Natrogix Ultra Test Review – Will This T Booster Work?

natrogix ultra test review, natrogix ultra test

Natrogix Ultra Test


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  • Zinc and magnesium good inclusions
  • Safe product


  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Not enough top T boosters
  • No estrogen suppressants

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Natrogix Ultra Test Review

Today we get to take a look at another T booster and our Natrogix Ultra Test review will reveal whether it can be added to our top recommended testosterone boosters list.

With so much at stake, we are really going to put it through its paces. We don’t mind when a company starts to boast about all the benefits of what their product offers, that’s the nature of the industry. What we don’t like is when they cannot back up their claims.

Some of the promises Natrogix Ultra Test make include:

  • Improving muscle growth and recovery
  • Promoting energy
  • Helps fat loss

The label also says it is natural and made in the USA. It will be interesting to look under the bonnet and see if the ingredients make it possible for this product to perform in the way it says it will.

Since our T levels decline year on year from around the age of 30 onwards it is important to keep on top of something you can change with a simple supplement.

The problem is, all test boosters are making the same promises, but few we have seen are actually able to deliver. Let’s get to know the people behind this product before we put them to the sword.

Natrogix Ultra Test Review: Who Makes This T Booster?

natrogix ultra testNatrogix are the people behind this supplement and they pride themselves on making natural products.

Made in a facility regulated by the GMP their products are part of a money back guarantee and are sold on Amazon.

They say they use premium quality ingredients to ensure they maximize your results. They sell products that range from Hair Growth formulas and appetite suppressants. Their website also has eBooks for sale so they are trying to cover a few areas of a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s see how all this translates into their testosterone booster.

Natrogix Ulta Test Ingredients

Now we can get down to business.

The initial signs are good as the suggested serving is 3 times a day which we like to see. This means the T boosting effects have a chance to work for more of the day


A good start here and an ingredient we find in many of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

It stops your body from depleting its testosterone during intense workouts, so when you really need it after a session, this ingredient makes sure you have some T in reserve.

It also stimulates the luteinizing hormone as well as reducing prolactin levels. The female hormone is a killer of T and less of it means your body can produce more testosterone.

The fact is, your body cannot produce T without it, so topping this up ensures healthy levels are maintained.

The 30 mg included is a little on the high side for us. Your body doesn’t need much more than 40 mg a day and you do find Zinc in a lot of common food sources. Arguably the best ingredient in this Natrogix Ultra Test review.


Another good inclusion here as Magnesium as it suppresses SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). This is what ties up your T and makes it unusable.

It stops your body from oxidative stress meaning inflammation that kills your T through exercise and the aging process will not affect your testosterone as much.

200 mg is a good amount of this for it to get to work.

Tribulus Terrestris

After a good start, things have unravelled a little here as it is the first bad ingredient.

We say bad as although it is not dangerous, it is a poor inclusion in a testosterone booster. The fact is, it once was backed by some studies that have since been proven it to be a pointless ingredient in terms of T boosting.


It is an ingredient that gets to go under the ‘might be able to’ category in terms of boosting testosterone.

There are a handful of studies that show it has potential, but none are thought to give concrete evidence to say it should be thought of as an important T booster.

It might block the aromatase enzyme which prevents T from turning into estrogen so it could have some promise, but we’re far from convinced.

Horny Goat Weed

An excellent name, sure, but it’s not enough to make this a top testosterone booster.

It has some uses, in terms of benefits, it is a known aphrodisiac and can improve erections. For us, this is more of an added bonus than what we are looking for.

Mostly tested on animals in terms of testosterone, it might be able to support the release of testosterone in the testes but the evidence showing is from these animal tests only so far.


If you are low on T, this ingredient might be able to stabilize the levels.

It is most likely going to improve the quality of your sperm so it works for infertile men. In terms of helping T suggests there is insufficient evidence to support this.

So for libido and sexual health, this is an ingredient that might do some good, just unlikely to help with anything else.

Saw Palmetto

We’ve been seeing this quite a bit recently in T boosters, although it doesn’t do much for testosterone.

Thought to promote prostate health it is a good ingredient for the more mature male looking to use a T booster although there are plenty of better options too.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Another ingredient that does nothing for your T.

It is worrying that a lot of people will recognize the first couple of ingredients as good testosterone boosters and just assume the rest follow that pattern.

The last few ingredients have shown this is not the case and the only real benefit this ingredient offers is that it might help with joint health. Again though, the evidence for this is rather limited.

Hawthorne Berries

Have they saved the best for last?

Nope, a bit more promise in terms of joint health but what kind of product are we looking at here? Certainly a mixed bag, and no T boosters in the last handful of ingredients.

After a strong start, this is a real shame.

Natrogix Ultra Test Side Effects

The good news is that there don’t look to be any side effects. The ingredients are natural are there aren’t any over the top dosages. Zinc is a little higher than we would usually recommend but it shouldn’t be a problem.

The fact that they don’t use proprietary blends also works in their favor so all in all, a safe product.

Natrogix Ultra Test Review Pros and Cons


  • Zinc and magnesium good inclusions
  • Safe product


  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Not enough top T booster ingredients
  • No estrogen suppressants

Natrogix Ultra Test Review Conclusion

After a good start with Zinc and Magnesium, it is a shame to say that this product would not feature in our top recommended testosterone boosters.

There were just too many ineffective ingredients for it to really make a mark, although there is enough in this to like there are plenty of better options out there.

It won’t do enough to raise your testosterone in the way that many of its rivals like TestoFuel can and there were no estrogen suppressants. This means there isn’t anything making room for more testosterone since estrogen takes up valuable space.

There are ingredients here based on the fact that they help with joint support – something we don’t come across in the T boosting section very often!

There wasn’t anywhere near enough ingredients to back up their claim of promoting energy – so that makes them yet another supplement company that fails to really back up their claims on the label.

Also, there aren’t enough fat loss related ingredients for them to be really putting that on their label either.

To wrap up our Natrogix Ultra Test review, some of the ingredients are OK, but why should you set the bar so low! The good news here is you don’t need to settle, keep searching for the best testosterone supplements and you will find one worth the money…

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