Instant Knockout Vs Lean Mode Battle of the Fat Burners

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Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode – Which Fat Burner is Best?

Two huge fat burners this time. We have really put a couple of the industries biggest against each other in our Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode review.

When it comes to fat burners, we have seen a lot of them. All have great shiny bottles with a lot of ‘buzz’ words promising the world. But so many let themselves down for a number of reasons, mainly poor nutrient profile.

They both promise the usual when it comes to fat burners, with appetite suppressant and metabolism boosters just a couple of the phrases kicking around. Which one is more likely to propel you towards your fat burning goals.

Both are well marketed and have built up excellent reputations. But what is going to matter most here is who has the better selection of ingredients. And who has provided the best dosages?

Let’s get into this then and find out a little more.

Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode: Who Makes The Fat Burners?

Roar AmbitionInstant Knockout Review

These guys are the people responsible for Instant Knockout. With a big reputation behind them for delivering 100% natural products. They have a range of supplements and it is no surprise they have some excellent endorsements.

They include MMA fighters such as UFC’s Diego Sanchez. As well as pro athletes that use products such as Instant Knockout to make weight. If it’s good enough for them then that says a lot. Especially since it must be safe to use for competition.

We like that they have a good money back guarantee. Something you don’t see enough of and it really shows the faith they have in their product.

Evlution Nutrition

Try and find anything of note about this company and tell us what you find! That’s right there isn’t a lot of information on their website. So many companies these days are just using a quick mission statement instead of really giving you a sense of what they are about.

Their products are seen almost everywhere it seems so they must be doing something right. We just wish there was a bit more for us to share.

Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode Ingredients

Always the most important section for us. You might not be able to find out much about a company, but if their product speaks for itself then that’s all you need to know.

If they are natural and safe and the dosages are optimal then you are onto something good.

We always check this thoroughly, we want to really get to know a supplement, it could affect your health after all and we only want a positive effect here.

To find out which of these two is king in our HQ, have a look at what we have found and what we eventually crown as the winner.

It all starts here…

Mutual Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

An obvious ingredient to include in a fat burner so it’s good to see that both of these supplements have included it here.

green tea fat burner, instant knockout, best fat burner supplement

This is a great metabolism booster. An optimal dose is around the 500 mg mark. Anything less and you won’t get anywhere near the benefit that you should from this ingredient.

It appears early on that Instant Knockout know what they’re doing and their dosage is an optimal one. The same cannot be said for Lean Mode unfortunately. They have included half what is needed at 250 mg.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Another metabolism booster that is no stranger to a fat burner, and often just the good ones. It has thermogenic properties, meaning it heats your body up, making it burn fat to cool itself down. So, your body is burning fat whilst you do very little!

An effective dosage starts at around 120 mg. Instant Knockout is just shy of this at 100 mg, but Lean Mode has gone all in at 500 mg. This is slightly on the high side but will be effective nonetheless.

Individual Ingredients

This is where we can see one product pull away from the other. There are some very key fat burning ingredients that they do not want to miss, let’s see who has done their research here.

Instant Knockout

Cayenne Pepper

One of the most effective ingredients from both labels here but only found in Instant Knockout. If you are not a fan of spice then you might be missing out on some of the thermogenic properties that this effective fat burner provides.

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This is why many people supplement it to ensure it is in their diet without succumbing to the burn!

It is also a very good appetite suppressant. Making you feel fuller for longer and ensuring you’re not tempted to snack. The 

Many studies have backed its uses as an excellent fat burner. It seems Instant Knockout have used the research of others to compliment their own.


Another good appetite suppressant, Roar Ambition are really trying to keep you away from the snack cupboard. This is good news for your calorie intake though.

If you do like a sugary treat then you will be pleased to know that this ingredient is good for giving your blood sugar levels some stability – always good for your waistline. The 1,800 mg included is a great amount.


Always an essential ingredient in many fat burners and the reason is quite simple.

pre workout ingredients, caffeine, caffeina dn pre workouts, best pre workout

When using fat burners, it is often to compliment a diet that has a lower calorie intake than you might have been used to. Because of this, your energy levels might be lower and you will need a boost.

The caffeine in Instant Knockout is a perfectly stable amount. It will help to give you a lift without being anywhere near the level to give you side effects.

This is why we found it a little surprising that Lean Mode did not include Caffeine. They may have include energy boosters to compensate, let’s take a look.

Lean Mode

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Similar to other ingredients in the past, this was once heralded as a very effective ingredient that has now been proven to offer little in terms of fat burning properties. Not a great start as it looks like Lean Mode have gone on old research to select this ingredient.

To make things worse, there have even been studies to show that Garcinia Cambogia can cause side effects such as brain fog, headaches, and fatigue. These are 3 things you do not want, especially in the gym.


It has its benefits in a supplement. But due to its ability to boost the recovery of your muscles it is more likely to be seen in a post-workout supplement.

A shame for Lean Mode here, they started relatively well with a couple of effective ingredients but it looks like they have some ineffective inclusions here.

Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode Side Effects

Lean Mode is the only product here that has any negative side effects,. It’s not ideal, to say the least. The Garcinia Cambogia is the ingredient we’re talking about and it has been known to cause headaches and fatigue.

Instant Knockout, however, uses 100% natural ingredients so it’s no surprise that this supplement is free of any side effects.

Instant Knockout vs Lean Mod Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Proven metabolism boosters
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Energy Boosters
  • No proprietary blends
  • No side effects
  • Proven company
  • Money back guarantee

Lean Mode Pros

  • Some effective ingredients
  • No proprietary blends

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Only available online
  • Slightly more green coffee bean needed

Lean Mode Cons

  • No appetite Suppressors
  • Side Effects
  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Some Ineffective Ingredients

Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout reviews conclusion

Read our full Instant Knockout Review

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It was a no contest in the end. Whilst both started well Instant Knockout really pulled away in the end. Its blend of effective ingredients at optimal dosages was more than enough for victory.

There really aren’t many products that come close and we thought Lean Mode might be able to put up more of a fight here since it is one of the better known fat burners on the market.

Because it is completely natural with no side effects you can’t really do any better, especially since so many of the ingredients are what you would call top fat burner ingredients.

For a more in-depth look at Instant Knockout, check out our full Instant Knockout review to see how it can benefit you.

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