LeanBean Vs Jamie Eason Lean Body Fat Loss Support

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LeanBean vs Jamie Eason Lean Body

Today we have a battle of two of the most well known female fat burners. LeanBean vs Jamie Eason Lean Body is the duel we have in front of us as we aim to establish which is the best female fat burner.

There is a lot at stake and we are not pulling any punches, the ingredients, dosages, and safety will be pulled apart for both of these to leave us with one overall winner.

The most effective in the end will be the product that can do what a good fat burner is supposed to in that it will:

  • Encourage fat burning (of course!)
  • Suppress appetite
  • Enhance energy
  • Be safe
  • Reduce Bloating

So, which of these will be able to take its place amongst the elite or should either of these be worth avoiding?

LeanBean vs Jamie Eason Lean Body: Who Makes These Products?

Ultimate Life

LeanBean fat Burner

The people behind LeanBean are Ultimate Life, they are a UK based startup who have been making waves in the industry for some time now.

Often considered to be a trusted source due to their use of all natural ingredients, they aim their fat burner at females who are looking to get rid of an unwanted layer of fat.

They are against using additives and try and keep their products as clean as possible (that’s the way we like it!). Their facilities are FDA approved – a good way of gaining their customers trust.

Labrada Nutrition

Recognize the name? Well, it is a famous one. The company who produce Jamie Eason Lean Body Fat Loss Support were created in Texas back in 1995 by no other than Lee Labrada.

You can tell they have years of experience behind them since the catalog of supplements and products they have on their website is impressive. They have everything from protein powders to probiotics as well as the female fat burner of course. Labrada Nutrition have used Jamie Eason’s name to get behind this product.

They even have some useful recipes on their site and their passion is evident throughout.

Let’s see if this passion feeds into this product today.

LeanBean vs Jamie Eason Lean Body Ingredients

A good sign right from the start is that neither of these supplements uses proprietary blends. This means the dosages are there to be seen and we can tell just how effective each ingredient is.

With this going for us already, let’s take a closer look.

No mutual ingredients to report so we will compare what they do have.

Lean Bean Ingredients

Green Coffee

A good start from LeanBean and this ingredient is found in many of the top rated fat burners.

The chlorogenic acid within Green Coffee is great for ridding your body of unwanted fat and it even uses the fat you do have for energy. Getting rid of the stuff you don’t want by using it effectively.

Green Coffee is just coffee in its purest form before the color is changed through roasting into the beans you an I recognize it as.

Cayenne Powder

fat burner, best fat burner, fat burner ingredients, best fat burning ingredients, cayenne pepper

Another top ingredient for a female fat burner.

This spice is found in many dishes, but if you are not a fan of the heat, a supplement is a good way of ensuring you don’t miss out on the benefits.

It increases your metabolism, so your body burns fat faster. On top of this, it is a great appetite suppressant, making you feel less tempted to raid the snack cupboard in between meals.

The 60mg in LeanBean is enough to do an effective job for your body.

Green Tea

More than just an alternative to coffee in the evening, this effective fat burner ingredient is very welcome in any supplement.

It is good for getting the thermogenic process going. This is when your body is heated up on the inside so it burns fat to cool itself down. What better way to burn fat than getting your body to do the hard work for you? The dosage is spot on as well.


A dietary fiber and another ingredient that you will only find in the top fat burners.

We like it because it swells in your stomach making you feel full, another good appetite suppressant. These types of ingredients are important as many people use fat burners alongside a reduced calorie diet, so the temptation to snack is often there.

Anything that can help you avoid this is a great tool to have.

Jamie Eason Lean Body Ingredients


A black flag raised before our very eyes, every time we see this ingredient we wince.

Not a great start from Jamie Eason Lean Body in that this is an ingredient that is banned in various countries including the UK and governing bodies such as the FDA and for good reason.

The potential side effects of consuming bitter orange are even more prevalent when combined with stimulants (This product includes two). It is also best avoided if pregnant.


There are more than enough fruit-based ingredients that are more effective than this.

Naringin is the part of a grapefruit that gives it its taste but in terms of fat burning, there isn’t enough evidence to support its inclusion in a fat burner supplement.

So far we have one dangerous ingredient and one ineffective one, not a good start for Jamie Eason Lean Body.


Potentially, this is a decent inclusion and could give the user a boost for their energy levels.

Theacrine is a relative newcomer to the supplements industry but the signs of it being more effective stimulant than caffeine are promising.

It is believed to be good because we find it more difficult to build a resistance to it, making it more effective.


Ok, so this is a good ingredient if it was in a nootropic.

Its main benefits are for your focus so even if it was included in a pre-workout you wouldn’t mind too much, it just a bit pointless in a fat burner.

It is joining the long list of other ingredients in Jamie Eason Lean Body that confuse us because of their ineffectiveness. Examine.com points to the fact that it’s main use is to counter stress, not the most important trait for a fat burner.

LeanBean vs Jamie Eason Lean Body Side Effects

The good news here is that LeanBean has included only natural ingredients at optimal dosages, there is nothing in there that would cause the user any concern and it is safe for consumption.

The same cannot be said for Jamie Eason Lean Body, unfortunately.

The fact is, Syntherine alone is enough to stop you from using this product. Any ingredient that has been banned in a country should raise a few eyebrows.

The potential side effects are increased when combined with stimulants and since this product contains theacrine as well as Coffeeberry, you should act with caution.

The side effects include stinging pain, headaches, tremors, sneezing, nervousness, sweating, dizziness, swelling and more.

On top of this, there is also Choline Bitartrate in Lean Body, known to give the user fishy breath.

LeanBean Vs Jamie Eason Lean Body Pros and Cons

LeanBean Pros

  • 100% natural
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Many proven fat burning ingredients
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Produced by a company with a good reputation

Jamie Eason Lean Body Pros

  • Some useful ingredients
  • Theacrine might be better than caffeine

LeanBean Cons

  • Must purchase 3 months worth to qualify for the money back guarantee

Jamie Eason Lean Body Cons

  • Many ingredients are pointless
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Syntherine banned in some countries
  • Choline can make your breath smell fishy

LeanBean vs Jamie Eason Lean Body Conclusion

Winner: LeanBean

LeanBean fat Burner

Read our full LeanBean review

Buy LeanBean directly from leanbeanofficial.com

It should be no surprise then that today’s winner is LeanBean. It is not just the fact that Jamie Eason Lean Body Fat Loss Support has potential side effects, LeanBean is hard to beat since it is one of the best female fat burners we have seen.

It’s effective fat burner ingredients, at optimal dosages are great and not seen often enough. Combine this with the fact that it is completely safe to use and you have a winning combination.

We would put this female fat burner up against pretty much any unisex fat burner in terms of its effectiveness.

Lean Body, however, was a bit of a let down for us. The names behind it as well as their years of experience means they should know to avoid certain ingredients. Maybe they work for them, but when some of the ingredients are banned around certain parts of the world, it loses credibility.

The good news is there are still great fat burners on the market, to find out more about today’s winner, check out our in-depth LeanBean review.

LeanBean is only available directly from


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