Lumonol Review

Lumonol Review


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  • Some good ingredients
  • Money back guarantee


  • Proprietary blend
  • Possible side effects
  • Frustrating lack of dosages

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Lumonol Review

When looking for the best Nootropic on the market, you have to be pretty careful. With so many products out there and so much at stake, you need to be as informed as possible which is why we have compiled this Lumonol review.

You need a product that is effective, sure – but also safe. The only way you can guarantee both of these things is by looking at the ingredients and dosages. As well as knowing what to look for.

A good nootropic can be used in many different environments. They are very popular in the business and tech world as employees and entrepreneurs alike try and maximise their mental functioning and concentration.

Also popular with those undertaking their studies as it helps to clear the thoughts of the user. As well as enhance memory and the retention of information at a later date – perfect for exams!

They can also be used by those in their later years as cognitive decline becomes a real concern. Nootropics are great for protecting and repairing the brain.

On top of all this, the enhanced concentration is popular with athletes. It helps them to keep their focus on their goals and achieve more in the gym or whatever arena they find themselves in.

So, just how highly should Lumonol be regarded?

Who Makes Lumonol?

Lumonol is the brain child (see what we did there?) of Avanse Nutraceuticals who ‘’engineered Lumonol to elevate overall cognitive performance’’.

They use vegetarian capsules and have a 90-day money back guarantee. Something we like to see.

Made in the USA by FDA approved facilities Avanse Nutraceuticals say it provides a boost just 20 minutes after digestion. They say they have put the product through a lot of testing to get it to the stage we find it at now.  

They like to talk up the ingredient Noopept. A Russian nootropic but we will get to that in more detail a little later.

Luminol Ingredients

This is where we can really get to know this nootropic better and where we will find out if it is worthy of your money or just plain bad.

The first thing we notice, we do not like – nootropic blends. In fact, the whole product is made up of them so we do not know any of the individual doses of any of the ingredients. Not a great start to our Lumonol review.

This means there is no way of telling how effective this product is. It could even be dangerous if the dosage of certain ingredients is too high.

Either way, we are going to see what information we can get from the ingredient profile.


This is a controversial ingredient to start with. Developed by Russia it is legal to use. Although it has not been formally approved by the FDA for medicinal or dietary use. This isn’t to say it has been rejected either.

It is thought to be an effective brain booster for many reasons including the boosting of memory as well as enhancing focus.

It increases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which is good news for the general health of neurons. It isn’t an ingredient you come across too often but is becoming more popular in nootropics.

On the surface it seems like an effective ingredient. But how can we tell just how effective it is in Lumonol? The proprietary blends does not allow us to tell you if there is an effective dosage.

Ginkgo Biloba

A very effective nootropic ingredient we like to see this in such supplements for many reasons. Thousands of years of uses in medicine means this is a well known and trusted ingredient in many supplements and diets.

In terms of a nootropic, Ginkgo Biloba is good for increasing the flood of blood to the brain. Whilst also helping to actually clean the brain. Great for your overall cognitive health.

It is thought to be more effective in the older generations according to so its use in a nootropic is more beneficial if you are in a certain age bracket.

Its uses are disputed if you do not belong to the older generation here and dosages between 120 – 240 mg a day are thought to be optimal. However, there is no way of telling if this is achieved by Lumonol since it is part of a proprietary blend. One of the better ingredients in this Lumonol review.

Panax Ginseng

It has multiple uses in a nootropic including the ability to enhance focus. If you are like the many people who suffer from that brain fog that you can’t shake after your lunch break, this is a decent ingredient.

It is also thought to be a good memory and recall enhancer, making it easier for you to retrieve information at a later date.

Again: useful ingredient + unknown dosage = useless!

Alpha GPC

This is good for enhancing the cells communicate with the brain as well as protecting the brain from nerve cell damage itself. So it is an enhancer and a protector.

It is another ingredient that is most effective for age-related cognitive decline prevention. So, if you are in the older age bracket this might help.

Again, decent ingredient but how much is in this supplement we do not know.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

It is thought to help with depression as well as memory loss so another ingredient helpful for those facing potential cognitive decline that comes with age.

It is also believed to be good for brain energy metabolism, keeping the unwanted waste from the brain to allow it to work at its peak.

Unfortunately, another well thought out ingredient that we have no idea about in terms of effectiveness.


We do like to see this ingredient in a nootropic, its presence enhances the capabilities of other ingredients as it increases neurotransmitter production.

Good for keeping you calm and reducing the effects of stress it is a good all-rounder.

Or is it a waste of time, we don’t know as it is part of another proprietary blend.


This is appearing more and more in nootropics and for good reason. It is great for memory functioning as well as increasing focus. A staple ingredient if ever we saw one, it has solid backing from many studies.

It is even thought to help fight cognitive decline. It is no wonder that many of the best nootropic supplements are including this ingredient.

So another step forward, and another two steps back due to the lack of dosage information.

Lumonol Side Effects

This is another frustrating thing about proprietary blends. Because the dosages are not revealed we have no idea how safe a product is. With even the most effective ingredients, there can be dosages that are too high to be considered safe.

Since we do not know any of the dosages we cannot say if this product is free of side effects or not.

Lumonol Review Pros and Cons

Lumonol Review Pros

  • Good ingredient selection
  • Money back guarantee

Lumonol Review Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Possible side effects
  • Frustrating lack of dosages

Lumonol Review Conclusion

Whilst there are some very good ingredients here, it remains one of the most frustrating nootropic supplements we have come across.

With a clear knowledge of what should go into a good supplement, we do not know how much of each ingredient is in here. This is pretty important information to know since it affects how safe it is or is not.

It is better for everyone to have an open and honest supplement where you can view for yourself how effective it is.

They are essentially basing all of their potential sales on the hope that no one cares if they know how much of any ingredient is within this product.

Because of all this, we cannot recommend this product.

However, if you are looking for a nootropic that has a list of proven ingredients, is safe to use and has optimal doses. Then you should look at Mind Lab Pro.

They do everything a nootropic should. They are amongst the most effective we have seen, as well as one of the safest.

If you want to find out what this top nootropic can do for you, then check out our Mind Lab Pro review.

Our Top Recommended Nootropics

You don’t have to settle for a nootropic that hides all of its ingredients. Lumonol isn’t alone on this, far too many companies do it.

But since we are only looking for nootropics that are open in their dosages and know this can be hard to find. We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best in the business.

To find out more about what we recommend and why, check out our top recommended nootropics review here.

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