Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix – Fat Burners Head to Head

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Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix

The first thing you might notice about our Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix review is that the ingredient profiles are quite similar in some ways. This happens when you find two of the best fat burners, they are usually considered so good because they have researched their market.

This is why you could look at both of these supplements and consider how they could be considered amongst the best fat burners in the business.

But what does it take to be that good?

It takes more than fancy packaging and good slogans to sell a product, more and more customers are educating themselves and reading articles such as this to find out if a supplement is as it good as it says it is.

This is where we enjoy what we do, we too started to get fed up with the lack of quality on the market and wanted to help others to not make the mistakes we have purchasing ineffective and potentially dangerous products in the past.

With this in mind, what is it that a good fat burner should do?

  • Burn problem areas of fat
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy
  • Be safe

We consider this to be the least a good fat burner should do. Now let’s get to know these two products a little better.

Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Roar Ambition

The people behind Instant Knockout are UK based Roar Ambition who distribute from both the UK and USA.

They have a great reputation online due to the fact that they offer a generous money back guarantee and they review the ingredients profile and dosages regularly ensuring their customers get the most up to date version of their products.

This fat burner is endorsed by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez, who uses it to make weight before a bout. If it is good enough for the professionals then it just might be good enough for the gym enthusiast.

Focus Performance

Read our full Thermo Matrix Review

Here we have the people behind Thermo Matrix, and they are another UK based supplements company.

It is run by cousins Scott Reid (former Britain’s strongest man 2007 & 2008) and they have a string of supplements with everything from nootropics to hemp protein.

Their about us page has enough company information on it to get to know them a little better and although we can’t find a money back guarantee their branding does well to endear you to their goals.

But does all this lead to an effective product? Let’s take a closer look.

Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix Ingredients

A good sign first of all as neither of these products use proprietary blends, making it easier for us to tell how effective each ingredient is due to the dosages being available.

Another look and we can see that we prefer the serving schedule of Instant Knockout because it can be taken 3-4 times a day, this means the effects are spread out and your body can burn fat around the clock.

Compare this to Thermo Matrix which can be taken 1-2 times a day and you can see which will deliver constant fat burning.

Let’s take a look at what these fat burners have in each bottle.

Mutual Ingredients

Green Tea

An excellent start here and good to see that both have included this excellent fat burner.

Green Tea extract is so good because it is so effective. It is a proven thermogenic which means it heats the body up on the inside causing it to burn fat as it cools itself down.

On top of this, it helps you to make the most of your workout, increasing the effectiveness of your cardio on your fat burning.

Instant Knockout and Thermo Matrix have both included an optimal dosage of 500 mg, making this an effective inclusion.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is a form of caffeine that is often found in energy drinks.

This is why you would be excused for thinking that it was simply included to give the user an energy boost. Although this is true, and you will be thankful for the boost in the gym, but it is also good for speeding up your metabolism.

On top of this, it is the powdered form that is easily absorbed so a good ingredient for anyone looking for an energy boost that is often needed when complimenting a diet that requires less calories than usual.

The 350mg in Instant Knockout is distributed across 4 servings so a good energy booster throughout the day, Thermo Matrix has a total of 225 mg which will do a job for the two servings, but will wear off.

Cayenne Pepper

Another great fat burner and another thermogenic.

This ingredient is often found in spicy food so it might not come as so much of a surprise that it heats your body up on the inside, but it might surprise you to know that it is a good appetite suppressant.

This is because it swells in your stomach making you feel full and less likely to reach for the snack drawer.

The 100 mg in Instant Knockout is more than enough to do a good job,m but the 200 mg in Thermo Matrix would give it the edge. But, in terms of appetite suppressants, Instant Knockout actually has 3 times the quantity which you will discover when we go through more of the ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean

This is coffee in its most natural form before the color is extracted through roasting.

It is another good fat burning ingredient that can help you to use stored fat for energy, getting rid of what you already have in your body.

Again, Instant Knockout have got it right with 100mg making it an effective ingredient, the 20 mg in Thermo Matrix is a bit underwhelming.

Individual Ingredients

Instant Knockout


A great ingredient once again and as we mentioned earlier, this is another appetite suppressant.

At 500 mg you will get a lot out of this ingredient which is a fiber that swells in your stomach, absorbing water along the way –  again, the idea is to stop you from snacking and you can see why Instant Knockout is considered so good.


Although not directly a fat burner, a clever inclusion nonetheless.

This is because it enhances the capabilities of the other ingredients it is mixed with. This means the key fat burners that Instant Knockout contains will be even more effective because of this ingredient.

Thermo Matrix


Often known as Bitter Orange it is an unfortunate inclusion since Thermo Matrix was looking like a very good product.

The problem is that although this will give the user an energy boost as well as enhance their metabolism it is known to have potential side effects. This is especially the case when combined with caffeine, as Thermo Matrix is.

The side effects can be anything from headaches to strokes, heart attack, high blood pressure, fainting and more.

Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix Side Effects

Instant Knockout is well known in the industry for being one of the safest fat burners around, probably because their dosages are optimal and their ingredients are 100% natural.

Thermo Matrix, however, contains Syntherine and that is something that should raise a few eyebrows. It has been banned in places such as Canada and by athletic organisations such as the NCAA.

Side effects are more likely when taken alongside caffeine as is the case with Thermo Matrix and as mentioned above, can include headaches, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attack and more.

Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Appetite suppressant ingredients
  • Thermogenic fat burner ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Trusted company
  • Optimal dosages
  • Good caffeine level
  • No proprietary blends

Thermo Matrix Pros

  • Some good ingredients
  • Well dosed

Instant Knockout Cons

Thermo Matrix Cons

  • Syntherine can cause side effects
  • Serving suggestion is not ideal
  • More appetite suppressants needed

Instant Knockout Vs Thermo Matrix conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Review

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Buy Instant Knockout from


Whilst this was a pretty close one in terms of ingredients, it was Instant Knockout which dosed them all optimally.

The amount of Green Coffee in Thermo Matrix meant it didn’t have enough to make a true impact, and in terms of appetite suppressants, it only had Cayenne Pepper, although this is an excellent fat burner ingredient, we would have liked to have seen more.

The good thing about Instant Knockout is that it is 100% safe to use and one of the most effective fat burners we have seen.

If the pro athletes endorsing it aren’t enough, then the list of proven fat burner ingredients should be.

If you are like one of the many people interested in this proven fat burner, check out our in-depth Instant Knockout review.

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