Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex Review

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex by Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd. Review

Military Muscle

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  • Made by a company that is run and founded by a serving soldier & competitive athlete
  • Long list of key, proven ingredients
  • Clinically accurate doses
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Free global, tracked and signed for shipping
  • Premium manufacturing standards
  • 100% natural, safe and legal
  • No side effects
  • Bundle sale discounts
  • New updated formula now vegan-friendly


  • Not available in Japan or Brazil

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Military Muscle Review

Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex Review
Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex

As with any new testosterone booster to the market, we wanted to understand whether or not Military Muscle has what it takes to stand out from other, lesser products that fill the market place.

Military Muscle already makes its mark in size alone with some impressive figures that get us geared up for what potentially is a very effective testosterone booster.

This can be achieved if Military Muscle lives up to its claims of doing the following:

  • More strength
  • Increased muscle
  • Better recovery
  • Improved libido
  • Enhanced performance

If it can live up to these aims it will be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with more the established brands and supplements on the block…which is no easy feat.

Who Makes This Test Booster?

The company behind the brand is Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd. They have locations in the USA and the UK.

Mil-Tech Pharma was established by a serving soldier and sports enthusiast who represents his regiment in different sporting events.

Their aim is to produce a supplement that could help enhance overall performance that has been manufactured to the highest safety and legal standards.

This means being produced in facilities that comply with FDA and BRC global standards and not being tainted by allergens.

The ingredients are also cross-referenced against the WADA list of prohibited substances and that stipulated by the Department of Defense.

Mil-Tech Pharma provide a 90 day money back guarantee which speaks volumes about their confidence in this thoroughly researched test booster.

Also, there’s a good number of customer testimonials on their website from military personnel and athletes.

Military Muscle Ingredients

New formula now vegan-friendly!

The ingredient list is where a supplement can either break the mould or be broken.

From a full analysis we can understand whether the ingredients are proven. Also, we can understand whether the doses are optimal.

Initial signs look good as the daily dose is very big, the number of included ingredients is also very respectable.

We are impressed with the high daily capsule figure of six. In addition, the dosing schedule is two capsules three times daily.

This way the benefits of each ingredient is spread out along the course of the day for maximum benefit and keeping those T levels high.

Vitamin D3 – 99.96 mcg / 4000 iu

There are limited food sources that provide us with an abundance of vitamin D like the sun does, and this is why it is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin.

Numerous studies prove how vital vitamin D is for our overall health, yet there is such a global deficiency, even in hot climates. [1]

Therefore, knowing its benefits for improving testosterone levels, plus bone and even mental health it is reassuring to see that Military Muscle includes such a high amount of vitamin D3. [2]

Vitamin A – 257 mcg

You may be hard pressed to find a testosterone booster that includes vitamin A.

Yet, this just demonstrates the lengths that the guys at Military Muscle have gone to trying to produce the best supplement they can and stand out from the crowd.

This is because in-depth research has found a relationship between vitamin A intake and testosterone. [3]

This association is also further validated by scientific exploration conducted by the University of Illinois. [4]

Iron – 12 mg

Iron is cleverly included as well.

Again, not an ingredient we are used to seeing in a test booster, but the research explains why it is such a good addition.

Apart from athletes and those subjected to rigorous training regimes being at risk of an iron deficiency, it helps form hemoglobin in red blood cells which transport oxygen and nutrients. [5]

While this is important for your performance, it is the combination of iron and vitamin A that really impressed us.

That is because evidence is available which demonstrates that the combo is as effective as hormonal therapy without any risk of unwanted side effects. [6]

Vitamin K2 – 45 mcg

Another educated decision is the inclusion of vitamin K2. We have seen this in other strong performing test boosters before.

With good reason, too. The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 complement each other and make each other more effective.

Even so, K2 is very useful to have. It helps increase the strength of bones by promoting calcification, yet helps prevent the build up of calcium in the blood vessels and arteries. [7]

K2 also plays a role in steroid production in the testes and can help prevent the decline of testosterone. [8]

Zinc – 20 mg

Zinc is a much more common sight when evaluating test boosters. Rightly so.

