Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success


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Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success

Our Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success review should get your mind sharp.

Listen now, concentrate, focus and remain calm – those are just a few of the things a good nootropic should do.

With an overcrowded market due to increased demand, it is difficult to find a good supplement that does not do exactly what it says it will. This is down to a few things. The ingredients, the dosages and whether or not it uses proprietary blends. More on that later!

We have compiled several reviews of some of the best nootropics supplements on the market. We are now pitting two of the better ones against each other. Who will emerge victorious? Let’s get to it.

What Does a Good Nootropic Do?

Both of the companies behind these products have an impressive list of benefits that a user can gain from their product. Just some of these include:

  • Enhanced Focus
  • Mental Stamina and Improved Memory
  • Less Anxiety
  • Better Brain Functioning
  • Improved Brain Health

Like many manufacturers of Nootropics, they all have to say these things. But just how much can you trust the guys behind Mind Lab Pro and SmartX Cerebral Success?

Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success: Who Makes These Products?


These two have very different backgrounds. Mind Lab Pro is the brainchild (ahem) of Opti-Nutra.

They are a UK based supplements company who claim they only ever use the best quality ingredients. They state that their product ‘’works because superior quality is our top priority’’, we like that!

Their product is fine for use if you are a vegan (their capsules are made from plantcaps) and is completely natural giving the user a wide range of quality ingredients.

Their money back guarantee is a 100% refund. They clearly back themselves and their product.

Cerebral Success

SmartX is produced by the company Cerebral Success. This is their flagship product and you may be wondering where you have heard of it before? That’s probably because it featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

They also have a money back offer. Theirs is a 30 day guarantee and their product is available to purchase from a few sources including their own site as well as Amazon.

Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success: The Ingredients

Yes, the most important element of any supplement. Never mind your marketing or packaging or even intentions, you are only as good as your ingredients. Let’s see what our two competitors have to offer here.

Mind Lab Pro

This product has a great reputation, and it is known to enhance the following:

  • Brain energy
  • Key Transmitters
  • Cell Repair
  • Chemistry
  • Brain Waves
  • Brain Protection

Let’s take a look at how the key ingredients do this.


For your brain to have more energy you will need more products like Citicoline. It helps to synthesise phosphatidylcholine which helps your brain with repairing and regenerating cells.

If taking in new information is what you are looking for then this is another good ingredient.

Bacopa Monnieri

One of the best ingredients you will find in a nootropic supplement. Its uses are heralded amongst nootropic studies. Not only does it give your brains antioxidants more power, but it will provide a layer of protection for your brain, to fight against aging.

On top of this is also has other uses such as the ability to help you think more clearly. Also, to improve you mood and memory.

Rhodiola Rosea

We would almost go as far to say that you should consider not buying a Nootropic stack that does not include Rhodiola Rosea, such is its reputation.

It main use is to give you sharper brain that helps you to think fast and fight the signs of fatigue. Therefore helping you to deal with any important work or workout you might have and get more done, faster. On top of all this, it will even help you to fight stress.

B-Vitamins B6, B9 & B12

B vitamins are good at keeping your brain sharp and at its best. Anyone with lower levels of B-Vitamins in their diet can be at risk of experiencing brain degradation later in life.

It is also good for helping blood flow – significant for general brain function.


This amino acid is great if you need to increase your attention capabilities. Your brain waves are given the tools to cope better in stressful situations. This leaves the user feeling calm and in control when the pressure is mounting.

Enhancing your brain’s productivity at the same time and may even counter stress on the brain.


Another great nootropic which has a reputation based on the fact that it:

  • Gives Increased Focus
  • Improves Mental Stamina
  • Aids Brain Function
  • Fights against Anxiety

Some of the key ingredients and their benefits are as follows:


One of the better ingredients in this stack it is a regular inclusion in a lot of the best nootropics on the market.

It will help your brain to make a greater amount of choline which in turn will get it to increase the overall output of your brain.

Providing your brain with essential nutrients that help to create electrical impulses and keeps your brain cells in good health along the way.

As you will find with a lot of nootropics ingredients, this is backed by some studies that show it to can help the cognitive functioning of the elderly and stave off a decline in cognitive capabilities.

The issue here is that it is contained within a proprietary blend. This means any review will not be able to tell you if the amount of cognizin included is sufficient enough to be effective. More on this later.

Bacopa Monnieri

A welcomed inclusion in any nootropic and the sign of a good product that has done their research.

It is most commonly credited with enhancing your memory and is a natural inclusion.

Good if you are like the many people who suffer from a bout of brain fog in the afternoon. Particularly not long after lunch, then this is a great way of keeping your mind active and focused.

Since this is part of a proprietary blend, we cannot tell you if it is higher than then the 300 mg that is recommended minimum for effectiveness.

Huperzine A

Stems from the chinese club moss which is well known for being used in traditional medicine for centuries. It will protect your brain from the breakdown of acetylcholine which is great for your overall memory and brain functioning.

An impressive list of ingredients with many that feature on our list of Top Ingredients for Nootropics which you can check out for yourself.


There is some debate surrounding the use of stimulants such as caffeine in a nootropic. It certainly has some short term benefits that will sharpen your brain whilst the effects are present. But we worry about the longevity.

We like to see a product that benefits the user in the mid to long term as well as the short. Caffeine will make the user feel as though the supplement is working from the off although this might pass quite quite quickly.


DHT is an androgen hormone and is more commonly known as being a sex steroid so maybe it is included to make you feel good? The benefits of this are often said to be to your prostate, hair and testes.

We find its inclusion quite confusing to be honest. We are not certain the evidence behind it being a cognitive enhancer is sufficient enough to warrant its place in a nootropic.

Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success Side Effects

There haven’t been any cases of side effects from what we can see for Mind Lab Pro. The natural ingredients are all included on merit so we would be surprised if there was anything in there that would cause any harm.

The same can generally be said for SmartX and it is only the caffeine that could really cause any side effects depending on how you react to caffeine.

The Cerebral Success website does make a point of stating that due to the increase of blood flow to the brain, headaches may be induced or even strengthened. Just see if this is the case for you and make any necessary adjustments.

Mind Lab Pro vs SmartX Cerebral Success Conclusion

The list of ingredients is actually impressive for both products, and this is one of the closer battles that we have found.

There is a lot to like about both with either one of these giving a good amount of the top ingredients for Nootropics.

The one thing we have seen that is the decisive factor for us is the use of Proprietary blends for SmartX, therefore we believe Mind Lab Pro to be the better supplement here.

When a company does not reveal the true dosages and even ingredients we can never be sure how effective the product is, especially since SmartX use caffeine. We worry that some of the immediate benefits we feel might be down to the instant caffeine kick.

Having said this they do have a lot of good ingredients so the effects should still be there for you.

With all this in consideration, Mind Lab Pro is our victor. No surprise since they have a product here with no side effects, natural ingredients, with an impressive list of nutrients, many of which are on our top list of nootropics.

For a more detailed look at the excellent Mind Lab Pro, read our in depth review.

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