Mind Lab Pro Vs Provasil Nootropic Comparison

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Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil

Here we are again, searching for the best nootropic supplement and hoping that our Mind Lab Pro Vs Provasil review will provide a worthy winner.

Whenever we compare two of the top nootropic supplements we have in mind just what sort of person would benefit from such a product the most.

For example, it is no surprise that they are so popular in Silicon Valley as some of the brightest entrepreneurs the world over are looking for the advantages that a good nootropic can give them in the workplace.

If you want enhanced focus, better memory and information retention, a nootropic really can give you the edge over your fellow employees.

For those who are doing their studies, a good nootropic helps them to concentrate and soak up information to use later. It can even help athletes and gym enthusiasts to make the most of their workout by focusing on the task at hand.

With so many benefits and key areas it can be used in, it is no surprise that the nootropics market is growing. Today we look at two of the most well known in the industry.

This doesn’t always mean they are the best, but we will take a closer look to see just what each of these products has to offer.

Firstly, it is time to get to know them a little better.

Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil: Who Makes These Nootropics?

Opti Nutra

The people behind Mind Lab Pro are Opti Nutra – the London based company who have a growing reputation in the industry, and for good reason.

They use only the best available ingredients and are committed to their craft, they describe the benefits of Mind Lab Pro (in their words) ”works because superior quality is our top priority’’.

Vegans will enjoy this product due to the fact that it is 100% fine to use and completely natural. The plantcaps (tapioca) capsules are what makes it safe for vegans.

The fact that many other supplements use any number of unnatural ingredients to make their capsules means Mind Lab Pro is on to something good here.

They pride themselves on optimal dosages and quality control and they even test every batch before they send it out.


Cognetix Labs

The people who make Provasil are Cognetix Labs. We know this much, but they are actually difficult to get a lot of information on.

Provasil has its own site that is a bit more useful, including information on the 60-day money back guarantee and their offer of a free batch of Green Tea with every order.

Their product is very much tailored towards an older generation going by the site which is fine since there are many benefits to an age group where cognitive decline is a real concern.

You can see this product has been received with a real mix of reviews so we are here to make sense of it all. Their website is very generic and if anything quite dated in its appearance.

At least both products are free from proprietary blends making this a battle we can review with both starting from the same place.

Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil Ingredients

So, here we go, the real fun can start. This is where we will see who has the best ingredients but more importantly, who has the most effective dosages.

A nootropic is only as good as the amount of each ingredient included. So, if it is underdosed it will not work. Anything with too much of an ingredient risks giving the user unwanted side effects.

Bacopa Monnieri

A good inclusion in any nootropic so thumbs up to both of these two supplements.

Its benefits are varied. Firstly, it helps your brain to fight the signs of aging as well as relieving your brain of anxiety.

On top of this, it is great for giving strength to your brains antioxidants and promote clear thinking. Think that was enough? It’s not done yet, Bacopa Monnieri is also a great ingredient for anyone doing their studies since it helps you to retrieve information at a later date.

The good news is Mind Lab Pro contains an optimal dosage at 150 mg meaning the benefits will really be felt here. Provasil only has 100 mg, whilst this will do a job, this gives Mind Lab Pro an early lead.


If you are looking for an ingredient that has benefits for your attention, memory as well as your cognition then Phosphatidylcholine is your ingredient. Another great all rounder which is why we are finding it in many of the top nootropics on the market.

But which of these two products has the better dosage here? Well, Mind Lab Pro have 50 mg whilst Provasil has 30 mg. This isn’t quite enough to get any benefit from.

L- Tyrosine

An amino acid that helps to keep you focused it really does earn its place in a nootropic. It is also thought to be good at helping you fight stress by preventing the development of stress hormones, also restoring brain chemicals after they have been attacked by stress.

Mind Lab Pro have included a generous 175 mg which will definitely do the job, whilst Provasil has included just 100 mg.

We are starting to feel a trend here.

Individual ingredients

Mind Lab Pro

Vitamin B6

In the market for an ingredient that helps you stay really focused with sharp thinking to go with it? Vitamin B6 is what you have been looking for. Not only is this great for focus, but it also helps your brain to fight homocysteine which slows your brains circulation and in turn cognition.

It can even elevate your mood by creating chemicals that help you to feel happier.


Many of us struggle to retain important information and when it comes to reciting this information later, forget about it! (Literally!)

If this is the case for you then citicoline is the sort of ingredient that you need in your diet. It gives more energy to your brain so when you need to stay focused and remember information, you have the tools to do so.



Very important for your brains membranes it gives your cells the chance to communicate and can even increase the capability of your cognitive functioning.

So, a good ingredient here although there are some studies that counter its uses there seems to be enough solid information to back it up as a useful nootropic.

That’s only if it is dosed correctly. You will not be getting any of the benefits from this ingredients it seems since Privasil have only included 5 mg.


Another smart nootropic to include from Provasil but will it be massively underdosed again?

Ginseng has been used in ancient medicine and for good reason, it helps to stave off mental fatigue so those hours after your lunch where you are the victim of brain fog could be no more.

On top of this, it is another that can elevate the mood of the user. It could if dosed properly. You might have guessed it, but Provasil has not included enough of it for you to benefit.

Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil: Side Effects

These two have no side effects because they both use natural ingredients and neither has overdosed on anything here so they are both safe to use.

Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil Pros and Cons

Mind Lab Pro Pros

  • Good dosages of ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Supports the brain in more ways than a lot of nootropics
  • Natural ingredients
  • Good money back guarantee

Provasil Pros

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Some good nootropic ingredients

Mind Lab Pros Cons

  • Only available online

Provasil Cons

  • Way too many ingredients
  • Too many underdosed ingredients
  • Not much company information

Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil Review Conclusion

Winner: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

Buy Mind Lab Pro:


Looking at both of the ingredient profiles on display here, you would think that this would be a very close contest.

In fact, it was a whitewash with Mind Lab Pro running away with it.

It is one of the best nootropic supplements on the market so it would be hard to beat by any other supplement but Provasil did throw this one away a little bit by getting one of the most basic things wrong – dosages.

They included many top ingredients but just did not include barely any of the optimal dosages that makes it look fo bad.

This is why Mind Lab Pro is so effective. It contains many top ingredients optimally dosed and is 100% safe due to the natural ingredients. You can’t ask for much more out of a nootropic.

If you want to find out more about our winner from today then check out our in-depth Mind Lab Pro review.

You can only buy Mind Lab Pro direct from their official website:



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