LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak [Time To See Which Works Best]

LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak

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LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak

Do we need female fat burners? Today we will see if a regular fat burner will suffice in our LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak review, or will the female option be best?

The comparison is needed because Pharma Ripped Freak gives us one of the industry’s biggest brands. The female fat burner market is crying out for an effective product so can LeanBean compete with the big names?

They will need to give us the effective ingredients and dosages that makes a fat burner really effective. What we are looking for from both products today is an ingredient profile that can do the following:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

Anything less than this and neither will be recommended.

Let’s see which is the best option for any woman looking to burn fat.

LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Ultimate LifeLeanbean Fat Burner

This is the UK based company behind LeanBean.

With an excellent reputation online they have a loyal following.

With all their products being made to FDA approval, arguably the best customer service they provide is the 90- day money back guarantee. This really gives the user the chance to try it on for size.

It is a vegetarian option that also has a tracking number when ordering.

If you like to see endorsements for your supplements then LeanBean have Bree Kleintop putting her name to this product. The ex-pro surfer and model has a lot of good things to say about LeanBean.

The ingredients in this product have been carefully selected and even the dosages have been tailored towards a female market.

Pharma FreakPharma Ripped Freak

Since their founding in 2008, this company has gone from strength to strength to really become a big name.

Founded by the duo Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau they have two different sets of skills to offer. Alex owns a fitness studio and Don seems to be the researcher and developer of their products.

You can find their products all over the world and in a lot of online stores.

Again, they have endorsements with names such as Alicia Bell (CBBF Figure Athlete) and Marc Hector (UKBFF/IFBB Amateur bodybuilder) part of their team.

With a large range of products, they do everything from pre-workouts to T Boosters.

You may have noticed that they sell on Amazon. This is an approach that LeanBean has not gone for. A lot of companies choose not to as they believe that listing theirs next to a lot of the low-quality offerings on there can be detrimental.

We get this. The reviews can be a little suspicious as well. Some of the worst products we have seen have lots of positive reviews somehow.

As we write this, Pharma Ripped Freak has only 16 reviews with an average of 3 out of 5 stars but this could mean anything.

We will see now if this is a good option or not.

LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak Ingredients

This is where a product will live or die in our eyes and the early signs aren’t great for Pharma Ripped Freak.

They use proprietary blends which means we cannot see all of their dosages. This isn’t great but another is the suggested serving. They advise taking one capsule a day or working your way up to two.

Since one capsule contains the same caffeine as 3 cups of coffee, the second capsule might be a bit much for a lot of people.

They even advise cycling on and off this product with 8 to 12 weeks on and 2 to 4 off. This could be all down to the caffeine content though as the overall dosage of all ingredients is under 800 mg!

Mutual Ingredients

Green Coffee Bean

A good start from both here, an ingredient you can’t help but be impressed with.

It is high in chlorogenic acid which is good for preventing the body from storing fat as well as reducing blood sugar.

They are green because the color is yet to be extracted. This process extracts most of the chlorogenic acid so its green state is the most beneficial here.

According to WebMD, a study looking into adults with obesity showed that taking Green Coffee Extract for between 8 to 12 weeks meant more weight loss for those when compared to others taking a placebo.

A top ingredient is only as effective as the dosage. LeanBean have got this right, including a huge 6,000 mg. The proprietary blend in Pharma Ripped Freak stops us from knowing if there is a good amount.

Green Tea Extract

Another proven fat burner.

It works as a thermogenic. This means it heats the body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down.

An ingredient that can also increase endurance levels, great for the gym.

WebMD tells us that it is a milder Caffeine than the likes of Caffeine Anhydrous and it contains 2-4% Caffeine. This will give you a boost in your thinking and alertness.

The issue once again is the proprietary blend. At least we know that LeanBean has included an excellent 200 mg.


Derived from Cayenne Powder in LeanBean and Sweet Red Pepper Extract in Pharma Ripped Freak.

A very good ingredient from both and one we always like to see.

Any ingredient that serves more than one purpose is always fine by us if it works, and Capsicum does! WebMD confirms this by saying it has been found to curve appetite, especially in those who do not already eat spicy foods.

A good ingredient and at 60 mg in LeanBean you are getting a nice amount that will suit the female body. The 200 mg in Pharma Ripped Freak will still do good things though.

Raspberry Ketones

Not really the best fat burner.

There isn’t a lot of human research to back it up even though early tests showed promise. It is thought that it might be able to break down fat in the body which explains its inclusion.

WebMD tells us that it could affect the hormone adiponectin. This can increase the rate at which the body burns fat and reduce appetite. WebMD also goes on to say that there is no reliable scientific evidence that raspberry ketone improves weight loss when taken by people.

Not the most effective then but only taking up 8 mg in LeanBean. It is in the proprietary blend meaning it could take up half the product by itself.

Individual Ingredients


Vitamin B6

Like many of the B-Vitamins, this helps by increasing energy but also burns fat by turning it into glucose.

