LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Fat Burner Comparison

LeanBean vs Instant Knockout

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LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Fat Burners Reviewed

Our LeanBean vs Instant Knockout review compares two of our top recommended fat burners head to head. With the health-conscious public spending more and more on supplements each year in an attempt to find the best possible advantages for shedding some pounds, the fat burner industry is booming…

Two of the products at the forefront of this are LeanBean, a fat burner tailored towards the female market, and Instant Knockout, one of the most popular fat burner supplements around.

To compare these two today, we are going to look under the label and find out just how effective the ingredients are as well as look out for potential side effects and the company’s reputation. Once we have examined all these, we will find out who the overall winner is.

A good fat burner should do all of the following:

  • Aid Fat Loss
  • Help with Appetite Suppression
  • Increase Energy
  • Be Safe and Natural

So the ingredients are the best chance of finding out just how effective each of these fat burners are at doing their job. But first of all, let’s take a look at just who is behind these two:

LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Manufacturers

Who makes LeanBean?

LeanBean Review

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LeanBean is produced by Ultimate Life, a UK based company who haven’t been around for long but are already making waves.

The company itself worked alongside many experts to create this product . They went to great lengths to ensure the natural ingredients were carefully selected.

Their facilities are approved by the governing bodies of both the UK and USA and from what we can see, they are a reputable company who care about their product.

Who makes Instant Knockout?

Roar Ambition are the people behind Instant Knockout and in contrast to Ultimate Life. They have been around for a while and have a well established and big reputation.

Instant Knockout is used by athletes such as Diego Sanchez and other well recognized UFC MMA fighters and boxers. They use it to make weight before a fight so Instant Knockout gets the seal of approval from the people who know what to look for!

We have not yet compared Instant Knockout to a fat burner that is tailored and marketed to women so LeanBean vs Instant Knockout should make for a good battle…

LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Fat Burner Ingredients

This is the most important part. What you don’t want to see is one company running away with it early on, and thankfully this is a competitive comparison we are about to look at.

Ingredients and dosages are what makes the supplement. You can put the engine of a Mini in a Ferrari. It would look the part but wouldn’t perform anywhere near to the standard you thought it would going by first impressions.

Proprietary blends are what you need to look out for. If you are purchasing a fat burner, check all the ingredients on the back are clear to be seen, with good dosages involved.

A proprietary blend means a company can mix a few ingredients up into one new ingredient without having to show how much of each individual nutrient is in each serving. Sneaky really and can make it difficult to judge whether the supplement is good or not.

Thankfully, neither of these products use a proprietary blend, so before we have even gone into the first ingredient. They are already at an advantage when compared to a lot of other fat burners out there.

First up…

LeanBean Female Fat Burner

Leanbean vs Instant Knockout Fat Burner Comparison

The first thing we noticed is that almost every ingredient contained over 100 mg which is quite rare from what we have seen in the industry. A positive start then.

Green Coffee Beans

Just your regular coffee beans, but before they have been roasted. In this form, it has been backed up by various studies to show it be a great fat burner.

Chlorogenic Acid is the element that does most of the work by capping your fat absorption from your meals.

It is used in many fat burners and it is not a surprise to see it on the ingredients list here.

Green Tea Extract

Another common ingredient in fat burners and for good reason. It is an awesome all rounder and benefits various parts of your body, and thankfully boosting your metabolism is one of them. This is one of the things a good fat burner should do so you are burning fat even when you aren’t exercising.

The catechins within green tea directly work at helping your body to lose fat through its thermogenic properties. This means it heats your body up making it burn fat by cooling itself down.


Often found in a lot of Indian cuisine, in its raw form will stain your hands yellow so if you want to consume it for its fat burning benefits. Doing so through a supplement is always a good idea.

Any fat burner that does contain Turmeric will likely be doing so for the fact that it keeps you cholesterol levels in check. The 200 mg in each serving make it an effective ingredient in LeanBean.


Derived from pepper. This is a good addition and is found in many different types of supplements for its main purpose – to help your body to absorb the benefits of the other ingredients.

So, it doesn’t actually promote fat burning itself, it gets the most out of the other ingredients.

Raspberry Ketones

Oh LeanBean, you were doing so well. Although this doesn’t make a bad enough impression to put you off purchasing LeanBean, it is a pointless inclusion.

It was one of those super ingredients for a while that everyone was talking about thanks to early studies. Since then, it has been shown to be pretty ineffective for fat burning. Maybe they are living off the reputation of the previous studies but we believe this is an ingredient that does not warrant its place in a fat burner.

