Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner [Do They Work?]

Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner

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Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner

Reputations are everything in this business. Our Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner brings together two impressive brands.

Instant Knockout has a big loyal following and BPI Sports are one of the industry’s biggest names.

We have seen it before though, big names can make sub-par products. So, which of these will come out on top today?

In order to impress, they need to do the following well:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

Anything less than this will not do.

Let’s start by getting to know them a little better.

Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner: Who Makes These Products?

Roar Ambition

The people behind Instant Knockout are this UK based team.

They have built up a big fanbase and amend their ingredients and doses regularly. This ensures the customer is getting the most up to date version of a good fat burner.

With the amount of before and after profiles on the web, it is clear to see that it has the backing of a lot of people.

There is a big 90- day money back guarantee with this product. This really gives you the chance to try it on for size and see if it helps you to get shredded.

If endorsements are your thing then UFC fighter Diego Sanchez puts his name to Instant Knockout. He uses it to make weight before a bout.

Roar Ambition also makes the testosterone booster TestoFuel. Former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to it.

BPI SportsBPI RoxyLean Fat Burner

This Florida based company are up there with the biggest names. They came from humble beginnings so their rise is impressive.

Their website is slick and professional and has a wide range of products on there. They make everything from protein products to pre-workouts and beyond.

There is a 30 – days returns policy with their products. This isn’t the biggest amount of time but it is good that they give you something as many don’t.

BPI Sports seem to be an honest brand. They give you their Trustpilot score on their site. With 3 out of 5 stars it isn’t the biggest score but we like that they give you this information.

Of course, a brand their size means a lot of their products can be found in stores.

It also sells well on Amazon. This isn’t always the sign of a good product though. Some of the worst we have reviewed sell well on there, the reviews are sometimes a bit suspect on there.

Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner Ingredients

Now we can see which is the better option.

The early signs aren’t the best for BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner. A lot of their ingredients are contained in a proprietary blend. This means we don’t get to see all the dosages.

Also, their suggested serving of one capsule a day doesn’t spread out the fat burning benefits in the same way as Instant Knockout. They advise taking one capsule 3-4 times a day.

Mutual Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

An effective start from both products, Caffeine is a popular fat burning ingredient for a reason.

Of course, the energy boost is going to be very welcome. This is especially the case if you are using a fat burner alongside a workout routine, or a diet that restricts calories.

It will speed up metabolism and increase focus which is why it is found in many nootropic supplements.

The anhydrous side refers to the fact that it is a powdered version of Caffeine. This is easily absorbed and will get to work fast.

Instant Knockouts dosage of 350 mg across 4 servings will be effective and well tolerated.

We don’t get the dosage from BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner unfortunately because of the proprietary blend, but we do know that it is the equivalent to 3 cups of coffee.

Individual Ingredients

Instant Knockout


A good start for Instant Knockout.

This dietary fiber is an effective appetite suppressant. It absorbs water and swells in the stomach, making you feel full. Any ingredient that can do this ensures that you are less likely to snack in between meals.

The 500 mg from Instant Knockout is a very good dosage as well.

Green Tea Extract

Up there with the very best ingredients for fat burners.

It is thermogenic. This means it heats the body up on the inside causing it to burn fat to cool itself down again.

The catechins in Green Tea are really beneficial. They are antioxidants that help to fight disease as well as aid the body in terms of weight management. backs this up by saying they are anti-obesity and anti-diabetic which makes this ingredient even more impressive.

Not done yet, Green Tea Extract is also linked to increased endurance levels.

WebMD says that Green tea is a milder stimulant than Caffeine Anhydrous and contains just 2-4% Caffeine. This gives still provides an increase in your focus and alertness.

The 500 mg in Instant Knockout is another great amount that will really give you the above benefits.


Yet another effective fat burner.

WebMD advise that Chromium can decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in people who have lower blood fat levels.

Some studies have even shown Chromium to be able to communicate with the brain to tell the it that the body is full. This means it works as an appetite suppressant.

The 100 mcg is a good amount.

Cayenne Powder

An effective fat burner.

A versatile one as well that acts as a thermogenic. This means more fat burning even as you rest.

WebMD says that Cayenne Pepper is also useful for appetite suppression. They say that it has been found to curve appetite, especially in those who do not already eat spicy foods.

The 100 mg is an effective dosage.

Black Pepper Extract

An ingredient that you find in almost any type of supplement.

This is because it enhances the capabilities of the other ingredients it is found with. Good news for anyone that uses Instant Knockout because it is full of proven ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Another proven fat burner.

It is basically coffee before the color has been roasted. Also, before a lot of the chlorogenic acid has been as well.

It is this acid that stops our bodies from storing as much fat and also keeps blood sugar levels down.

WebMD discusses one study that looked into adults with obesity found that taking Green Coffee Extract for between 8 to 12 weeks meant more weight loss for those when compared to others taking a placebo.

With 100 mg included we are getting a good amount.

Vitamin B6

An effective ingredient and one that helps us to make energy from the food we consume.

By converting it into glucose it can then be used for energy. B6 even has links to metabolism boosting so the 5 mg in Instant Knockout is a good inclusion.