B6 has been shown to increase muscle performance levels and stopping carbs from showing up in the areas you don’t want them to.

Definitely, a useful fat burner and the dosage of 3.72 mg is a nice boost.

Vitamin B12

B12 will stop you from storing fat.

It isn’t something our bodies naturally create so a supplement is a very good source. This is particularly the case for vegans and vegetarians as it is mostly found in the likes of fish, meat, and dairy.


Another very good fat burner.

It can improve insulin resistance as well as regulate blood glucose levels. WebMD describes how it can decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in those who have lower blood fat levels.

Chromium has even been found to communicate with the brain to tell the body it is full.

Acai Berry

High in fiber this Brazilian health food also contains useful antioxidants.

It is thought to be able to boost metabolism as well as help the body to process fat faster. This is why LeanBean have gone for a big 800 mg.

Turmeric Powder

An effective ingredient, especially since LeanBean have not included Caffeine.

Turmeric warms the body and gets your metabolism moving. This is the sort of thing you can expect from Caffeine so this makes the product an effective replacement for anyone who does not want a buzz that stimulants often provide.

Turmeric is often linked to reducing metabolic inflammation that is connected with obesity.

A good fat burner that is given the 200 mg it deserves.

Garcinia Cambogia

You will often see this ingredient on food labels as it is used to improve flavor.

The skin of this fruit is high in hydroxycitric acid that makes it a useful fat burner. Garcinia Cambogia has even been found to increase oxidation of fat during exercise.

One study found Garcinia Cambogia slightly helped with fat loss in comparison to a placebo group after 16 weeks.

At 400 mg you are getting another effective amount.

Black Pepper

An ingredient that enhances the benefits of the other nutrients it is consumed with.

This means it is only useful if the other ingredients are good. Thankfully for LeanBean, it is full of the best nutrients that make this a useful ingredient.

Pharma Ripped Freak


A staple ingredient in many fat burners.

It is useful because it increases the heart rate and gets the metabolism going. Caffeine has also been found to help the body with fat oxidation. Using it for energy and burning it off.

The increase in energy levels is useful for anyone looking to take a fat burner whilst taking on fewer calories than usual.

Not done there, caffeine has even been found to have nootropic effects that help the user to focus. This would be helpful for the gym goer who can’t take their eyes off their phone.

The problem for Pharma Ripped Freak is that with any stimulant, the dosage is important. It is this that tells you if it will be potentially dangerous, or safe and effective.

Since the overall blend totals 400 mg it should be fine when taking one capsule. The second capsule will be too much for some.

Olive Leaf Extract

Not a great ingredient here.

Examine.com describes it as an ingredient that might be good for glucose metabolism. This would have you burning fat, however, it doesn’t appear to be true though.

The same source also says that trials have shown how supplementing Olive Leaf Extract in a fat burner has failed to be effective.

A pointless ingredient then.

Gallic Acid

The final ingredient and not the most convincing.

It might be here to aid the catechins contained in Green Tea.

Gallic is an organic acid that is found in the like of blueberries and walnuts. It could help with the release of insulin but the human trials aren’t prominent.

There is a rodent trial that found it to have a weight loss effect but we always look out for the results of human trials.

Not a great end to this product.

LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak Side Effects

The good news here is that LeanBean does not have anything in there that you should worry about, all ingredients are natural and the dosages are sensible yet effective.

This is almost the same for Pharma Ripped Freak. The only difference is we don’t know how much Caffeine we are getting. It seems fine but still, we’d like to know what we are putting into our system.

Our advice would be to stick to the single capsule serving to be safe.

LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak Pros and Cons

LeanBean Pros

  • 100% natural
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Many proven fat burning ingredients
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Produced by a company with a good reputation

Pharma Ripped Freak Pros

  • Proven fat burners
  • Could work as a pre-workout
  • Likely safe if taking one capsule

LeanBean Cons

  • Must purchase 3 months worth to qualify for the money back guarantee

Pharma Ripped Freak Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Stimulant content unknown
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • One capsule a day not ideal for fat burning

LeanBean vs Pharma Ripped Freak Conclusion

Winner: LeanBean

Leanbean reviews - fat burner comparison winner

Read our full Leanbean review

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

(Clean Lean Machine Tip: Order the Bikini Body Bundle of 3 boxes to get 1 box FREE along with an eBook and Worldwide shipping included and a 90 Day Guarantee!)

Whilst both products are well made, there was only one that will get your body burning fat effectively, and that’s LeanBean.

For a female market it is milder in terms of stimulants but because of the ingredients, it is going to have you burning more fat than Pharma Ripped Freak, whether you are female or male.

The only difference is to how you feel. Pharma Ripped Freak will make you feel different because of the Caffeine. The problem is, it won’t get you burning anywhere near as much fat. Too many companies cram a load of stimulants into their products and rely on this.

LeanBean has lots of the best fat burner ingredients making it a great option for anyone looking to really enhance their physique and shed some pounds.

For a female fat burner that really works, LeanBean is about as good as it gets.

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

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