Instant Knockout Vs Grenade Thermo Detonator Fat Burner Comparison

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Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator Fat Burner Comparison Review

Today we have a real battle of the giants, two of the fat burner industry’s biggest in terms of popularity come head to head. We look to see which is the most effective and can be crowned the best fat burner in our Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator review.

Which gets the Clean Lean Machine seal of approval?

New Year New You? Maybe it is June and you want to get that beach body refined. Whatever time of year and whatever stage of your goals you are at, a good fat burner is something everyone is after.

So, Instant Knockout Vs Grenade Thermo Detonator is upon us, the first thing to say is they have pretty different nutrient profiles with only a couple of ingredients found in both. To get started, let’s take a look at the people behind each of these products.

Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Roar AmbitionInstant Knockout Review

The people behind Instant Knockout are Roar Ambition. These guys have a string of products including TestoFuel, a natural T booster that has taken the market by storm.

Their customer service is one of the things that sets them apart. They have an excellent money back guarantee and it seems they have the trust of everyone who uses them.

Roar Ambition have some genuinely good endorsements on their roster. Including some top MMA athletes that use Instant Knockout as it helps them to make weight. UFC fighter Diego Sanchez is just one of the fighters to put their name to this fat burner.

It is safe for use in competition which is why so many athletes are using it.


The people that make Grenade Thermo Detonator are Grenade, and their rise to the top has been pretty impressive since their beginnings back in 2010.

They are one of the big names in the fat burner and supplement world and this product is sold in over 100 countries. They have won many awards for their products, so what is it that makes them so popular?

Grenade have their own list of endorsements including Jamie Alderton, endurance athlete. As well as Claire Harper, fitness athlete.

Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator: Ingredients

You can have the best packaging in the world but you are only as good as the quality of your product.

For too long people would just buy the best looking product, now customers want to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Especially since there are so many products on the market that have side effects.

The ingredients are what sets them apart, but who delivers on the mutual ingredients?

Mutual Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

A clever inclusion from both since this ingredient has multiple fat burning properties. The catechins included help to get the thermogenic process going. This is where your body is heated up inside, so it burns fat to cool down. After all, this is what we are looking for here right?

It also helps your body to get the most out of fat burning through exercise, so use it to complement your workout routine.

The high dosage in both Instant Knockout and Grenade Thermo Detonator of 500 mg is useful, to say the least.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Another very good fat burner and it is good to see that it is included in both of these products. If you are not into spicy food you have been missing out on some serious fat burning qualities but fear not – consuming through a supplement is easy.

Another good thermogenic, it is also an excellent appetite suppressant. This means once you have started to use Cayenne Pepper Extract as part of your fat burning routine, you will be better equipped to avoid the temptation of snacking.

So burn fat, and don’t put it back on – good news all round!

The 100 mg in Instant Knockout is enough to get a good response, but the 200 mg in Grenade Thermo Detonator is that bit more effective here depending on your tolerances. It could also be on the high side for some.


This is good for your energy when you are reducing your calorie intake as part of a healthier lifestyle. However, it also has good fat burning properties. Not only will it give you more energy in the gym but it also a good fat oxidizer. This means it will use the body’s fat whilst burning it off.

The Grenade Thermo Detonator website says to take 2 capsules twice a day, each serving of 2 capsules contains 225 mg of caffeine which makes the daily intake a bit on the high side. It is not recommended that you consume later in the day – not if you want to sleep!

The daily caffeine contained in Instant Knockout is a bit more sensible, although you still won’t want to take it later in the day.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee in its purest. It is green because it has not been roasted and it has been shown to reduce the amount of fat in your body. It is also a digestive aid, helping you to pass the carbs that you don’t want turning into fat.

The 100 mg within Instant Knockout is far more effective than the 10 mg contained in Grenade Thermo Detonator.

Individual Ingredients

Now is the chance for each supplement to shine in its own way. So far, we would say Instant Knockout has the safest dosages. Theirs are within the most optimal amounts for an effective fat burner, but let’s see what makes them each unique.

Instant Knockout


An excellent appetite suppressant, you don’t see this in enough fat burners in our opinion. It expands in your stomach making you feel as though you are full so the temptation to snack is no longer a problem.

The optimal dosage of 1,800 mg included here means you should get the benefit of this great ingredient.

Black Pepper Extract

A good all rounder this one for any supplement in that it helps to get the best out of the ingredients that are included with it.

Also known as piperine, it has also been shown to boost metabolism as well as thermogenesis as well as other healthy weight management properties.

10 mg is all you need here.

Grenade Thermo Detonator

We should note here that this product does include a proprietary blend. Unfortunate really as it has shown some promise, but the inclusion of a blend means we are not able to see the doses of all ingredients. When you don’t know the dosage you cannot tell if it is effective, or even safe.

It is always difficult to fully recommend a product that uses proprietary blends, but we will see how much information we can get from it here.

Bitter Orange Powder

This ingredient alone is enough for us to recommend that you stay clear of Grenade Thermo Detonator and we should also advise that this is banned by many countries. As well as associations including the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association in the U.S). You might be wondering why, well when we tell you that it contains synthesize, which is similar to the herb ephedra then you might understand.

This brings with it the risk of some serious side effects such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and fainting amongst other serious potential side effects. There is 420 mg contained in each serving.


Ok, there have been many studies to support its uses as a fat burner, it has the potential to enhance your ability to break down fat – always a good thing.

However, the potential side effects are more than enough to put us off and these even include the risk of high blood pressure and a spike in your heart rate.

Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator Side Effects

Instant Knockout has no side effects from what we can see, and we can’t find any evidence of any either. This is down to the natural ingredients that they use and safe and optimal dosages.

The same cannot be said for Grenade Thermo Detonator. The inclusion of Bitter Orange Powder means the potential side effects are more than a little too much caffeine, they could be very serious. The high blood pressure and risk or heart attack from this ingredient are more than enough for us to avoid Grenade Thermo Detonator.

Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator Pros and Cons


Instant Knockout Pros

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Proven Appetite Suppressants
  • Plenty of Energy Boosters
  • No proprietary blends
  • Proven company
  • No side effects

Grenade Thermo Detonator Pros

  • Some effective fat burner ingredients
  • Impressive marketing
  • Big Company

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Only available online

Grenade Thermo Detonator Cons

  • Includes a proprietary blend
  • Some ineffective ingredients
  • Some Serious Potential Side Effects
  • Bitter Orange a bad inclusion
  • Only to be used if over 21 in the US and 18 in the UK

Instant Knockout vs Grenade Thermo Detonator Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout reviews conclusion

Read our full Instant Knockout Review

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Considering that these are two of the biggest fat burners on the market, we couldn’t believe the difference between them.

Grenade Thermo Detonator has some seriously concerning ingredients. Yet it has such a large share of the market. Yes, it is one of the best looking and marketed products, but it worries us that so many people are using it. Possibly without checking on what each ingredient is like.

We only recommend products that are safe, effective and natural and Instant Knockout definitely ticks all of these boxes.

Its list of effective ingredients are great and it will not put your health at risk, surely this is the most important thing with any supplement?

Read our in-depth review of Instant Knockout to find out more about just how beneficial it can be for you.

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