Vitamin B12

This ingredient prevents the body from storing as much fat.

We can’t create it naturally so supplementing it is useful. This is especially the case for vegans and vegetarians as prominent sources are fish, meat, and dairy.


Another good fat burner.

It can improve the mood of the user (see but also prevent us from storing as much fat.

Less fat storage = less fat to get rid of.

The 10 mg included is another optimal dosage.

BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner


Basically, Thiamin is Vitamin B1. says that it has limited benefits when taken by a healthy subject and that deficiencies are not common.

Not a great ingredient as the only people that are really deficient are those with a poor diet or those who abuse alcohol.

It can help with energy metabolism much like other B-vitamins which makes it useful and the 185 mg included is a good amount.


Otherwise known as Vitamin B3, it is a more common ingredient for this type of product.

With links to helping insulin levels, it also helps to break down carbs so we can use them for fuel. does say that for B3 to be effective you need around a gram of it.

The 30 mg in BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner isn’t going to give you what you need.


Some sources will tell you that Lemon can help to curve hunger and decrease bloating. It could also help with working against water retention by acting as a diuretic.

WebMD aren’t convinced though as they advise that there is insufficient evidence to support its use of increasing urine. are also not impressed that Limonene a molecule found in high amounts in Lemons is for some reason marketed as a fat burner despite minimal evidence of fat burning effects.

All hype then maybe and the fact that we don’t have the dosage doesn’t help.

Adhatoda Leaf

Another ingredient that isn’t a direct fat burner.

Actually, we are struggling to see how it is of any use really.

The main benefits seem to be its use for opening the breathing tubes but as according to WebMD there is not enough information to know how it might work.

An unimpressive ingredient.


From the unproven to the less than desirable.

Yohimbine is controversial, to say the least. On the plus side, it is thought to be an appetite suppressant and it can even speed up the way our bodies burn fat. The risks are what makes it one to avoid.

WebMD advise that when taken orally, it is possibly unsafe. They also tell us that Yohimbine has been linked to reports of severe side effects that include heart attacks and seizures.

Just the fact that in the USA it is actually illegal to sell the man-made yohimbine hydrochloride version as a dietary supplement puts us off.

The bigger the dose, the high the risk of and we don’t know how much there is here which is a real worry.

Yohimbine’s other potential side effects include irregular heartbeat, irritability, sleep issues and more.

Goldenseal Root

Another unimpressive ingredient.

We aren’t the only ones who think this either. WebMD says that many of the important chemicals in Goldenseal are poorly absorbed when taken by mouth and might not reach concentrations needed to have significant effects in humans.

Also, none of the traits listed on their page involve fat burning or even anything linked to it.

It doesn’t seem to have any benefit for this product.

White Willow Root

With anti-inflammatory benefits, it is a better fat burner.

There isn’t a lot of backing for it though and some sources actually advise you to act with caution when using.

When it comes to potential side effects, WebMD does say that itching, rash, an upset stomach and allergic reactions can be a result of consuming. They also comment that it is likely to be safe, but not when taken for longer periods.

You will find some people discussing their BPI Sports Roxylean allergic reactions online although the formula has changed over the years.

Chinese Skullcap

This ingredient can be beneficial and has links to reducing anxiety in the user.

You will find it nootropics for this reason. Because of the stimulants in this product, this is likely to be included to counter their effects and leave you feeling calm.

In order to know how good it can be, you need to know the dosage.


The final ingredient but much like half of the ones in this product, it isn’t a good one.

It works in a similar way to Yohimbine so we aren’t impressed. says that there isn’t a lot known about this ingredients potency. This in itself is a worry.

Until further research has been conducted, as long as it is safe and effective for fat burning, we would rather stay clear.

Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner Side Effects

The good news is that Instant Knockout contains natural ingredients at safe and effective dosages so it is fine to use.

On the other hand, BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner contains Yohimbine which is a bit of a concern. This is because the potential side effects include heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, seizures, sleep issues irritability, and more.

The proprietary blend is also not ideal when it comes to safety because of the level of stimulants.

Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Used by top athletes
  • Ships worldwide
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Suppresses hunger

BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner Pros

  • Some useful fat burner ingredients
  • Available in stores

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Not available in store
  • Shouldn’t take too late in the day because of the caffeine levels

BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner Cons

  • Proprietary blend
  • Potential side effects
  • Ineffective ingredients
  • Unproven ingredients
  • Serving suggestion not ideal

Instant Knockout vs BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Buy Instant Knockout from:

(Clean Lean Machine tip: Get 1 box free when you buy 3 boxes!)

Despite BPI Sports Roxylean Fat Burner being the bigger brand, Instant Knockout has to be our winner today.

It contains so many of the best fat burner ingredients and hasn’t scrimped on the dosages.

Also, they haven’t just loaded up their supplement with stimulants. This isn’t going to have the effect that you really want – it’ll make you feel like it does but without other useful ingredients, it is limited.

Go for a fat burner that ticks all the boxes and remains a safe and effective option, like Instant Knockout.

Buy Instant Knockout from:

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