LeanBean Vs Redburn Hardcore Fat Burner Comparison


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LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore Fat Burner Review

Two internationals collide here in a battle of the fat burners. LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore is UK vs France.

We don’t just put any two against each other. To get our attention, you must either be making some serious noises out there in the supplements world, or gain a good reputation.

This is true for both of these, whilst everyone seems to know about Lean Bean, Redburn Hardcore is relatively unknown outside of France but is gaining a steady reputation. For us to dive in deep with these two, we are going to need to get to know them a little better.

Then we can decide on which is the best fat burner. This will be determined by answering questions like what are the unique LeanBean ingredients? And how safe is Redburn Hardcore?

In order for a fat burner to be able to back up the claims they make on the label, it must do the following:

  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Energy
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Be natural
  • Have no side effects

So which of our two will be able to boast more of the above? One must win, and to do so it will need to include a superior mix of quality ingredients at optimal dosages. First of all let’s find out a little more about the people behind these products.

LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Ultimate Life

LeanBean is the product aimed at the female market that is created by the people at Ultimate Life and they are able to use their great deal of experience and expertise in the world of sports supplements.

It’s easy to bash a product when it does something wrong. But when it contains all natural ingredients like Lean Bean does, you have to let it be known.

All their facilities are approved by the FDA so their products are made in a safe environment. Read our focused review of Lean Bean for more information.

Superset Nutrition

We don’t mind a bit of mystery when it comes to a book or movie, but when it comes to a company we are thinking about buying a product from we are a bit less relaxed about it.

Yes, it is hard to find much company information about Superset Nutrition. Their site was down when we looked which never seems professional. All you can do is look at what the people who are selling it are saying. There are plenty of eCommerce sites where you can buy this product so they definitely exist!

What we could find was that they have a mission statement that reads ‘’Efficiency, Quality, Security’’. They say their products are rigorously selected and dosed. Whilst this is a bit more like it, we will judge this for ourselves when we look at the ingredients a little closer.

LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore Ingredients

We have to start by saying they both begin on a level playing field. So many supplements seem to use proprietary blends and thankfully neither LeanBean nor Redburn Hardcore use them.

It would be a shame for either to hide their dosages within a blend of ingredients. As we would not be able to tell you whether the product should be considered a good one, or even a potentially dangerous one.

But, we don’t have to worry about that here.

What these two do need to worry about, is if they have included enough quality ingredients and what the dosages are like.

We always like to start by seeing a head to head of the ingredients they both share.

Mutual Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

A great ingredient for any fat burner, we always like to see this included, in fact it has its uses for various types of supplements. Its fat burning properties include the ability to heat your body up so it burns fat trying to cool itself down. So you can be ridding your body of fat by letting it do all the work.

Lean Bean contains a small 200 mg dosage, looking at their ingredients, it seems they have other that they are more focused on. This is different for Redburn Hardcore, as they have included a big 1,000 mg so this is clearly their main ingredient.

Cayenne Powder

A good ingredient for any fat burner again, it is good that both of these companies have gone with this product. It has benefits for both your metabolism as well as appetite suppressing.

It is a good thermogenic so both supplements seem to be a fan of including these type of fat burners. If you don’t like spice then this is a good way of enjoying the benefits without that unwanted kick!

Another important ingredient in Redburn Hardcore as they include 200 mg. Yet LeanBean have 62 mg, but it doesn’t take a lot for it to be effective.


An ingredient we like, but don’t love. It has been proven to boost your metabolism but isn’t as effective as some of the better fat burning ingredients.

At least it’s not a complete waste as is found in many everyday foods such as egg yolk as well as kale, although it is hard to consume a lot of it your body doesn’t need much to reach the maximum daily allowance.

LeanBean have included nearly 5 times as much as Redburn Hardcore so we will give them this one.

Individual Ingredients

A close one so far but this is where one will surely pull ahead and show if it has an edge?


Garcinia Cambogia

In our opinion, this isn’t in enough fat burners. Its best feature is that it suppresses your appetite by making you feel full. If you are susceptible to snacking then this is the sort of ingredient you will love.

It has even been used to improve the flavor of food, as it is from a fruit. The Hydroxycitric acid from the skin of the fruit is the most beneficial part for fat loss.


Not just a super fiber, but a super ingredient for any fat burner, another ingredient here that will fill you up. LeanBean have clearly done their research and decided to help their customers with a range of fat burning capabilities.

Green Coffee Bean

Coffee at its most raw before all of the color has been roasted out. It has some serious weight loss capabilities. It helps to limit your fat production after a meal as well as give you an energy boost.

This is a popular addition to any athletes diet since it is a great source of energy. And included here to counter the drop of energy that often comes with a diet that has a reduced calorie intake.

Redburn Hardcore

Ceylon Cinnamon Extract

Depending on where you get your evidence from, there seems to be enough support for this ingredient to say it will help with for controlling insulin spikes. So it’s a good conclusion for after a high carb meal to protect you from the negative impact this can have on your body.

It makes enough sense that they would include it in a fat burner, but we urge you to monitor the cinnamon intake in your regular diet, too much of it can be toxic. It seems a little unnecessary to include this anyway since it isn’t that effective.

White Willow Bark Extract

If you have a headache, then go find a White Willow Trips and rip off some bark to chew on, other than that we can’t think of a relevant use for it and certainly not in this supplement. Redburn Hardcore are starting to include a few odd ingredients now.

There really isn’t enough evidence to support its ability to help you to burn fat and a lot of the information about this ingredient is that it can interfere with medicine. Blood thinners, in particular, are susceptible.

If you are on any form of medication we suggest that you speak to your doctor about the ingredients in this fat burner before you consider taking any of it.

LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore Side Effects

We are pleased to say that we cannot find any major side effects for these products, consumption should be safe. A word of caution about a couple of the ingredients in Redburn Hardcore.

Check your cinnamon consumption so you don’t intake a toxic amount. And consider any medication you might be using before using White Willow Bark Extract.

LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore Pros and Cons

LeanBean Pros

  • 100% natural
  • Many quality fat burning ingredients
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Company has a good reputation

Redburn Hardcore Pros

  • A good dose of Green Tea Extract
  • Cayenne Pepper for your Metabolism

LeanBean Cons

  • Must purchase in batches of 3 months to qualify for the money back guarantee

Reburn Hardcore Cons

  • Not much company information available
  • Too many ineffective ingredients
  • Cinnamon Extract could be toxic if over consumed
  • No stimulants
  • No appetite Suppressants

LeanBean vs Redburn Hardcore Conclusion

Winner: LeanBean

Leanbean reviews - fat burner comparison winner

Read our full Leanbean review

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

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Although it started well, Redburn Hardcore did fade quite quickly. This is a shame because we liked the dosage of Green Tea Extract particularly.

In the end, LeanBean proved to be the better fat burner, it has a good amount of proven fat burners, with many of them at premium dosages.

A lot has to be said for the fact that they are both pretty safe, especially LeanBean. Since it is one of the fat burner industries best products, we recommend that you go to our in depth LeanBean review to find out more on the benefits of this excellent fat burner.


Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

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