeine can be jitters, sleep deprivation, nervousness, nausea and a lot more.

NervaCORE Review Pros and Cons

NervaCORE Review Pros

  • Some good and effective ingredients
  • Company has a good reputation

NervaCORE Review Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Unsure on how high the caffeine content is
  • Better value for money elsewhere

NervaCORE Review Conclusion

There is enough to like about NervaCORE. It easy to see why some people go for it. It does have some good ingredients and was off to a good start before the proprietary blend.

The caffeine content is a bit of a concern for us. It could be completely fine and we have no idea why they would opt to include it in a blend really.

There are a lot of other products with worse side effects but equally this doesn’t compare to the better nootropics.

For a nootropic that is completely natural, with no side effects and even more of the best nootropic ingredients and dosages we recommend Mind Lab Pro. It will increase your productivity, enhance your memory and leave you feel at your mental peak.

This is backed up by the fact that the ingredients are there to be seen next to the dosages so you know it is reliable.

For more information on our top nootropic, check out our Mind Lab Pro review for more information.

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