Leanbean Reviews & FAQs [Is This The Best Vegan Female Fat Burner?]

LeanBean fat burner review

Leanbean - The Female Fat Burner


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  • 100% Natural & vegan
  • No side effects
  • Packed with proven fat burning ingredients tailor-made for women
  • Lowers body fat percentage creating a toned physique
  • Helps maintain high energy levels throughout the day
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 90 Day money back guarantee
  • New and even more effective ingredients formula


  • Costly, but worth every penny
  • Must purchase 3 months worth to qualify for the money back guarantee
  • Can only be purchased from official website

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Leanbean Review

Is Leanbean The Best Vegan Female Fat Burner?

In this thorough Leanbean review we will cover:

  • Ingredients and their dosages
  • Manufacturer reputation
  • Testimonials
  • Prices and special offers
  • Are there any side effects?
  • FAQs and more
Leanbean reviews - best female fat burner results

We’re going to examine the Leanbean reviews to answer whether this is the best female fat burner on the market right now to give you that toned figure you’ve always wanted…

How many times do you open your Instagram or Facebook and come across profiles and pics of hot and trending female fitness models and think to yourself:

Wow, if only I had a body like that!

But it’s mission impossible, isn’t it?

Not quite…

Not yet…

What if we told you there’s an easier yet safer way to get that firm booty, toned arms & legs, and the slim, lean tummy…

A physique that turns heads and melts a few hearts as you walk by in your slim new outfit?

No, we’re not kidding, that’s exactly what Leanbean promises it can do for you. But it isn’t a miracle pill, it’s just science…

Leanbean Reviews: High Quality?

Below we break down that science for you so you’ll know why and how it works and why it’s better than most fat burners for women on the market.

Leanbean reviews - best female fat burner on the market right now

When searching for honest Leanbean reviews of this female fat burner, like the many people out there looking for a quality and safe diet pill, you might have been reading about the good things many people are saying about Leanbean recently and wondering if it’s really true…

Going by what we have seen, it is clear from a few months of using this that it is definitely one of the highest quality fat burner supplements on the market!

The results that many Leanbean reviews show are:

  • It targets problem areas of fat
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and natural
  • Burns body fat

We know it is not enough to just go by what the manufacturer claims, after all, there are so many supplements out there that claim to deliver the world but don’t even tell you much about what is in each capsule. But when there are countless Leanbean reviews and results popping up online, you have to take a closer look and really examine what’s in this female fat burner that makes it so effective.

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of Leanbean and the ingredients read on…

Who Makes Leanbean?

Leanbean reviews - Who makes this female fat burner - Ultimate Life

Before we rack your brains with the science stuff, let’s give you a brief about the manufacturer…

The brains behind Leanbean are the UK startup Ultimate Life, an expert in the sports supplement field and unlike some of the cheaper brands, their manufacturing is done in FDA approved facilities (now that’s a stamp of legitimacy hard to beat).

Skepticism around diet pills and fat burners usually comes from the use of synthetic, unsafe or harmful ingredients and that’s where Ultimate Life’s Leanbean sets itself apart.

Leanbean only uses safe, natural and effective ingredients and is backed by a solid money back guarantee thus earning itself a tagline from us: ‘A safer way to a leaner you’.

Leanbean Review of Ingredients

Updated Vegan-Friendly Formula

Like your favorite pasta or dessert, your soon to be favorite fat burner is the perfect blend of the best natural ingredients…

And unlike most supplements, Ultimate Life have been completely honest and open with all of their ingredients and their exact dosages. No secrecy, only 100% transparency (now that’s a mix worth the trust).

2 capsules, 3 times a day taken with a meal or light snack and your body will be packed with fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients working around the clock helping you shed those stubborn lbs of fat and feeling more confident than ever!

Watch out for subpar supplements using the method of concealing their ingredients and dosages behind ‘proprietary blends’ or an ingredients ‘matrix’ making it difficult to tell just how safe and effective the product really is for you.
No Proprietary Blends
Luckily, Leanbean DOES NOT use any proprietary blends, so the facts are there for all to see. Clearly, they are confident in their ingredients profile!

So, let’s take a look…

Leanbean reviews - Ingredients and directions on how to take Leanbean fat burner

Review the natural ingredients of Leanbean for yourself:


A super fiber derived from the Konjac root, it acts as an appetite suppressant and aids weight loss by keeping you full even hours after a meal. The perfect solution to your unhealthy snacking problem.

