Invictus Alpha Boost Review – Is It Safe and Effective?

invictus alpha boost review

Invictus Alpha Boost Review


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  • Some decent ingredients
  • Unlikely to have side effects


  • Proprietary blend
  • Calcium underdosed
  • Ineffective ingredients

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Invictus Alpha Boost Review

When looking for a T booster that will really work, look for reliable reviews. This Invictus Alpha Boost Review is your way of finding out if it will be effective or not, without relying on dodgy Amazon reviews.

That is where this T booster has become popular. Our issue is that we have seen so many blatantly fake reviews in the past from supplements on Amazon.

It has caught our attention. But will we be adding another T booster to our top recommended testosterone boosters list? Or will we be able to say we have caught them out?

Time to quickly remind ourselves of what it is we are after today:

  • More Strength
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Energy

We need to see some of the better T boosting ingredients. Also, optimal dosages are a must. Time to see if they can achieve this, but let’s get to know them a little first.

Invictus Alpha Boost Review: Who Makes This Testosterone Booster?

Invictus Labsinvictus-alpha-boost

Here we have the US-based company that makes this T booster.

They make their products in the USA to GMP certifications. They do use natural ingredients which we commend them for.

We don’t want to say they sound desperate but they are literally giving away their bottles in exchange for your email.

They don’t actually sell their products from their site. Instead, if you click to buy you are taken straight through to Amazon.

We can’t find anything regarding a money back guarantee, but if you buy from Amazon you will have to deal with their returns policies.

Their website is just a standalone page which doesn’t give a lot away, time to move on.

Invictus Alpha Boost Ingredientsinvictus-alpha-boost-ingredients

This is where we would usually say we can really get to know a product and see what it is all about. The issue here is that they have used a proprietary blend that encompasses all but one ingredient.

This means we get the overall dosage of all ingredients in the blend, but not the individual ones. Proprietary blends make it difficult to say if a product is effective or not, still, let’s take a look.

Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate)

Of course, found in dairy products this ingredient could be a good inclusion.

It is thought that Calcium can enhance the T boosting benefits of exercise according to one study that trialed T levels before and after supplementing calcium.

It has benefits that are useful for overall health but it’s T boosting capabilities are not well documented. Most of the references are to the above study, so it is possible that more is needed.

The 44.28 mg included is nowhere near enough to give you what you would need though. Consider that a normal sized cup of milk has over 5 times that, it is a waste of space here.

It could be the greatest ingredient in the world, but if you aren’t getting enough of it, it’s pointless.

Invictus Alpha Boost Review – Proprietary Blend

Now for all the ingredients in the blend. The dosages would have been nice, but we will find out what we can.

Horny Goat Weed

Sure, it might sound like a local Metal band but it is a serious ingredient.

We don’t mind seeing this, to be honest, according to it is a traditional Chinese medicine and a well-known aphrodisiac. This is the sort of ingredient we like to see. A libido enhancer, we are all for it.

The same article also says that it has been shown to increase testosterone in research animals (has not been looked at in humans). With some more research into it, this could be a good allrounder.

For now, what we know is it’s libido enhancing capabilities. A good trait though.

The dosage isn’t known, however, so it may not even reproduce the erectile aid that it possesses.

Tongkat Ali

The research for this tends to point towards a few maybes.

Since we don’t deal in maybes we can’t get behind this ingredient but we can tell you what the early signs are.

It is thought to be an effective inhibitor of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Good news for T levels since this is what binds a lot of your T, making it unavailable for use. Anything that can reverse this is a good idea.

It might also be an effective stress reducer. If this was the case it would be a great trait for a testosterone booster to posses. Cortisol levels need to be low as they are a known killer of testosterone. This is what we are after but again, there needs to be more evidence to support it.

It might also be an effective aphrodisiac as well as a possible ingredient for increasing sperm count.

Still, even if it was proven to do all the above, the proprietary blend does not help us once again.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This plant-based ingredient might have a place here. This is taken from its fruit.

WebMD suggests it might prevent testosterone from being converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is good as DHT is linked to causing baldness.

Again, another ingredient linked with maybes. It may also improve sexual function as well as overall testosterone production.

It would be good to know if we had the optimal dosage here as it is an ingredient that has some potential, the proprietary blend once again screws that up.

Orchic Substance

Ok, you’re not reading this wrong. Orchic Substance is made from Cattle testicles.

WebMD suggests that whilst marketers imply that orchic extracts are a good source of testosterone, there is currently no evidence to support this claim.

Wow, imagine chewing on cow balls for nothing.

The dosage for this obscure inclusion is not known since there isn’t enough research done into its use. A bad, bad inclusion potentially.

