LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner [Which Burns More Fat?]

LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

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LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

An interesting fat burning contest today. Our LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner products have gone for two different approaches.

LeanBean is a female fat burner that has a lot of respect in the industry. On the other hand Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner is a vegan-friendly alternative that is as clean as they come.

Which of these methods will result in the best fat burner today?

In order to impress they need to do the following effectively:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

Anything less will not impress us. One will be declared our winner making the ingredients and dosages vital here.

Time to get to know the companies behind the products a little better first.

LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner: Who Makes These Products?

Who Makes Leanbean - Review of Ultimate Life

This is the UK based company behind our first product today, LeanBean.

They have a big reputation in the fat burning world and are a company that only uses natural ingredients.Leanbean Fat Burner

We like their high standards. They make everything to FDA approvals and have a massive 90-day money back guarantee. This gives the user a real chance to try the products out.

This makes the purchase a risk free one.

It is a vegetarian-friendly product and you get a tracking number to make sure you know where your package is.

They have ex-pro surfer and model Bree Kleintop as an endorsement. An impressive name and just one of the many women who swear by this fat burner. The ingredients have been tailored towards this audience making it a popular product.

Mind Lab Pro Review - Opti-Nutra

Another UK based company that has a great reputation.

Part of this is because they go to great lengths to enhance the quality of their ingredients.

They use their patented technology, BioGenesis to make their ingredients cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly than the competition.Performance-Lab-Sport-Fat-Burner

Opti Nutras Performance Lab products are all free of allergens, GMO, gluten, soy, additives and banned substances. They really are as clean as we have seen.

All of their products are vegan-friendly. They use Plantcaps capsules which are really easy to absorb and are of high quality.

A lot of competitors use Cellulose capsules. These are made from semi-synthetic polymer meaning they are not natural and just don’t have the same quality.

There is a money back guarantee and Opti Nutra make a wide range of supplements with everything from sleep aids, energy boosters, and pre-workouts.

You will notice that you cannot find their products on Amazon. This is because they don’t want their supplements to be listed alongside inferior products. We get this, a lot of the worst we have reviewed still have numerous positive reviews on Amazon somehow.

LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Ingredients

This is where we can set these two apart.

The early signs are good.  Neither product uses proprietary blends meaning we get to take a proper look at all the dosages.

Mutual Ingredients

Cayenne Powder

It’s always good to start with an impressive ingredient and both products have included Cayenne Pepper.

It is a proven thermogenic. This means it will heat up the body on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down. This also means you will be burning fat even when you’re not on the move.

Also, Cayenne Pepper is an effective appetite suppressant. It swells in the stomach, leaving the user feeling fuller and for longer. This is likely to stop you from snacking between meals.

Examine.com backs this up by advising that appetite restrictions have been confirmed with this ingredient. Although, the human studies so far have been short in duration.

It even helps the body to burn off more calories during a workout. Any ingredient that can do this is good news for a fat burner that is going to be used alongside a training program.

The brand used by both is Capsimax. It has been developed to stop the burning sensation that can otherwise result in an upset stomach.

Performance Lab has included 50 mg which will be effective. The 60 mg in LeanBean will have a similar effect.

Black Pepper Extract

A good ingredient but not a fat burner on its own.

It is an effective inclusion though as it brings out the best in the other ingredients.

This means you will get more thermogenesis so far and with many excellent ingredients to come, it is a very good idea to put this in the mix as well. To be truthful, it only works if the other nutrients are well selected.

The 2.5 mg in Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner will help. The 20 mg in LeanBean even more so.

Individual Ingredients


Vitamin B6

The quality ingredients continue here.

It burns calories and turns them into glucose to be used for energy.

A good ingredient that really makes good use of what you don’t want. B6 has even been shown to help the muscles to be more effective during training sessions.

An ingredient that really targets carbs. If you can put them to use for energy then they will not start to show in places you don’t want them.

At 3.72 mg you are getting a nice boost.

Vitamin B12

Another good inclusion.

This time it is because B12 prevents our bodies from storing fat and increases energy levels that we receive from food intake.

You can’t actually create B12 in the body so getting some through supplementation is always a good idea. Vitamin B12 can be found in meats, fish, and dairy making it even more important for vegetarians and vegans to get into their diet.

You are likely to feel fatigued if you don’t get enough B12 as it promotes red cell production. It also promotes the transportation of oxygen through the bloodstream.


An effective ingredient that can improve insulin resistance as well as regulate blood glucose. It even contains trace elements.

There are studies that suggest Chromium can help to communicate with the brain to help it to control appetite.

You want blood sugar levels to remain normal for optimal fat loss.

Green Coffee

A good idea here and the green is just coffee before the color has been extracted so it is in its purest state.

The main benefit here is the chlorogenic acid levels that you get from Green Coffee Bean. It is an acid that stops you from absorbing fat and reduce blood sugar levels.