Also, studies have shown that it helps to reduce cholesterol and naturally reduces your blood sugar levels after a meal to keep you healthy.

Garcinia Cambogia

Providing Glucomannan a helping hand in suppressing hunger is Garcinia Cambogia. It’s derived from a fruit that has properties that improve the flavor of foods (never a bad thing, is it?).

So this will really stop you from reaching for the snacks and reduce your calorie intake each day.

The skin of the fruit is also great because it is high in hydroxy citric acid which helps to increase fat loss.

Green Tea Extract

Leanbean reviews - ingredients green tea

Synonymous with weight loss, green tea has become one of the most popular drinks amongst fitness freaks. The catechins in green tea help burn fat by boosting your metabolism.

Furthermore, thermogenic properties of green tea increase the body temperature to levels where fat burning peaks so you’re burning fat even when you’re resting.


While it’s famous for improving immunity and its healing properties, it has recently been attributed to fat burning too.

Curcumin gives it its distinctive color and more importantly lowers inflammation in the cells that are linked to obesity.

And to top it all off, it maintains optimum levels of estrogen in a woman’s body preventing unwanted weight gain.

Cayenne Pepper

Leanbean reviews - ingredients - Cayenne Pepper

To put it plainly, this spicy food gets your metabolism into play by thermogenesis and acts as an appetite killer preventing you from snacking at odd hours.

According to the Leanbean website, a study from Canada describes Cayenne Pepper as the perfect breakfast to kick-start your day as it reduces your appetite throughout the entire day.

But if you’re not a chili fan or do not want to begin your day on a fiery note, Leanbean is the answer.

Chromium Picolinate

Often known as a miracle worker, it slows the release of sugar into your blood. Good news for anyone looking to lose weight, especially if you have type 2 diabetes.

Also, it’s a great ingredient for suppressing appetite and we’re guessing by now you know why that’s always a plus 👍

Green Coffee

Leanbean reviews - ingredients - green coffee

This is basically your regular coffee bean before all the good stuff is roasted out of them. Green coffee beans still have all the health beneficial elements such as Chlorogenic acid which has many weight losing properties in that it stops you from absorbing body fat as well as lowering blood sugar levels.

Since it works on many levels it is a popular natural ingredient in many supplements for athletes including professional sportsmen and women.


Extracted from black pepper it can be found in other supplements to complement a balanced workout diet. It is good at producing heat which burns fat in your body and stops your body from absorbing fat.

But that’s not all it does, Piperine also helps increase the effectiveness of the other Leanbean ingredients.

Vitamin B6 & B12

B Vitamins act as body cleansers and help your body rid itself of toxins. Also, they support weight loss by turning sugar into energy and therefore burning it off.

A healthy dose of the zzzz’s at night is important for recovery and fat burning too. That’s exactly what Vitamin B6 helps with.


Shown to contribute to normal metabolic function by transporting fats and removing cholesterol from the body.

We don’t produce enough of this nutrient on our own so getting extra from food or supplementation is a great idea.


A clever inclusion in a fat burner as it contributes to protein synthesis and fatty acid metabolism – a winner if you’re working your booty off in the gym and want to tone with a bit of lean muscle. It also helps the metabolism of carbs and reduce inflammation – all great aspects, which can be difficult to obtain in just food through diet alone in optimum quantities.


A great electrolyte to aid hydration and and shown to contribute towards normal digestive function with hydrochloric acid production in the stomach when combined with potassium.

Leanbean reviews - Acai Berry ingredientAcai Berry

Often found as an ingredient in natural fruit juices as it is high in fiber and thus aids the digestive system. But juices aren’t the only way to benefit from its goodness.

They can be eaten as a superfood snack bowl in places like Brazil, where it grows naturally. As well and are great for your overall health due to the many antioxidants and vitamins they contain (it’s a blend of all things good).


An extract from Black Pepper that we tend to see in many of the top supplements we review. This is because it has been shown to improve the bioavailability of other ingredients, meaning your body can absorb more of the above key nutrients and get the most out of them just by Piperine being included. Smart!


Some of the above ingredients are welcome new additions, all with great merit!

LeanBean have also removed Raspberry Keytones from their old formula – which was something we criticized them for previously as the research didn’t really support Raspberry Keytones for the miracle fat burning properties many companies were marketing it for.

It’s great to see that LeanBean are up to date on the science and have removed this ineffective ingredient to be able to include more effective ingredients and at the same time updated their formula to be vegan-friendly.

