Legion Pulse Review [Is It A Safe Option?]

Legion Pulse Review

Legion Pulse


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  • Some effective ingredients
  • Big dosages
  • L-Theanine and Caffeine clever inclusions
  • No proprietary blends


  • Beta Alanine & Caffeine might be dosed too high

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Legion Pulse Review

The industry is full of sub par pre-workouts. But, can our Legion Pulse review give us an option that finally means you can get some serious gains in the gym?

By giving helping to take us to the next level a pre-workout is a must have in the gym bag for many. But only the ingredients and dosages are going to make sure it is truly effective.

What is it that we want them to do today then? The following is a good start for a pre-workout:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced focus
  • Greater muscle pumps
  • Big gains!

A lot of people get to the gym and just don’t have the motivation they did when they left the house. The best pre-workouts to ensure this is not going to happen.

So, can Legion Pulse be an option for our top recommended pre-workouts? Let’s start by getting to know them a little better first.

Legion Pulse Review: Who Makes This Product?

Legion AthleticsLegion Pulse

Here we have the US-based company behind this product.

They make everything in FDA approved facilities which is always good to hear. Also, there is a 100% money back guarantee, making your purchase risk free. They even offer free worldwide shipping.

Their website talks about how they use natural ingredients but also how they are against the money grabbing supplement companies. This is something we can agree on. They even have their products independently tested which we also like to see.

Mike Matthews is the man who came up with the brand, he is a health and fitness author. He actually says he wasted 1,000’s of his own dollars on supplements that were sub par. The likes of this pre-workout are his way of reversing this.

They make a wide range of products with everything from joint support to fish oil products, there is plenty to choose from.

Let’s see if this is a product worth using.

Legion Pulse IngredientsLegion Pulse Ingredients

This is where we can see just how good this product is.

The good news is, there are no proprietary blends. This means we get to see all the dosages and can tell if each ingredient has the correct amount for it to be effective.

The suggested serving is two rounded scoops. Each scoop is free from artificial additives which is good to hear.

They market it as being free from creatine. A strange approach given its effectiveness but we will see what it has to offer.

L-Citrulline D-Malate

A positive start as this is an ingredient we usually look out for.

It is derived from watermelons but why is it such a powerful vasodilator and how does this help?

Well, the news you will really want to hear is that it helps to improve the quality if your pumps. This all results in a better size and appearance when it comes to your muscles.

Citrulline converts into L-Arginine in your kidneys, this is great because it helps the body to actually increase the levels of nitric oxide. This is good for when your blood vessels subsequently dilate as it makes it easier for more blood to flow through to the muscles.

Essentially, this ingredient means bigger and better muscles! The 8 g is a good amount that will be very effective as well.

L-Citrulline has even been linked to fighting against fatigue.

Betaine Anhydrous

Eat your Beets! Well, that’s where this is derived from.

It is also found naturally in the body. It has a part to play in the increasing of protein synthesis which is why it is believed to be good for strength as well as muscle growth.

There are some studies that have showed how it can help the user sprint for longer, as well as those that suggest it can increase the number of reps you can push out.

Betaine Anhydrous is also thought to be able to help the body to produce more creatine. By boosting muscle output and increasing strength it is a useful inclusion.

The dosage of 2.5 g here is an optimal one that should do a lot of good.

Beta Alanine

This might be an amino acid that is natural, but in higher amounts, it isn’t always a good thing.

WebMD actually say that it is a nonessential amino acid that is produced in the body.

After a positive start, this isn’t one of our favorite ingredients to see in a pre-workout. This is because it has been linked to some potential side effects. Whilst they aren’t the most serious compared to other ingredients, they are still inconvenient.

There isn’t a great deal of supportive evidence and a lot of those that have taken a closer look at its capabilities are not convinced.

It is thought to prevent fatigue from setting in by boosting the production of Carnosine. In higher amounts, Carnosine is thought to help muscles to stay at their peak for longer.

Vegetarians and vegans will find supplementing it one of the best ways of getting more in their system since prominent sources are fish, poultry, and meat.

The main side effects people tend to feel are a tingling sensation of the skin. It doesn’t take long for this to fade away but it can be an annoyance, especially when in the gym.

WebMD confirm this by saying that high doses can cause flushing and tingling.

The 4.8 g included in Legion Pulse is definitely on the higher side of the scale.