WebMD refers to one study that found adults with obesity who took Green Coffee Extract for between 8 to 12 weeks lost more weight than those taking a placebo.

An ingredient that is really growing in popularity and is used by many athletes to enhance performance.

The 6,000 mg included is a big amount of space to be taking up. Luckily it will work.

Acai Berry

Sure an ingredient you see in a health store smoothie or the like as it is high in fiber. This is good for the digestive system.

We want to get the antioxidants into our system as well as the vitamin so the dosage of 800 mg is good news.

Derived from Brazil it is often found in a snack bowl or even snack bar.

Green Tea Extract

This might be your evening drink of choice but why is it such a popular at burning ingredient?

It is another thermogenic that increases your metabolic rate. This is through the catechins in Green Tea and is considered to be a bit of a super ingredient by many.

Green Tea Extract can even aid stamina and endurance. The more time you can add to your workout, the more calories you can burn.

200 mg included here is a very good amount.

Turmeric Powder

A traditional ingredient that you may already have in our spice rack.

A famous ingredient for its immunity enhancing capabilities but how does it burn fat?

Curcumin is what gives it the distinctive color but it is also this that reduces inflammation in the cells. This is often linked to obesity so we can see why they have included it here.

There is 200 mg in LeanBean making it another optimal dosage.


A high-quality ingredient it is another appetite suppressant.

Since some people need all the help they can get when it comes to snacking less, it is good to include more than one ingredient that can offer this.

It is a dietary fiber that swells in the stomach. It will stop you from putting back on the fat you work hard to get off!

The dosage of 500 mg will be a good boost.

Garcinia Cambogia

More appetite suppressants.

We’re not complaining it is good to see a product that really commits to this.

It is often used to enhance the flavor of some foods and it comes from a fruit.

The skin is actually the part with the most benefits because it contains hydroxycitric acid. This aids fat loss.

The 400 mg is a very good amount once again.

Raspberry Ketones

A shame to finish on this ingredient as we would like to see more backing for it before we can vouch for it.

It does have some promise for breaking down fat but at the moment it is only promise.

The 6 mg isn’t taking up a ton of room but there are better ingredients.

Still, LeanBean is full of them and this is still a completely safe ingredient.

Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

Coleus Forskohlii Root

An excellent ingredient and one that can activate cAMP. This helps the body to break down fats faster and reduces the number of fat cells we actually produce.

It has other benefits that include being a muscle relaxant and have benefits for mental health.

Examine.com says that elevated cAMP levels are linked with increased rates of fat loss and can improve the effects of other fat burning compounds.

Another ingredient that can enhance the other ingredients just like Black Pepper Extract.

It can even work as an appetite suppressant. Like we said, we can never have too many really.

With 250 mg, it is another optimal dosage.

HMB (Hydroxy – Beta – Methylbutyrate)

Anyone looking to gain muscle mass as well as burn fat can benefit from this ingredient.

It stops the body from breakingdown muscle during an intense workout but also enhances the benefits of exercise. It can even promote muscle growth so it can be beneficial for anyone looking to get really toned.

HMB can even encourage the body to burn stored fat and use it for energy. This is what protects muscle tissues during training

It will also encourage the body to burn stored fat and use it for energy. This protects the muscle tissues that we want to maintain.

WebMD describes it as being used to promote the benefits of weight training and exercise.

There is 1,000 mg included in Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner is a very good dosage.

LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Side Effects

The great thing about both of these products is the all natural ingredients that are completely safe to use.

The dosages are also great and Performance Lab even goes further. Like we said at the start their approach to cleaning up their supplements means there is nothing in here that you wouldn’t want.

They have gone for a stimulant free fat burner making it even milder on the body yet still effective.

LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Pros and Cons

LeanBean Pros

  • 100% natural
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Many proven fat burning ingredients
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Produced by a company with a good reputation

Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Pros

  • Quality ingredients
  • Natural fat burner
  • Money back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non- GMO clean ingredients
  • Plantcaps capsules
  • No proprietary blends

Lean Bean Cons

  • Must purchase 3 months worth to qualify for the money back guarantee

Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner Cons

  • Just 4 ingredients

LeanBean vs Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

Winner: LeanBean

Leanbean reviews - fat burner comparison winner

Read our full Leanbean review

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

(Clean Lean Machine Tip: Order the Bikini Body Bundle of 3 boxes to get 1 box FREE along with an eBook and Worldwide shipping included and a 90 Day Guarantee!)

Whilst both products will really get our body burning fat, it was LeanBean that gave us a bit more of what we are after.

Don’t get us wrong, the cleaner and the more eco-friendly product is Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner. Anyone looking for a kinder approach in terms of the earth or vegans should definitely give this product a try.

For the female market in general, LeanBean contains all the ingredients you would hope for, and at optimal dosages. It has more appetite suppressants and although this doesn’t always mean better, the quality ingredients they use make it hard to beat.

For a female fat burner that will really give you results, LeanBean is a great option.

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com


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