You know you’re in good hands when a supplement manufacturer doesn’t just sit back on their success, but regularly reviews and updates their formula to ensure their customers are always getting the best results!

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

Leanbean Reviews and Testimonials

We all love things to be tried, tested and have proven results by others before being handed over to us, right?

Just check out the testimonials page for a list of genuine Leanbean reviews and results. This will show you what people with a first-hand experience have been saying about it.

Bree Kleintop – Model & Professional Surfer’s Leanbean Testimonial

Margarita’s Leanbean Review

Taylor’s Leanbean Review

Leanbean review – before and after photos

Leanbean review testimonial before and after photos

Taylor’s Leanbean Testimonial

Leanbean review testimonials USA

The long list of glowing Leanbean reviews on their website should put to bed any lingering doubts about its effectiveness!

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

Leanbean Reviews: Side Effects

No Side Effects
You might have guessed already – because all the ingredients are 100% natural there are no known side effects to Leanbean.

The fact that they are open in their ingredient profile and show how much each capsule contains means that you can see that everything in this fat burner supplement is above board for yourself.

While a lot of similar supplements include dangerous concoctions of Caffeine Anhydrous combined with banned ingredients like Syntherine, a common reason for side effects, it’s absence in Leanbean makes it 100% safe. Another great attribute we have found in our Leanbean review.

Leanbean Review: Pros and Cons

Leanbean Pros

  • 100% natural
  • No side effects
  • Lowers fat percentage creating a lean, meaner you
  • Helps maintain high energy levels throughout the day
  • Packed with proven fat burning ingredients tailor-made for women
  • Vegetarian & vegan friendly
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 90 Day money back guarantee
  • New and even more effective ingredients formula

Leanbean Cons

  • Costly, but worth every penny
  • Must purchase 3 months worth to qualify for the money back guarantee
  • Can only be purchased from: leanbeanofficial.com

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

Leanbean Reviews FAQ’s

With Leanbean Can I Skip the Gym and Diet plan?

Like mentioned earlier in this Leanbean review, this isn’t a miracle pill so please don’t turn into a couch potato.

Yes, you can stop busting your ass off at the gym for 3 hours every day and the crazy low carb, low fat, low fun diet but not substitute it all together.

The right balance between taking 3-4 capsules of Leanbean a day, exercise and a clean diet will help you get your money’s worth and really see results you’ll be proud to show off.

Is Leanbean Safe?

Completely, as you would have seen from our Leanbean review, the all natural ingredients that are carefully selected in just the perfect effective dosages makes this is a product that has no side effects and is completely safe to take.

There is nothing synthetic in sight – your safety really is paramount here.

When Taking Leanbean What Should I Eat?

Read our free guide about eating for successful and sustainable fat loss: 

The easiest way to make your weightloss diet work

Like with any fat burner, female or not, it should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle.

To compliment your use of Leanbean, a varied and healthy whole plant foods, lean protein as well as healthy fats make for a good diet. Also, remember to take on extra water when exercising.

We also have a FREE in depth fat burning guide for a complete guide on exercise, diet and tips for burning fat.

Is Leanbean suitable for vegans?

Yes! Their new formula is now not only vegetarian friendly, but also suitable for vegans too!

Does Leanbean Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, it does! Leanbean offers a 90 day guarantee.

It’s worth reading their Terms & Conditions on their official website to understand the full refund policy, as with any supplement.

Is Leanbean Available Worldwide and How Is It Shipped?

Firstly, yes Leanbean is available worldwide – even in Australia. It is shipped through carriers with solid reputations and a tracked shipping service is used.

There is also a shipping and returns section on the Leanbean website.

If you order the Bikini Body Bundle, you even get FREE Worldwide shipping!

Is It Safe and Secure to Order Leanbean? Will I Be Rebilled?

leanbeanofficial.com is securely encrypted and you will only be charged a one off payment for your order so you have nothing to worry about.

What Forms of Payment Do Leanbean Accept?

You can pay by credit/debit card through their secure encrypted order page, or choose to checkout using Amazon Pay or PayPal.

Where to buy Leanbean?

Leanbean isn’t sold over the counter so you’ll need to make an online purchase through their secure website: leanbeanofficial.com. And, if you’re looking to save a few bucks you’re in luck…

Currently, the Leanbean official site runs a promotional offer! Make a 3 month supply purchase and get an additional month’s supply absolutely FREE. Go grab the discount today before time runs out ;). With a product that good, a bulk buy is only something to be proud of to really skyrocket your fat burning and transform your body into a new you!