L-Ornithine HCL

An ingredient that is known for having calming effects.

It is thought to be useful for enhancing sleep and reducing anxiety. Arguably this has been included to counter the effects of the stimulants included. This is good as it means it might strike a favorable balance.

Also, it is included in various supplements because of the way it can enhance performance. There is a study that showed how L-Ornithine helped to reduce anger and even enhance perceived sleep quality in those who took it when compared to a placebo group.

It is thought to be useful for reducing fatigue but this is based on some loose studies that don’t have a great deal of backing.

At 2.2 g you are getting a fair bit of it as well.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The obvious energy increase form this is going to be really beneficial.

By increasing output levels you should approach each set with an added intensity. The anhydrous version just refers to the fact that this is the powdered form that will be easily absorbed by the body and get to work fast.

It’s a good ingredient for almost every type of supplement which is why you will find it in pre-workouts but also nootropics and fat burners as well.

It burns fat by speeding up your metabolism so it is also an ingredient that can help to get you cut. You want ingredients that compliment it and we will get to the benefits of L-Theanine when mixed with Caffeine next.

It also has links to increasing your focus and alertness. This is great for anyone who sits in the gym and can’t get themselves off of their phone. Caffeine is the sort of ingredient that can help you get the most out of your workout.

The 350 mg included means it isn’t a product that you should take more than what is recommended. Even still, all this in one go can be a lot for some. If you find that this is you, then you will want to build up your tolerance.


It is often found alongside Caffeine or other stimulants for that matter.

This is because it helps to ensure that their benefits are delivered in a manner that leaves the user still feeling calm and in control.

The last thing you want is to supercharge your heart rate and start to freak out! By including L-Theanine, you are less likely to experience any jittery side effects. It is derived from Green Tea leaves which have their own fat burning benefits.

These are known for providing a controlled and calm feeling. Since so many supplements just cram their products full of Caffeine, it is refreshing to see a product that has thought this area through.

Some of our top recommended pre workouts include both of them for this reason. L-Theanine is an amino acid that keeps the positive effects of Caffeine lasting for longer. Your energy levels will stay on the rise but you should experience a feeling of control.

It also stops you from crashing early in a workout.

No one likes to crash during their workout. The 350 mg is a good amount that will be very beneficial.

Legion Pulse Side Effects

This is the part where we usually say there is nothing to worry about.

In the most part, this is a safe product to use. The level of Caffeine could be a little lower, but some people just reduce their intake slightly or build their tolerance to it.

The inclusion of Beta Alanine does come with potential side effects. We mentioned the tingling sensation that does wear off relatively quickly. This might be inconvenient but it does pass. The 4.8 g is a quite a high dosage though.

On the most part this is a product that should be well tolerated. Mike Matthews mentions how many supplements give you weak dosages but this isn’t something that his pre-workout can be found guilty of.

Maybe they have gone a little too far in the opposite direction, but it should be fine for most.

Legion Pulse Review Pros and Cons

Legion Pulse Review Pros

  • Some effective ingredients
  • Big dosages
  • L-Theanine and Caffeine clever inclusions
  • No proprietary blends

Legion Pulse Review Cons

  • Beta Alanine & Caffeine might be dosed too high

Legion Pulse Review Conclusion

There is plenty to like about this product.

It doesn’t quite hit the heights of the best we have seen but there is a reason that it is proving to be a popular product.

We understand the owner’s approach and although it isn’t perfect the fact that they do not include proprietary blends, or scrimp on dosages means this should help many people to achieve their workout goals.

The gains you will get will be evident but there are better options on the market.

We think the Caffeine content is a lot to swallow in one sitting. The 350 mg should ideally be spread out throughout a days intake.

It will certainly get you pumped for the gym but that is where we usually advise people to build up their tolerance.

Also, Beta-alanine isn’t an ideal inclusion. It isn’t just the fact that it has links to potential inconvenient side effects. It is the fact that there aren’t a lot of proven studies to back it. In fact, you are more likely to come across a study that shows it to be ineffective.

If this is to be the case, then it is taking up a lot of room in this product.

This being said, there are some good inclusions here. Betaine Anhydrous and L-Citrulline will be well tolerated and of great benefit for your workout.

It made it onto our top recommended pre workouts list – but how high, and did it make it to number 1?

This is a good attempt from Legion Athletics.

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