Jacked Factory Lean PM Review [Is It A Gimmick?]

Jacked Factory Lean PM Reviews

Jacked Factory Lean PM


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  • Some effective ingredients
  • Safe to use


  • PM fat burning not really beneficial
  • Missing key ingredients
  • Serving schedule not ideal

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Jacked Factory Lean PM Review

Here at CLM, we review a whole range of products, sometimes they get a little conceptual. Todays Jacked Factory Lean PM review is one such article.

You read it right, the word PM has been used alongside fat burner. We are all for new ideas, but can a nighttime fat burner work? If it does, it would be an interesting addition to our top recommended fat burners list for sure.

This product also promises to work as a sleep aid. This is certainly niche but if you are looking to burn fat and get a good night’s rest, then if this works it could be useful.

However, a regular fat burner can give you more energy to hit the gym harder which can all result in a good night’s sleep.

Either way, we’re excited to see what this has in store.

It if it going to keep up with the better fat burners, it will need to do the following well:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Enhance Mood

This is usually where we put increase energy and suppress appetite but it is unnecessary with this product. It is a shame that you could be missing out on those great attributes though.

Still, let’s see what this product has for us.

Jacked Factory Lean PM Review: Who Makes This Product?

Jacked Factory

This company seems to do everything by the book. They are GMP certified and offer a 100% hassle free money back guaraJacked Factory Lean PMntee.

This is how it should be when you buy a supplement – risk-free!

They say that this product controls food cravings. This is what you would expect from a regular fat burner, but one to be taken before sleep? Why would you need this? Unless you sleepwalk to the fridge it seems unnecessary as the effects will wear off by the time you awake.

Of course, they have made this product free from stimulants and it is made in the USA.

There are zero fillers or dyes according to Jacked Factory.

They have a few endorsements and these include Shaun ‘’Giant Killer’ Calrida. He is a 3x IFBB 212 Olympian. They also have national level bodybuilders on their roster.

As you would expect with a large supplements company they have a wide range of products with everything from a PM T-Booster (we’re seeing a trend!) to a men’s multivitamin.

Time to see what this product has in store for us.

Jacked Factory Lean PM IngredientsJacked Factory Lean PM Ingredients

This is where we can really see if this product will be beneficial.

The early signs are good, there are no proprietary blends in sight. This means we get to see all of the dosages and can tell if they will be effective.

Obviously, the suggested serving is to take before bed. For fat burning, we prefer a supplement that can be taken 3-4 times a day to really spread out the benefits but if the ingredients here are good it could really work.

Vitamin B6

A good start to the ingredients as B6 is a versatile ingredient.

Like many B-vitamins, it will burn calories by converting them into glucose which is then to be used for energy. This is pointless in this product though!

B6 will aid muscle soreness after your workout as well as targeting carbs.

Many people will notice this ingredient is used in a variety of supplements. It promotes fast thinking which is why a nootropic would benefit from using it.

A lot of people use fat burners alongside a diet that restricts calories. This is when B6 can be of most use. It can speed up metabolism which in turn promotes weight loss.

For women, there are even links between B6 and balancing hormones if water retention is a problem.

The dosage is all important and the 10 mg included is a very good amount.

A bright start from Jacked Factory Lean PM.


This isn’t usually an ingredient you would find in a fat burner, but because this is a PM product, it is likely here because of its links to promoting sleep.

It is a muscle relaxant which helps to aid a proper and comfortable rest. It is also thought to help to promote sleep for those that are low in Magnesium. This covers the range of sleep benefits that includes the time you actually rest and the quality of it.

WebMD tells us that foods high in fiber are usually high in Magnesium so if you are getting enough of these in your diet, this might be an unnecessary ingredient for you.

Exmaine.com does comment on its ability to promote sleep quality. They also say that a lack of Magnesium will raise blood pressure and reduce insulin sensitivity.

This all results in it being a sensible inclusion that could really benefit those with low levels.

A good source from your diet are nuts and leafy veg. The 150 mg is a decent amount that will help to give you the above benefits.

EGCG (Green Tea Leaf Extract)

An ingredient found in many of our top recommended fat burners for a reason.

It is a proven thermogenic. This means it will heat the body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down. This means your body will be burning fat even when you rest. This is the assumption of this product anyway so it is a sensible ingredient.

The catechins included are great for fighting diseases and are proven antioxidants. Examine.com describe it as anti-obesity as well as anti-diabetic.

It can enhance endurance levels which is great for your workout, although that isn’t going to be of benefit for this product. It is a shame for the users to not get this but it’s not the only thing you could miss out on when using at night.

