Mind Lab Pro Vs Performix TCP Nootropics Reviewed

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Mind Lab Pro vs Performix TCP

Today we return to another battle to find out if we can discover the best nootropics supplement. Our Mind Lab Pro Vs Performix TCP review today ensures you are getting a comparison of two of the most widely known nootropics that are available.

Not all nootropics are created equal and so it is our job to find out which are worthy of making our top nootropics supplements list, and which are best forgotten.

What are people looking for in a nootropic?

The varied demographic of people who use them is the best indication of what to look for.

For example, the people working out in Silicon Valley use them to enhance their focus and how alert they are, so the high pressured environments they work in can be dealt with.

Those undertaking their studies benefit from the fact that a good nootropic enhances their memory and the retention of information when they most need it.

The person in the gym will benefit from the massive increase in their focus so they get the most out of their workout every time.

The over 50’s will appreciate the fact that a nootropic should help to fight the signs of cognitive decline that so often occurs later in life.

So, which of these two nootropics will benefit these users the most?

Mind Lab Pro vs Performix TCP: Who Makes These Products?

Opti Nutra

Mind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

These guys are a UK based company who have a great reputation around the world.

Their products are distributed form both the USA and UK so getting their products to their customers in a timely manner doesn’t seem to be a problem.

They pride themselves on their all natural ingredients lists/ This nootropic can even be enjoyed by vegans since they use plant caps (tapioca) for their capsules.

Optimal dosages and quality control seem to be two of their biggest thing, so not proprietary blends or additives in sight.


These people are the brand and company behind Performix TCP and their main hook appears to be their TERRA beads and the time release method they say they use.

This is how they say the nutrients are delivered throughout the body over the course of the day but we aren’t so sure about its effectiveness.

Without much in the way of researched backing, it appears to be a bit of a gimmick. If it was that effective then maybe everyone would be using this method.

Their website is also the place to see their team of endorsements. But unless you are very much into the muscle building and fitness industry, the names there might pass you by.

So far they seem to be a professional company and they even have a list of their “team”. Unless you are really into the muscle building and fitness industry you might not be aware of the names.

Mind Lab Pro vs Performix TCP Ingredients

Here we can get to know what these products are really about, no more of the marketing and fancy labels to protect them.

It is here that we see something we never like in a supplement and that is that Performix TCP uses proprietary blends, for all ingredients.

This means we cannot see what any of the dosages are, making it difficult to tell if the product is effective, ineffective or even dangerous!

Still, we will find out as much as we can from the information they provide and see which of these can be declared the winner.

Mutual Ingredients


A good ingredient for any nootropic due to it’s relaxing properties. Not only does it calm the user and make them feel at ease but it also improves how alert they are as well as enhance their focus.

These are the sort of ingredients you need in a nootropic, a good all rounder and an important addition.

If you take a look at our top recommended nootropic supplements, then many of them include multipurpose ingredients.

The dosage within Mind Lab Pro is 125 mg, an optimal one making it an effective ingredient. As far as Performix TCP is concerned – we have no idea how effective their dosage of L-Theanine is since it is part of one of the many proprietary blends.


Another excellent ingredient this is good for your brain health by promoting Nerve Growth Factor. This is known to enhance various parts of your brain’s functioning and not only is it good for general cognitive health, it is also great for protecting brain cells.

It is clear that both supplements are going for a well-balanced approach of ingredients that enhance the brain’s functioning as well as protect it.

The dosage of 200 mcg is again an optimal dosage from Mind Lab Pro, the less said about Performix TCP the better.


If you are the type of person that struggles to retain information, then Citicoline is the sort of ingredient you should be getting into your diet.

It provides your brain with more energy. This makes it easier to focus and pay attention and remember information and retain it at a later date.

The dosage of 250 mg in Mind Lab Pro is more than enough for you to feel the benefit.

Bacopa Monnieri

Another great ingredient you can’t knock either supplement so far for their selection of ingredients.

Bacopa Monnieri is so good because it reduces the level of anxiety you might feel. As well as protect your brain against the threat of cognitive decline.

So, if you have a meeting coming up that you are worried about or if an exam is making you feel anxious, this is a good ingredient. Another benefit is that is helps you to think clearer. So if you’re under pressure, the information you need to retrieve might come easier.

The benefits of this will be experienced by anyone who uses Mind Lab Pro because of the optimal dosage of 150 mg. Performix TCP has given us no indication whether this ingredient will work within their product, because of the proprietary blend.

Individual Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro

Vitamin B6

A great addition to any nootropic. Not only does it elevate your mood but it also helps the user to stay focused.

Sharp thoughts are just another benefit of using Vitamin B6. So anyone using Mind Lab Pro has another great ingredient to back-up all the previous optimally dosed nutrients.

One of the best ingredients in the whole Mind Lab Pro Vs Performix TCP review.

Performix TCP

Alpha GPC

This is of greater benefit to anyone in the older age bracket since its main benefit is for fighting the cognitive decline in the older generation.

It is not without its potential side effects either. These can include headaches, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and more. Since it is part of the proprietary blend it is a risk indeed since we do not know how much of it is in there.

Mind Lab Pro vs Performix TCP Side Effects

That’s one of the great things about the safe and natural Mind Lab Pro, there aren’t any ingredients in there that would concern the user. The doses are all well within safe quantities.

The same cannot be said about Performix TCP. The Alpha GPC in this product is a concern and that’s without the proprietary blend in the equation.

Because of the blends any of the ingredients in Performix TCP could be dosed too high. This is a concern particularly for the stimulants that are included, Caffeine and Theacrine.

Mind Lab Pro vs Performix TCP Pros and Cons

Mind Lab Pro’s Pros

  • Good dosages of ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Supports the brain in more ways than a lot of nootropics
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Good money back guarantee

Performix TCP Pros

  • Some good ingredients

Mind Lab Pro Cons

  • Only available online

Performix TCP Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Some useless ingredients
  • Unknown dosage of stimulants
  • Potential side effects


Winner: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

You can only Buy Mind Lab Pro directly from:


With the proprietary blends used by Performix TCP, it was always going to be difficult for them to win. Regardless of this, it would still have taken something special to beat Mind Lab Pro. It is one of the best nootropic supplements around.

Its mix of top nootropics ingredients and optimal dosages make it the ideal combination. On top of the fact that it is safe to use – you can’t ask for a lot more.

The list of effective ingredients makes it one of our top nootropics. That being said, Performix TCP actually had a very good ingredients list as well. But the proprietary blend means not only does it feel like they have something to hide, but it cannot be recommended by us at CLM.

To read more about the benefits of our winner today, check out our in depth Mind Lab Pro review.

Or buy Mind Lab Pro from their official website here:



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