Mind Lab Pro Vs Modafinil Brain Pills Compared

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil brain pills compared

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Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil

Brain Pills Compared

An interesting one for you today, the Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil discussion is similar to the nootropics vs smart drugs debate.

It is a bit different today, we can’t compare nutrient profiles and ingredients, instead, we are going to look a little closer at what effect each of these has on the user, what the benefits are, as well as potential side effects.

If you are new to the world of cognitive enhancers then Mind Lab Pro is one of the best nootropic supplements around and Modafinil is best known as a smart drug.

First off, a bit of a background between the two.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro nootropic vegan supplement review

This product is made by the people at Opti Nutra, in London. It is a natural nootropic that uses a list of carefully selected ingredients at optimal dosages that makes it so effective.

Opti Nutra makes their capsules out of plant caps (tapioca), this way they are vegan-friendly. They distribute from both the UK and USA.

They do not use proprietary blends and we have selected Mind Lab Pro to compare to Modafinil today as it is one of the best nootropic supplements we have seen. (check out our list of our top recommended nootropics)


This smart drug is most commonly sold over the counter as a treatment for narcolepsy but is often purchased online for different reasons.

In the UK it is illegal to sell it but not to buy, many people are buying them from the internet, not knowing much about the seller or the company providing them.

People often buy them to enhance their awakeness and focus and there is evidence to suggest Modafinil is effective for both of these reasons, but not without cost.

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil: What is the difference?

Well like we mentioned earlier, Mind Lab Pro is a Nootropic and Modafinil is a smart drug.

Find out the difference in: Nootropics vs Smart Drugs

This means Mind Lab Pro must fit within the characteristics and definition of a nootropic, first coined by the father of nootropics, Romanian neuroscientist Corneliu E. Giurgea.

Therefore it should do the following:

  • It should enhance memory and learning
  • Help to brain to resist learned behaviors and memory to conditions that would disrupt them
  • Protect the brain against physical and chemical injury
  • It should increase the efficiency of the cortical/subcortical control mechanisms
  • It should lack the pharmacology of psychotropic drugs as well as have few to zero side effects
  • A nootropic should also have very low toxicity


Essentially, it should be effective in the way it helps your memory, as well as safe.

In terms of Modafinil, it is a smart drug so by definition, it should also enhance memory and focus as well as other mental functions, but not necessarily have the safety characteristics of a nootropic.

A nootropic is made up of natural ingredients, yet a smart drug is an artificial nootropic, often synthesized in labs to work in a certain way.

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil Which is The Most Effective?

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There is evidence to suggest that both of these are very effective.

Mind Lab Pro has a list of ingredients and dosages so you know exactly what goes into every capsule.

The fact that the dosages are within the optimal amount required for them to be effective, this nootropic supplement is known to be one of the best around.

Here are some of the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro and their uses:

Citicoline – Great for your focus and memory as well as helping to increase the level of your attention span

Bacopa Monnieri – A great nootropic ingredient in that it helps to calm the user so they can work under pressure as well as helping to recall information

Vitamin B6 – Not only does this help you to stay focused but it also elevates your mood.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Helps with the growth of nerve cells and is a great ingredient for your cognitive health

Huperzine-A – A good ingredient for promoting memory as well as general learning. IT is a powerful nootropic that has been linked to helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

L-Theanine – Another great ingredient for enhancing your concentration, you can see why this nootropic is such a popular supplement with those in high-pressure jobs.

Phosphatidylserine – A good nootropic inclusion as it enhances memory as well as fighting cognitive decline

Anything Unnatural?

As you can see there is nothing unnatural here and all of these ingredients have been proven to have a positive effect on your cognitive capabilities or enhance brain health.

Modafinil, on the other hand, has also been shown to keep the user alert and focused especially in times of demanding brain activity.

It is approved by the FDA in that it is intended use is for wakefulness. So it is for those who suffer from narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and similar conditions.

Mind Lab Pro was created to help people to get through tough periods of mental fatigue even when they are feeling tired.

It has also been found to be effective for those who do not suffer from sleep-related fatigue.

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil: Which is the Safest?

The fact that Modafinil if predominantly purchased off-market means this comes with its own risks.

A lot of people are buying this smart drug without the knowledge of who is actually producing it. Since the facilities they are made in are often not FDA approved this poses its own safety risks.

Since it is a powerful drug it does pose a list of potential side effects.

Are you ready for the list of reported side effects from Modafinil?

Headaches, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, backache, nausea, rashes, allergic reactions, trouble sleeping, mouth sores, swelling on the legs, swelling on the face, lack of breath, fever, blisters, hives, diarrhea, and drowsiness! 

Quite a list and although some aren’t as serious as others it is still a worrying amount of potential side effects.

There are many reports of each of these to back this up as well. For every story of someone getting the benefits of Modafinil, there seems to be someone who has not shared that positive experience.

Compare this to Mind Lab Pro which has zero side effects and is not considered to be a potential health risk then you wonder why people continue to use Modafinil.

This isn’t something you want to be messing around with. Here at Clean Lean Machine, safety is paramount and it should be for you as well.

That goes for all of the supplements we review. They could be extremely effective, but if there are too many unwanted side effects, we would not recommend the product.

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil: Pros and Cons

Mind Lab Pro Pros

  • Good dosages of ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Supports the brain in more ways than a lot of nootropics
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Reputable company and source
  • Good money back guarantee

Modafinil Pros

  • Effective nootropic
  • Lasting effect

Mind Lab Pro Cons

  • Not available in store

Modafinil Cons

  • Numerous side effects
  • Dubious sellers
  • Not available without a prescription
  • Recreational use not intended

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil: Conclusion

Winner: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Nootropic Stack Supplement

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With all of the above taken into consideration, we believe the Mind Lab Pro Vs Modafinil isn’t even a contest. Since Modafinil has so many potential side effects and we have read enough horror stories about its use we cannot recommend its use.

We also don’t understand why anyone would wish to anyway, Mind Lab Pro and nootropics are a much safer option if you can find one that is effective (as Mind Lab Pro is) you can get one that offers the benefits, without the risk.

It seems that the smart drug phase is a bit in fashion and because it is only available online it feels a little daring to use it, even though it is not illegal. If people were more aware of the risks, as well as the alternatives we believe they would turn to a nootropic for their cognitive enhancing requirements.

Mind Lab Pro certainly won this one and if you want to find out more about this effective and safe nootropic, check out our in-depth Mind Lab Pro review.

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Mind Lab Pro is just one great product. Although the world of nootropics isn’t unlike the world of other supplements in that there are many ineffective products out there we have compiled a list of some great nootropics.

Their goals are the same in that they all want to enhance the cognitive capabilities of the user and even promote brain health.

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