Only available from: leanbeanofficial.com

How Does Leanbean Compare With Other Popular Female Fat Burners?

leanbean vs shred her, leanbean vs shred her review, female fat burners, compare female fat burners

Shred Her vs Leanbean Comparison

Unlike Leanbean, Shred Her isn’t true to its name and only ends up shredding your purse while leaving you prone to side effects as it includes a dangerous combination of Caffeine Anhydrous and Syntherine (banned in many countries).

Shred Her is cheaper, but is it safe and effective? Heck, no!

Basically, you get what you pay for.

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

Leanbean Review Conclusion

Leanbean reviews conclusion

Specially tailored towards a female audience, you will find it hard to discover a better fat burning supplement than Leanbean for women. Especially in the vegan-friendly department!

Most other fat burners get it wrong by using proven ingredients but with ineffective dosages. This is only to reduce costs and increase their profit margins.

We hope our honest and thorough look at Leanbean reviews has explained why we love this female fat burner so much. They have packed in a lot of quality ingredients (some supplements only have a few beneficial ingredients) and great quantities. These actually work and do what they’re supposed to.

The volume of glowing 5 star Leanbean reviews alone should be enough to persuade most to take the leap and see how the benefits can work for them.

The best way you can make this work is by using it to compliment a healthy lifestyle. It will be difficult to see the benefits if you are still making unhealthy choices when it comes to snacks and meals. Use it alongside a good diet and workout regimen. You will give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your goals.

Finally, you have nothing to lose (apart from your unwanted fat!) by trying this product. Adhere to the terms and conditions and you can get your money back if you feel it hasn’t helped or worked for you.

Buy Leanbean from


Leanbean reviews conclusion

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com


  • Ive been working out pretty hard for about 6 months and stsrting tl see some progress but sometimes feel like I’m gaking 1 step forward and 2 steps bsck. Will leanbean help me lose a bit of the remaining belly fat that I can’t seem to shift? Vicky

    • Hey Vicky, Thanks for your comment! We can understand your frustration, Leanbean contains some great natural thermogenic ingredients that raise your body temperature and cause you use energy to cool yourself down which burns fat and also boosts your metabolism. So on top of the hard work you’re putting in at the gym, Leanbean is a great natural fat burner that should help with those last few lbs you’re struggling to shed. We’d recommend trying it consistently for at least a couple of months to really start seeing the results. Here’s a little free gift to check out with some advice that should help as well taking Leanbean: Get rid of unwanted belly fat

  • How much does using this fat burner rely on me to actually get rid of fat? Never used them before but want to know how much they help and how much I need to sweat to see results – does that make sense?

    • Hi Charlie,
      Sorry for our delay – only just seen your comment!
      Simply taking Lean Bean by itself may slowly generate some results due to the natural fat burning ingredients, but you will see the best, sustainable results by putting in regular high intensity exercise and eating fewer calories than you’re burning each day as well as taking Lean Bean! Check out our free guide to burn fat for an overview of exercise and nutrition ideas to get you started!

  • With thanks! Valuable information!

  • I am very sensitive to any type of caffeine including green tea- do you have a product without the green tea? Or a sample of your product so I can try it to see how it will affect me?

    • Hi Carla, thanks for your comment! If you’re very sensitive to caffeine, including Green Tea then unfortunately I would definitely avoid LeanBean and most fat burners – the majority on the market contain caffeine and/or green tea extract so check the ingredients thoroughly of any which you do try…

      However, number 5 on our Top 5 Fat Burners list for 2019 is probably the only product I would recommend for you which does not have any caffeine or green tea extract and only has 4 ingredients in total (plus it’s vegan):
      Performance Lab Sport Fat Burner

      Let us know how you get on if you do try it and best of luck on your journey!

  • My girlfriend has been on the lookout for a dependable and effective fat-burning product as we have just started our muscle building program.

    I am quite interested in it’s natural ingredients. Hopeful though that this is 100% all-natural as I do want to stay away from artificial ingredients.

    • Great stuff, how are you both getting on with your muscle building program?

      By the way, we only recommend products with natural ingredients here at CleanLeanMachine.com – there’s nothing artificial in Lean Bean!

  • Thanks for your post, helped me enormously! I don’t normally comment on things like this, but I’m seeing such great results after just 2 months, I had to stop by to say I can highly recommend this!

  • This is a great details review and helped me make the call! This
    product helped me lose weight, I recommend it!

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