WebMD tells us that it is a milder stimulant than the likes of Caffeine Anhydrous and it contains 2-4% Caffeine. This would usually give you a boost to your thinking and alertness. Not if taken at night though of course.

The dosage is all important here. At 300 mg it is a decent amount but a lot of the competition will be including a lot more. Anything around the 500 mg would be really beneficial.

Jacked Factory Lean PM is giving you less of this ingredient and you are already getting less of the benefit by only using it at night.


Usually, you will find this included alongside stimulants because of its calming effects.

It can often work alongside the energy increasing benefits to ensure they are delivered in a calming manner that results in a focused and in control feeling.

These are linked to its benefits that mean it is often used in a nootropic.

In terms of fat burning, it doesn’t have strong links and is widely considered to be an unproven ingredient.

It reduces the effects of stress which can help promote a good night’s rest so we can see why Jacked Factory Lean PM have included it. This is also why it is thought to be a mood enhancer.

There are some that link it to boosting metabolism as well as lowering cholesterol. Of course, this all helps to burn fat but the fact that human trials are lacking means this is widely an unproven claim.

It could help with weight loss by supporting energy levels during exercise. Again though, this isn’t something you will get from using it at night.

200 mg seems to be a good dosage though.


An ingredient that would usually work as an appetite suppressant as it is thought to communicate with the brain to tell it the body is full.

The problem here is you won’t need this if you are asleep!

It is a precursor to serotonin which has been found to improve mood. It is this that is good for reducing appetite and lower levels of serotonin are linked to carb cravings.

You should be careful when consuming anything that increases Serotonin as too much can be linked to heart-related issues.

Examine.com does say that any weight reduction from using this ingredient appears to be almost secondary to a reduction in food intake and is not too remarkable in magnitude.

So, not the most significant ingredient and at 150 mg it is on the lower side of what you might need anyway.


A sleep promoter and a popular ingredient for helping people get a good night’s rest.

It is naturally found in the body and WebMD says that some people who have trouble sleeping have low levels of melatonin.

They also say that taking it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.

It seems to have a variety of sleep-related benefits that even stretch to help to beat insomnia. It is even thought to have links to regulating blood pressure and is a safe ingredient to consume.

The 5 mg included is an effective amount for the above benefits which may also include enhancing the quality of sleep.


The trademarked version of Black Pepper Extract that is often seen in supplements.

It is an ingredient that enhances the benefits of the other nutrients it is taken with. This means it is good if the other ingredients are proven and effective.

In this case, it is a useful inclusion as there are some decent ingredients. However, a better product is made even better still through the use of BioPerine.

The 5 mg is a pretty standard dosage as well.

Jacked Factory Lean PM Side Effects

The good news is that there does not appear to be anything in this product that is unsafe to use.

The dosages are all sensible and the ingredients are natural. There are no proprietary blends to worry about and the risk of crashes or jitters is nonexistent because of the lack of stimulants.

Jacked Factory Lean PM Review Pros and Cons

Jacked Factory Lean PM Review Pros

  • Some effective ingredients
  • Safe to use

Jacked Factory Lean PM Review Cons

  • PM fat burning not really beneficial
  • Missing key ingredients
  • Serving schedule not ideal

Jacked Factory Lean PM Review Conclusion

We are all for different approaches but this isn’t a unique product.

The gimmick that is the night time fat burner has been around for a while now. Still, this has not resulted in a product that is better than the more effective regular fat burners we have seen.

It means you cannot get the benefit of some of the better ingredients. The likes of Glucomannan and Cayenne Pepper which are great appetite suppressants are unnecessary in a PM fat burner.

Also, the likes of Caffeine that not only give you a real energy boost but also get your metabolism going cannot be used. Sure, this product might help you to get a good night’s sleep and there is nothing wrong with that, but the fat burning benefits are going to be mild, to say the least.

We have to compare it to the best we have seen and it falls well short in comparison. The best ingredients here are Vitamin B6 and Green Tea Extract. These are found in many of the best fat burners because of their obvious and proven benefits.

Jacked Factory Lean PM does say that this is free of filler but for us, anything that doesn’t actually help you to burn fat is just that in a fat burner!

It Will Probably Help You Sleep Though!

As a promoter of sleep, it should be effective with the likes of Melatonin and L-Theanine providing sleep-enhancing benefits.

It lacks thermogenics which could easily help you to burn fat at night, at least they would come out with more credit by using these.

All in all, this could have some minor benefits but if you are serious about burning fat, then you should stay clear of this, and any of the other PM fat burners we have seen so far. Stick to the proven products if you want results.

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