Instant Knockout Vs SHR3D-X Fat Burner Comparison

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Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X Fat Burner Review

Are we two of the best fat burners against each other today or will there only be one worth your time and money? This is what our Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X review will reveal.

These are both products that are predominantly found online and therefore, you want to find out how effective they are before you buy.

SHR3D-X seem to sell mostly through Amazon, and whilst their reviews are OK, this isn’t enough to inspire us usually, but let’s see how OK this product really is when compared to Instant Knockout.

A good fat burner needs to tick a few boxes, the main ones are:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase Energy
  • Be Safe

To be honest, this is the least we expect, now we should have a closer look at these two fat burners.

Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Roar Ambition

Instant Knockout Review

The company who make Instant Knockout are Roar Ambition and they are one of those supplement companies who seem to only have good things said about them online.

This might be because they have a generous money back guarantee, or the fact that they review their ingredients and dosages regularly, ensuring their customers get the best and latest version.

It also might be because their products are so effective. This fat burner is backed by professional athletes so it must be doing something right.

UFC fighter Diego Sanchez is one such person and he uses it to make weight before a bout. If it is effective enough for the professionals then that is always a good sign.

They ship from both the USA and the UK and are compliant with the FDA’s guidelines.


These guys are based in the USA and going by their message it does seem they like to do things properly.

Although their site doesn’t give away much in the way of company information, they do have a list of different supplements to meet various needs.

This fat burner is made to the satisfaction of the GMP and FDA which is always a good sign to start with in terms of safety.

Instant Knockout vs SHR3D Ingredients

This is where we can see just what these fat burners are made of.

The initial signs favor Instant Knockout.

Not only in terms of serving suggestions but also because they do not use proprietary blends, but SHR3D-X do.

This means it is difficult to find out if the ingredients included are at optimal dosages since the dosages are not revealed, instead, the overall blend is.

On top of this, SHR3D-X suggest taking 1-2 capsules a day, whereas Instant Knockout is 3-4 times a day. We prefer the latter since it means the effects are felt around the clock.

Still, let’s take a look at what they have included.

Mutual Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

A great ingredient and found in many of the top fat burner supplements.

This is good because of its thermogenic properties, meaning it heats your body up from the inside, causing it to burn fat. All this and you don’t even have to move a muscle.

If you are moving your muscles, then this ingredient can also help. Green Tea compliments your cardio workout by maximizing the fat burning during exercise. We like that it gets rid of fat in two ways.

The dosage of 500 mg in Instant Knockout is an optimal dosage. Since the proprietary blend in SHR3D-X has a total of 695 mg covering numerous ingredients, we are pretty sure their dosage is not as effective.

Green Coffee Bean

This is coffee because it has been roasted into the dark brown you and I know it as.

It is another great ingredient for fat burning because of the chlorogenic acid it contains. That reduce the glucose levels in your blood, allowing your body to burn fat for energy.

As well as this, it prevents your body from absorbing more fat. This makes it another ingredient with multiple fat burning benefits, as it helps you to get rid of the old, whilst stopping the new from emerging.

Vitamin B6 & B12

These are two of the four B Vitamins contained within SHR3D-X and are all included alongside their dosages.

B12 is good at breakdown food for energy and promoting the energy of your cells, research is in its infancy for this ingredient in terms of fat burning, so an optimal dosage is uncertain, although Instant Knockout contains more than triple the amount of SHR3D-X.

Individual Ingredients

Instant Knockout

Cayenne Pepper

A top fat burning ingredient, and another that has multiple uses.

Another good thermogenic ingredient, it will help you burn fat in this way, but also good for suppressing appetite.

It swells up in your stomach and absorbs water which makes you feel fuller for longer. Also making you less likely to be reaching for the snack drawer.

Possibly the best ingredient in the whole Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X review.


Another excellent appetite suppressant, this fiber is another that swells in your stomach to make you feel full.

The good thing here is that Instant Knockout has included two of the proven ingredients for your appetite. Since it is SHR3D-X who claim to ‘kill your appetite’ we will see how theirs compare.


Raspberry Ketone

This was once heralded as the next big thing in the fat burning world, but since then all the hype has died down and it is actually thought to not be so effective.

Maybe they have gone off of old research here, either way even if it was effective, the proprietary blend makes it difficult to tell if it would work.

Garcinia Cambogia

So, this is meant to be the appetite suppressant that SHR3D-X have been talking up, but does it work?

The short answer is NO. Studies have shown it to be effective when it comes to animal trials, but there are no glowing results when it comes to human studies.

It is a tropical fruit that is not as effective as the Cayenne Pepper and Glucomannan included in Instant Knockout.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

There is research that shows it to possibly reduce sugar and lipid levels in the body, but this is mostly thought to be a potential benefit, and concrete evidence is not yet available.

It is also most likely to work on the obese rather than those who just want to lose a bit of weight.

Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X Side Effects

The good news is that it doesn’t appear that either of these products put you at risk of side effects.

This is definitely the case with Instant Knockout due to the fact that the ingredients are 100% natural and the caffeine levels are sensibly dosed.

The only concern is the proprietary blend of SHR3D-X but due to the low amount of the overall blend, we think it should be safe to consume.

Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Appetite suppressant ingredients
  • Thermogenic fat burner ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Trusted company
  • Optimal dosages
  • Good caffeine level
  • No proprietary blends

SHR3D-X Pros

  • Some effective thermogenic ingredients
  • Better appetite suppressants out there

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Only available from online

SHR3D-X Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Some ineffective ingredients

Instant Knockout vs SHR3D-X Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Review

Read our full Instant Knockout review

Buy Instant Knockout from

Instant Knockout is a very worthy winner today.

The fact that it is one of the best fat burners on the market, makes it hard to beat for anyone. SHR3D-X using proprietary blends, and some less effective ingredients made this one easy for Roar Ambition’s fat burner.

Like any good fat burner, we mentioned it should have effective appetite suppressant ingredients which only Instant Knockout did. As well as this the only real energy source is from Instant Knockout, although both look safe to us.

Instant Knockout does everything a good fat burner is supposed to do and does is very effectively.

If you would like to find out more about this great fat burner, check out our in-depth Instant Knockout review.

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