With a depletion of zinc comes a depletion of testosterone, and the world’s population is seeing a largescale deficiency. [9]

Those people who live in hot climates or are very active and sweat in high amounts are further at risk.

Studies have shown that supplementing your diet with zinc can increase testosterone levels. [10]

Urtica Diocia – 360 mg

This nutrient is included because it can help fight inflammation while helping regulate aromatase which is the process of testosterone being converted to estrogen. [11]

 Studies have shown that a dose of 360mg daily can help increase testosterone levels and reduce the effects of benign prostatic hyperplasia. [12]

Boron – 10 mg

Studies of 10mg daily have shown to increase testosterone levels. [13]

Boron does add more benefit though, this includes reducing inflammation and estrogen.

As for performance, it seems that a report published by the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition reliably informed us that boron deprivation reduces our physical performance. [14]

Mucuna Pruriens – 56 mg

Mucuna is an aphrodisiac with neuroprotective effects (particularly beneficial to those suffering from Parkinson’s) and is an anti-oxidant. [15]

This fits well within the claims for Military Muscle which offers many different benefits.

Its effects also extend to increasing fertility and testosterone levels. The latter believed to be the result of mucuna reducing levels of prolactin. [16]

Ashwagandha – 600 mg

Another ingredient that helps set Military Muscle apart from most other supplements is the inclusion of ashwagandha.

There’s a wealth of evidence that proves that it benefits physical performance which includes strength gains as well as increased levels of testosterone. [17]

Further research also informs us that this medicinal Indian herb helps reduce stress, as such it is sometimes found in nootropics because it is reported to benefit the overall quality of life in people when used for two months at 600mg daily. [18]

D-Aspartic Acid – 2300 mg

Another impressive ingredient is added to the list. This time in the form of D-AA. [19]

It is proven that D-AA is able to quickly increase testosterone levels for people who are new to physical training.

Further evidence also shows that D-AA is able to increase pregnancy rates by increasing sperm numbers after just three months of supplementation.

There are also some early signs that suggest D-AA can enhance cognitive function.

Fenugreek – 500 mg

Another proven, well chosen ingredient to include in this performance enhancing test booster.

It not only contributes to overall improved body composition, but it also helps libido and help with blood sugar issues such as diabetes.

500mg of fenugreek has also proven to increase testosterone. Military Muscle includes that necessary 500mg. [20]

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Military Muscle Side Effects

What we are learning from Military Muscle is that the research into each addition has been extensive, and there is nothing to worry about using this supplement.

There’s a long list of clinically proven ingredients with the necessary doses to work.

This is a key point, adequate and effective doses. Many products fail to achieve this.

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Military Muscle Review Pros and Cons


+ Made by a company that is run and founded by a serving soldier & competitive athlete

+ Long list of key, proven ingredients

+ Multiple performance benefits

+ Clinically accurate doses

+ 90 day money back guarantee

+ Free global, tracked and signed for shipping

+ Premium manufacturing standards

+ 100% natural, safe and legal

+ No side effects

+ Bundle sale discounts

+ UPDATED: New formula now suitable for vegans and vegetarians!


– Not available in Japan or Brazil

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Military Muscle Review Conclusion

Military Muscle supplement for boosting testosterone product label

Buy Military Muscle here – FREE Worldwide Shipping

Checking out the website, Military Muscle are doing some great offers. If you buy two bottles you are awarded with a 10% discount. Add a further third bottle and a fourth bottle is included for free.

This test booster really hits the target. It boasts a huge ingredient list and a dose to match.

The claims that are made by Military Muscle are fulfilled and it can truly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big boys on the block. In fact, it can out perform them.

This may come as no surprise though. A soldier has set out to explode on to the supplement scene, and has smashed through the roof and fast roped to the top of the podium.

If you want to use a supplement that can improve your overall performance while not impacting your safety like inferior products may do, invest in Military Muscle.

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  • Thanks for this review, I’ve been using military muscle for the last 2 months and already feeling awesome in the gym, feeling like when I was in my 20s again!

  • Just ordered 3 month supply, stoked to get 1 free box and the workout and nutrition plans look good! All with free shipping, which beats a lot of other supplement companies, really looking forward to giving this a try…

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