Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred Comparison

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Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred Comparison

If you know your fat burners, then you will know that we have two if the best fat burner supplements in front of us today. Our Instant Knockout Vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred review should shed some light on which of these two can be considered among the elite in the industry.

In order for the winner to be thought of so highly, it must do what all good fat burners do best (and we mean more than just burn fat – although this is important of course!).

We’re looking for ingredients that offer a range of benefits including:

  • The ability to target problem areas of fat
  • Increase energy
  • Suppress appetite
  • Be safe

Which of our two today will be able to deliver on these attributes, and if they are both able to, which is the most effective? Will either make it onto our Top Recommended Fat Burners list? Let’s get to know them both a little better first.

Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Roar Ambition

Here we have the people behind Instant Knockout, a company with a big reputation in the supplements world.

Not only do they offer a generous money back guarantee so your purchase is protected, they also review their recipe frequently, ensuring their customers get the best possible version. They also ship from the USA and UK.

This product is endorsed and used by UFC fighter Diego Sanchez when making weight, so the pros are actually using this to enhance their training.

Their testosterone booster TestoFuel is endorsed by former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson, who, in his 70’s is in great shape at a testament to the quality of Roar Ambitions products.


These guys are responsible for Six Star Thermogenic Shred and are based in the USA.

Their website is a little more challenging when looking for company information, but going by the stickers at the bottom of each page, they have been around for some time, over 20 years in fact.

They also make all their products in the USA and stay away from banned substances.

Their pros feature everyone from pro athletes to YouTube stars in the bodybuilding profession.

Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Ingredients

This is where it gets interesting, the good news is neither product uses proprietary blends, meaning we get to have a proper look at the ingredients and dosages.

The suggested servings are more favorable for Instant Knockout in our opinion. Six Star Thermogenic suggest taking twice a day.

For us, this means the benefits will wear off and not work around the clock for you.

Compare this to Instant Knockout who advise 3-4 servings a day and you have a product that will be burning fat for you all day long.

Mutual Ingredients

Green Coffee Extract

A good ingredient for any fat burner and found in both of these supplements for a reason.

It is basically coffee before it has been roasted as you and I usually see it and a proven thermogenic.

This means it heats up your body on the inside, causing it to burn fat as it cools itself down. A good ingredient as we all like to burn fat whilst doing nothing.

It is also a good energy booster so for anyone that is on a lower than usual calorie intake diet, this will benefit you.

The 100 mg in Instant Knockout is a sensible dosage since both of these products contain other stimulants, whilst the 200 mg in Six Star will be fine if the others aren’t too high.

Cayenne Pepper

A good addition to any fat burner and found in the better products in the market.

This ingredient is another thermogenic so it is clear that both products want you to burn fat on the go.

It is also a proven appetite suppressant, swelling up in your stomach so you don’t feel like reaching for the snacks in between meals. An ingredient that helps you to get rid of fat, as well as stop putting more on.

The 100 mg in Instant Knockout is an optimal dosage so you will get the full effects of this ingredient.

For Six Star Thermogenic Shred, however, there is only 1 mg so it appears they just wanted the ingredient on the label. Combine this with the similar ingredient, Guinea Pepper Extract that is dosed at 20 mg and you still don’t have much of an effect from what is a good ingredient. A shame for Six Star.

Individual Ingredients

Instant Knockout


Another great ingredient for Instant Knockout and another appetite suppressant.

The addition of this fiber that absorbs water and swells in your stomach means you even less likely to be tempted to snack in between meals and its fat burning benefits do not end there. It has been found to enhance the stability of blood sugar levels that is linked to healthy weight management.

Green Tea Extract

We are surprised that one of the best thermogenic ingredients is not included in the product with the word ‘thermogenic’ in its name, still, it is to Instant Knockouts credit that such an ingredient is found in their product.

Another great fat burner, not only is it a proven thermogenic but it also enhances your body’s ability to burn fat through exercise.

Six Star Thermogenic Shred


A good, but not a great ingredient for a fat burner.

This is basically included in this product to increase your heartbeat, the idea behind this is that this will help you to burn fat.

It is thought to be like a better alternative to caffeine, and this is possibly true in some ways since our bodies have not yet got used to it, as a result, it could have more of a lasting impact.

It is a mood elevating compound which could be useful in some ways, but there are more effective fat burning ingredients around.

Rhodiola Extract

A decent inclusion, but better off in other supplements such as nootropics due to its ability to enhance your focus.

There is evidence to show it is good for targeting belly fat and elevating your energy levels, but with so many stimulants in this product already we think your energy would be fine without this.

Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred Side Effects

Whilst both of these products contain stimulants, Instant Knockout have been sensible in their servings and dosages. We worry about the number and volume in Six Star. Watch out for potential side effects that include headaches and jitters.

Six Star Thermogenic Shred has also included Yohimbine in this product in some versions of it, be wary of this since the potential side effects of this ingredient can include tremors, increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, sleep problems and more.

Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Appetite suppressant ingredients
  • Thermogenic fat burner ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Trusted company
  • Optimal dosages
  • Good caffeine level
  • No proprietary blends

Six Star Thermogenic Shred Pros

  • Some proven fat burning ingredients
  • Big company behind it
  • No proprietary blends

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Not available in store

Six Star Thermogenic Shred Cons

  • No Green Tea Extract
  • Too many stimulants
  • Some versions contain Yohimbine
  • Potential side effects
  • Some ingredients ineffective

Instant Knockout vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Review

Read our full Instant Knockout Review

Whilst this was quite a close one today, the class of Instant Knockout is what made it our winner.

It isn’t easy to find a supplement that includes so many top ingredients at effective dosages, as well as being 100% safe to use.

It even has one of the best thermogenic ingredients that Six Star Thermogenic Shred did not, Green Tea Extract. On top of this, it even has Piperine, a neat addition to a fat burner in that it brings out the best in the other ingredients, enhancing their fat burning capabilities.

You can’t really ask for anything more from a fat burner which is why we think of it so highly. Six Star Thermogenic Shred let itself down a little as it had a couple of ineffective ingredients and some that are better off in different supplements.

On top of this, the serving schedule of Thermogenic Shred is not favorable for fat burning.

These are all problems you do not get with Instant Knockout.

To wrap up our Instant Knockout Vs Six Star Thermogenic Shred review, here can find out more about our winner. The excellent and proven fat burner. Check out our in-depth Instant Knockout review.

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