Instant Knockout Vs Shred Jym

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Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym

If you’re looking for a fat burner with a big reputation then you have come to the right place. Our Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym brings two big names together.

These are two of the big hitters around for you to lose those excess pounds and notice a real difference.

Both have bold claims that they can back up, this is the main focus of what they do:

  • Help you to lose fat
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Give you more energy

Since we have reviewed these individually we know that there isn’t a lot between them really. Maybe the fact that Instant Knockout contains ingredients that specifically help you with suppressing appetite whilst Shred Jym does not is what stands out initially.

The main thing is the ingredients are quality, as you would expect from two of the most popular on the market.

Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Roar Ambition

We make no apologies for featuring their products so highly. We can’t get enough of them! It’s not often that you come across a company that delivers every time.

They produce 3 high quality supplements and have a lot of impressive endorsements, arguably because every 3 months they check and update the recipe of all their supplements, an impressive trait that we wish we saw in other companies.

They originally produced Instant Knockout to aid the fat loss of sportsmen from MMA and Boxing. Diego Sanchez from the UFC puts his name to this product.

It’s the effectiveness of the product that has led to its wider success as it has been sold to the mainstream with great results.

Jym Supplements

Shred Jym is produced by Jym Supplements which is the company founded by Jim Stoppani PHD so you know that there is a lot of research and Science behind each product.

We like that they are very open about their ingredient selection, making them appear confident in their product. He is clearly not a fan of proprietary blends as you can find a lot of times on his website, they mention how detrimental they can be.

Their pre workouts are their outstanding products and are their most popular. But the fat burner has a lot going for it as you will see throughout this read.

Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym Ingredients

There is a lot to like from first impressions. Both have a strong list of good ingredients which is a positive sign early on.

There are no proprietary blends in sight. This makes it easy to make a true judgement of the effectiveness of the ingredients because the dosages are there to be seen.

Firstly they have a fair bit in common. With both containing the effective ingredients Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and Cayenne Pepper Extract.

All going well then, with the exception of the ingredient Synephrine that can be found in Shred Jym. This has been found to cause negative side effects and is even banned in some countries. It does have enough evidence behind it to show that it is an effective fat burner, but at what cost?

So let’s begin by looking at the ingredients that they both have in common as well as the dosages:

Green Tea Extract

green tea fat burner, instant knockout, best fat burner supplement

It’s good that they both contain this ingredients. It is an effective fat burner with multiple benefits to the body.

Your metabolism is where the main benefits are felt- the better your metabolism, the more that fat loss is encouraged.

With both containing the same amount which falls well within the most effective dosage. There isn’t anything to separate the two of them early on.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

This is an ingredient that is found in many everyday foods. Especially if you like your food spicy!

Well the benefits could be working for you already since Cayenne Pepper Extract is a thermogenic. This means it heats up your body inside and in turn this burns off fat as it tries to cool itself down.

With similar dosages in the two supplements the effectiveness will come from either of the. Without you needing to consume this in its spicy cuisine form. Good if you aren’t a fan of spice in the first place!

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is the form of which caffeine is mostly found in supplements since in order to become the powdered form. Caffeine is dehydrated first.

One of the purest sources of caffeine, it is high in quality and very effective. Not only will it switch on your metabolism, it will burn fat and turn it into energy. Because it is so pure you will feel the effects after your workout as well as during.

It will also enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients within the supplement so it really does have many uses.

The dosages differ with Instant Knockout containing 300 mg and Shred Jym 200 mg. The capsules are to be taken throughout the day spread out to 4 times, meaning the caffeine is spread out.

You might think the extra caffeine in Instant Knockout is better, but this all depends on you and how your body reacts to caffeine. A smaller dosage might even suit you better.

Unique Ingredients

The ingredients they share have similar dosages. There isn’t a lot of difference so far. Now, we will take a closer look and see just how these fat burners differ to see which is best.

Instant Knockout


Arguably the most effective ingredient in the fist shaped container that is Instant Knockout. It’s probably the first thing that really separates these two fat burners in that it suppresses appetite by expanding your stomach slightly and safely. Making you feel full.

This is good if you are the type of person that puts on calories by snacking on unhealthy foods in between meals.

The dosage of Glucomannan is more than sufficient enough to do it’s job at 1,800 mg.

Black Pepper Extract

It’s main use is to help you absorb the other useful nutrients within this supplement so its inclusion is to basically maximise what you get out of the rest of the ingredients.

In our opinion, this is a useful element of any supplement for getting the most out of it.

Shred Jym


It’s probably better off in your pre workout supplement as it helps with fatigue, particularly of the muscles.

It hasn’t been shown to have many benefits. In terms of fat loss and most of the studies involved point towards the effect it has on muscles rather than helping you to shed the pounds. Therefore, it has some benefits, just not what we’re looking for here.


We pre warned you about this ingredient earlier and if you remember we said that actually although it does appear to have some uses for fat loss. It can be quite dangerous.

It is banned in many countries and as a result it cannot be included in supplements by law. Since there is an abundance of fat burning ingredients for the companies to choose from. They shouldn’t need to include these types of ingredients.


If L-Carnitine was better off in a pre workout, then L-Tyrosine is better used in nootropics because of it’s many benefits to brain health and cognition.

Everybody could do with a bit more focus, so maybe Shred Jym have included it to really get you zoned into what you are doing. But again it’s inclusion is rather dubious.

Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Quality ingredients such as Glucomannan for appetite suppression
  • Enhances metabolism

Shred Jym Pros

  • Natural ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • Good for metabolism

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Premium product = premium price
  • Only available online

Shred Jym Cons

  • Syntherine can have negative side effects
  • No appetite suppressors
  • Some dubious ingredients

Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym Side Effects

Roar ambition are known for updating their recipe so they are clearly looking out for side effects all the time. The natural ingredients are carefully selected and therefore, we can’t find cases of side effects for Instant Knockout.

The same cannot be said for Shred Jym unfortunately, synephrine is known to cause side effects as we have previously mentioned. These include sweating, nausea, headaches, dizziness as well as nervousness.

Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout reviews conclusion

Read our full Instant Knockout Review

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Well on the face of it this was a close contest. But the more we looked into the benefits, it is clear that Instant Knockout will be a hard supplement to beat for anyone.

The fat burning capabilities are second to none as far as we can see and with such a good nutrient profile we don’t think we will be finding anything better for a while.

Unfortunately for Shred Jym it just didn’t compare this time, without an appetite suppressor it was always going to be inferior. That’s not to say that most fat burners do, it’s just Instant Knockout is a top fat burner.

There is plenty of good going for Shred Jym and this should not be underestimated, there are still some useful ingredients and some that have other benefits even if they are not relevant to fat burning.

The reputations of both companies are solid and for good reason, in our opinion Instant Knockout pretty much did just that as it often does with the competition – knocks them out of their way. That is why it is our number one fat burner, for more information, read our in depth Instant Knockout review.

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