LeanBean Vs OxyShred Fat Burners Reviewed

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LeanBean vs OxyShred – Which is the best fat burner?

With so many fat burners out there, it is hard to find that perfect product. Our LeanBean vs OxyShred review will help us find out which is the better option for you.

It can be a challenge to find a decent supplement let alone find out which is the best fat burner on the market.

With this in mind, we have made it our mission to compare various supplements against each other. This gives you a great idea as to which of these boosters can deliver the best results.

The two we have in front of us today come with big reputations, they both have proven ingredients. But which is more open with its dosages and do either of them contain any dangerous ingredients that could cause side effects?

Both are different in their approach, LeanBean is marketed more as a female fat burner and OxyShred is a powdered based fat burner.leanbean-vs-oxyshred

We like to be fair when comparing fat burners, this is your body we are talking about. So we will go in depth to make an informed decision.

Remember that a good fat burner should have quality ingredients that help you to lose those layers of fat that you really do not want.But also it should do more. Suppress appetite, disclose dosages and give you energy are just a few traits of a good fat burner.

We like to start by getting to know the people behind the supplements a bit more, so let’s get to it.

Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Ultimate Life

Here we have the people behind LeanBean, a startup based in the UK and they have been gaining a lot of traction behind their reputation based on the quality of this product.

A good product, however, is only as good as its ingredients – too many these days are filled with artificial ingredients and even a lot of ineffective filler. No need to worry about that with LeanBean though, all their ingredients are natural.

A company with a good reputation through the fact that their facilities are all cleared and approved by the FDA.


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These guys have been around for some time now, since 2011 in fact. They clearly have a foothold on the market and know how to get their supplements out there.

EHPLabs have products that cover a range of areas including supplements tailored specifically towards the male and female market. So it is good that they have changed their ingredient profile to try and provide different types of benefits to everyone.

They do like to blow their own trumpet a little. Their website isn’t shy of self-accreditation so for an unbiased review of their product, you have certainly come to the right place.

LeanBean vs OxyShred Ingredients Comparison

So here we are, at the critical section where we can see which of these is the best supplement.

From the off, we have found a flaw in one of our supplements here. Oxyshred contains proprietary blends. This is where a company will include a handful of ingredients and package them into one new ingredient. They usually only include the dosage of the total blend, thus making it impossible to see if an ingredient is effective or not.

This can be dangerous because if you don’t know how much of an ingredient is in each serving, you don’t know if it is dosed too highly and potentially dangerous. It can also mean it is completely underdosed and ineffective.

An early lead for the first supplement in our LeanBean vs OxyShred comparison. But let’s take a look to see which will be the more effective.

Mutual Fat Burner Ingredients

Vitamin B6

A good fat burner and a vitamin that supports your body in various ways. For fat burning though it will increase your metabolism, meaning those carbs you consume will be burnt and used for energy, rather than stored for fat.

LeanBean contains 3.72mcg which is an effective amount, however, we have no idea how much is in OxyShred, since it is part of the proprietary blend.

Vitamin B12

Any good fat burner knows had to activate and speed up your metabolism, one ingredient that helps with this is Vitamin B12. It breaks down the food you consume and uses it for energy, much like B6.

It is also known that lower levels of B12 in your body are actually linked to being overweight, studies have backed this up. This is not always the case though, you could just be deficient. This is the case for many vegetarians and vegans since it is typically found in meat and fish. No surprise that a good supplement is often used as a source of B12.

LeanBean contains more than enough to be effective, but we can’t say the same about OxyShred since it is part of a proprietary blend.

Green Coffee Bean

Not the stuff you would put in your morning mug, instead, this is coffee at its rawest pre-roasting.

It is mostly known as a fat burner for its ability to stop your body from absorbing fat and provide energy. This is important if you are like the many people who take up a diet that means you have lower calorie intake and as a result need the energy boost.

Unfortunately as has been the case with OxyShred, there is no way of telling what the dosage is here. But Lean Bean has a safe 6,000 mg that will give you a real lift. We would advise against taking a double dosage though.

Individual Fat Burner Ingredients



An effective fat burning ingredient due to its ability to slow the number of carbs your system digests at any time. This allows your body to have a balanced blood sugar level – great for controlling your weight.

It is also proven to be a good appetite suppressant as it swells in your stomach by absorbing water, therefore making you feel full.

Cayenne Pepper

If you are not a fan of spicy food then you might be missing out on some great fat burning properties from this pepper. It is a great thermogenic so anyone who can’t take the heat can get the benefits of this through supplementing.

On top of this, it is another good appetite suppressant.


Higenamine HCL

With LeanBean being so effective and OxyShred having used proprietary blends it seems difficult for OxyShred to get a hold here, well this ingredient certainly isn’t going to help them.

It is potentially dangerous since it has similarities to the ingredient banned in many countries -DMAA. This has been known to be the cause of some pretty serious heart-related health issues. Found in the plant aconite it has been linked to causing arrhythmias and on occasion death.

LeanBean vs OxyShred Side Effects

LeanBean has been proven to have all natural ingredients and we can’t find anything to say that there have been any side effects. Just as we thought when looking at the ingredients list.

However, OxyShred contains Higenamine which we just mentioned, the side effects can be arrhythmias and even death. But, we would like to think that the dosage here is too low to have those sort of effects, but since it is part of a blend we can’t be sure.

LeanBean vs OxyShred Pros and Cons

LeanBean Pros

  • 100% natural
  • Proven fat burning ingredients
  • Lot of ingredients that speed up your metabolism
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Money back guarantee

OxyShred Pros

  • Some good ingredients
  • Company has been around since 2011

LeanBean Cons

  • Must purchase 3 months worth to qualify for the money back guarantee

OxyShred Cons

  • Higenamine – has the potential to be very dangerous
  • Side Effects
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Use of Proprietary blends

LeanBean vs OxyShred Conclusion

Winner: LeanBean

Buy LeanBean only from www.leanbeanofficial.com

There are a lot of mutual ingredients that are very effective fat burners. The optimal dosages in LeanBean are ultimately what won it but there were other factors.

If you want to get an effective fat burner, we recommend that you don’t get anything with proprietary blends – you want to get hold of a supplement that has proven ingredients that you can see the quantities of.

Oxyshred might be effective, but we don’t know how much of it could be down to a new diet or better exercise regime, and not the ingredients.It also has the potential to be dangerous through Higenamine let alone through not disclosing the dosages.

Therefore, we can only recommend LeanBean here. It is one of our top fat burners and for good reason. There are a lot of vital ingredients that any good fat burner should use.

If you would like to find out more about this fat burner, and what it can do for your goals then check out our more in-depth LeanBean review.

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