Wild Yam Extract

According to this ingredient needs more research before it can be considered as safe for supplementation.

A bad start then but why has it been included?

It is thought to have similar effects to DHEA (a banned substance in many sporting organizations and even whole countries). At least DHEA does actually affect your T. It doesn’t seem as though Wild Yam Extract does.

It is thought to be good for bone health as the compound diosgenin is found in Wild Yam Extract. There are actually studies that show it is a source of estrogen. Those concerned that using it will have the reverse effect should not worry. It won’t be converted to estrogen by your body.

Still, an ingredient we aren’t impressed by.


Taken from the root of this plant, it is often used for medicinal purposes.

WebMD says that some supplements claim that chemicals (sterols) in this ingredient can be converted to anabolic steroids like testosterone. But this is a false claim.

This product is started to unravel in a bad way the further we look down the ingredients.

Most commonly found as a flavoring agent in soft drinks and foods.

The same article does say it seems safe for consumption but in large doses, it might cause stomach irritation. We don’t know the dosage which is a bit of a concern due to the proprietary blend.

Nettle Extract

Finally a proven T booster we can actually get behind.

Nettle Extract is found in many testosterone boosters for a reason. It is an aromatase inhibitor which will stop your body from turning T into estrogen. It stops the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin from being as effective which means testosterone can thrive.

The beta-sitosterol in Stinging Nettle is thought to help to boost testosterone levels. It is good and the sort of ingredient you will in some of our top recommended testosterone boosters.

The dosages tend to range from 100 – 300 mg from what we see usually. Can Invictus Alpha Boost compete with this? We have no idea, of course, the blend.


Another decent ingredient, it appears they have saved the best for last.

They had some catching up to do in terms of quality but Boron is a decent inclusion. It is a mineral that aids the capabilities of other nutrients that are essential in T boosting. These include the likes of Magnesium but unfortunately, that isn’t included here.

It is also good for boosting testosterone levels in general. This is the sort of ingredient we have been waiting for. Too many of the previous ingredients in this product have little evidence to back them.

Boron is another ingredient that stops SHBG from being so prominent. This makes it another that boosts your free T.

There are even studies being conducted to see if the early promise of it being a good ingredient for prostate health can be true.

It is an essential mineral in that we need it for our body to function properly. It has been shown to be good for building muscles in general so it is no surprise we find it in various T boosters.

There has been a study on animals that show Boron to increase the level of both T and Vitamin D. This is even better news since Vitamin D3 is one of the best T booster ingredients going. Still, there isn’t any in this product anyway.

You want between 3-10 mg for an optimal effect and zero side effects. That is the problem here. We could be getting an optimal dosage and we wouldn’t know it because of the proprietary blend.

Alternatively, we could be getting barely any and therefore it would be ineffective. What we really don’t want is too much that would make this dangerous.

At least it is a proven T booster.

Invictus Alpha Boost Side Effects

Going through the ingredients, it doesn’t seem like there would be any side effects from using this product.

The problem though is the proprietary blend.

Even natural ingredients can cause side effects if they are dosed too high. Because we do not know how high the dosages are, we cannot 100% say it is a safe product. After looking into it further, there doesn’t appear to be any major drawback of using it.

Maybe the fact that it won’t be as effective as many other products could be considered a drawback. In term of side effects though, it should be fine.

Invictus Alpha Boost Review Pros and Cons

Invictus Alpha Boost Review Pros

  • Some decent ingredients
  • Unlikely to have side effects

Invictus Alpha Boost Review Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Calcium underdosed
  • Ineffective ingredients

Invictus Alpha Boost Review Conclusion

Whilst this isn’t the worst T booster we have seen, it is a long way off the best.

It just never gets going. There aren’t enough of the proven T booster ingredients that make you think it will really get your T on the rise.

Sure, Boron and Stinging Nettle Extract are good ingredients, but besides these two, there aren’t a lot of study backed ingredients.

Since the total blend is 1,484 mg it is highly likely that a large portion of the ingredients is underdosed. Companies only use these blends if they are hiding behind underdosed nutrients.

This is a shame as a lot of people won’t even check the ingredients, instead, they will go on what their mates use or what is popular. It is always best to check what is effective, and safe.

There are enough libido enhancers in here to suggest that it will have an effect in that area. The problem is, that might be all you get. We demand more from a testosterone booster.

Wild Yam is something you should consult your sporting organization about if you need to submit samples etc. It has links to DHEA and although it is a separate ingredient, you still want to make sure you are staying safe.

To sum up this Invictus Alpha Boost review, we have no idea why this does so well on Amazon. It must be a case of people being fooled by some potentially dodgy reviews, or they like the packaging. Either way, we aren’t impressed.

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