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LeanBean fat Burner

Buy LeanBean from: leanbeanofficial.com

Instant Knockout Fat Burner



Now the turn of our next fat burner, Instant Knockout. With another list of natural ingredients, let’s see what they have in store for us as we pick up on another handful of their ingredients:

Green Tea Extract

Yep, another fat burner including this key ingredient. The multiple benefits we have already discussed can be found in Instant Knockout as well, and their dosage of 500 mg is the most optimal amount you should consume.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is always a strange inclusion in anything other than a pre workout. We worry that it masks the effects through the caffeine kicking in and making you feel like you can notice a difference right away.

We prefer to have a fat burner that concentrates on the long term effects by giving good dosages.

Luckily Instant Knockout does just this, and the caffeine amount itself won’t leave you with any side effects. It will just give you a small boost throughout the day. A welcomed inclusion if you’re eating fewer calories to burn fat.

GTF Chromium

This is great for enhancing the effectiveness of the other ingredients contained in Instant Knockout. The small amount of Chromium here encourages your body to regulate blood sugar levels and gives you a more balanced energy level.

Great for appetite suppression in that it will stop your cravings for snacks and control your overall appetite. The natural source is often in a whole host of foods such as fruit and vegetables, spices, seafood and meats.

Cayenne Pepper

Also found in LeanBean (60 mg dosage – one of the few ingredients under 100 mg). Instant Knockout contains the minimum optimum dosage of 100 mg so you know its effects are going to be present.

It is good for raising the temperature of your body inside (not a big surprise for a spicy ingredient!) and gets your metabolism going. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your body to burn fat with longer lasting effects.


Again, this is shared between the two fat burners here, and this ingredient will bring out the best on the other great ingredients for Instant Knockout as well.

LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Pros and Cons

LeanBean Pros

  • Some good fat burning ingredients
  • Completely natural
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Money-back guarantee
  • A lot of metabolic enhancers

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Impressive dosages
  • No side effects
  • Great ingredients
  • Motivation through the caffeine
  • Money back guarantee
  • Gets rid of hunger

LeanBean Cons

  • Raspberry Ketones unnecessary
  • 3 month purchase to qualify for the guarantee
  • Only available from leanbeanofficial.com


Instant Knockout Cons

LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Side Effects

Because neither product uses anything but natural ingredients, this is probably the easiest side effects section ever.

We can’t find any suggestion that there have been side effects from either product.

No side effects to worry about here.

But we always recommend checking the label and being sensible when using supplements like these that contain stimulants.

LeanBean vs Instant Knockout Fat Burner Conclusion

Both are honest and open about their quality ingredients and dosages and neither of them contain too much in the way of filler. A refreshing approach and one we’d like to see more of from other manufacturers in the supplements industry.

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout reviews conclusion


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Buy Instant Knockout from: www.instantknockout.com


(Clean Lean Machine tip: Buy 3 boxes to get 1 extra box completely FREE!)

Out of the 2 top fat burners we compared today we believe that one product contains more of the effective dosages to have more of an impact and that is Instant Knockout.

However, we still recommend LeanBean as one of the top female fat burners around at the moment. Read our full LeanBean review here to find out more…

Roar Ambition only sell direct from their official websites, so their premium products cannot be found cheaper elsewhere and they don’t seem to offer discount codes. However, if you buy 3 boxes you get the 4th box FREE and they ship worldwide from the US and UK so we’ve found it’s best to buy 4 months supply to really take charge of your fat burning success!

Instant Knockout just takes this comparison against LeanBean based on optimum dosages, choice of ingredients, company reputation and effectiveness.

For more information on the benefits of Instant Knockout, read our in-depth Instant Knockout review.

Buy Instant Knockout from





  • Seems like Instant Knockout is more for professional athletes and boxers. Can I still take it if I’m just a regular girl wanting to trim a bit off my waist and bum or would I be better with Leanbean?

    • Hey Sarah, whilst Instant Knockout was initially formulated for professional mixed martial arts fighters, thousands of regular girls now take it to get in shape and burn off excess fat. LeanBean is a good fat burner but doesn’t beat Instant Knockout for women (or men) in terms of effectively suppressing appetite, burning fat and boosting metabolism. Hope that helps answer your question, but if there’s anything else – just ask!

  • How effective is the appetite suppression in both? This is what I need help with the most!

    • Hey Kelly,
      The main appetite suppressing ingredient in both Instant Knockout and LeanBean is Glucomannan (from the konjac root) but the dosages are important here:
      Instant Knockout serves 1800mg of this, whereas LeanBean only 500mg – so Instant Knockout will be over 3x as effective at suppressing your appetite and the fat burning ingredients are a little better dosed too!
      So, we definitely recommend Instant Knockout!

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