Instant Knockout Vs Animal Cuts

instant-knockout-vs-animal-cuts review

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Instant Knockout Vs Animal Cuts

Our Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts review gets us asking a few questions. What do you look for in a fat burner? And how important is the safety of the product?

Maybe you like openness from an ingredients list? And which of these in the best fat burner supplement?

Here we have two of the better known fat burners on the market. With both going for very different approaches in how they work.

The battle is due to commence. Read on to see if it’s a close contest or if one product runs away with it.

We like to see the following benefits from a fat burner:

  • Increased Motivation
  • Quicker Fat Loss
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • No side effects

Well the first thing we can say is that Instant Knockout is the only product here that offers appetite suppression. It’s an early strike from them. But with each of these products made by some big names in the supplement world. It’s time to check out who is behind them.

Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts: Who Makes These Supplements?

Roar Ambition

The people behind our first fat burner here is Instant Knockouts Roar Ambition. They are a UK based company and we always find them easy to deal with because of their simple website and specific products.

Their supplements are amongst the best around and their money back guarantee supports their confidence in their range.

They frequently review their recipe and dosages to keep up with industry trends and ensure that you are receiving the best possible product.

If you like what you hear already then head over to our Instant Knockout review.

Universal Nutrition

If the Roar Ambition website was simple and easy to navigate, then Universal Nutrition is the opposite.

They have been around for over 25 years and also boast of a range of products. From supplements to shakers and even protein bars.

With many years behind them, they must be doing something right. But just how good is their fat burner? It’s been on the market for some time so the repeat customers must be right? Or are they?

For a closer look, read our in-depth Animal Cuts review for yourself.

Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts Ingredients

This is where the real fun starts. And where we find out the quality of each of these products and our first impression are, there is a great disparity between these products.

This is because Instant Knockout does NOT use proprietary blends. Making them an open company that likes to show off their dosages to the customer.

Whereas Animal Cuts have left the important stuff up to the imagination. What you don’t want is a supplement that doesn’t tell you how effective the dosages are.

This will make it difficult for Animal Cuts from here to make up the ground needed. If their ingredients are completely safe with no side effects they stand a chance. Let’s just take a look at the ingredients a bit closer.

Green Tea Extract

Ok, the fact that both supplements contain this is a good sign. A more mild caffeine boost that speeds up your metabolism as well as having thermogenic properties it’s a good fat burner for sure.

With many studies to back it up it is safe to say we like to see it, and Instant Knockout contains 500 mg whilst we cannot be sure of the dosage for Animal Cuts since it is part of a proprietary blend. The blend is a total of 750 mg and contains 5 other ingredients. Although we cannot be sure, we would assume it is not as high as Instant Knockout.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Again, both of these fat burners contain this which we like to see again since it is a great ingredient for shredding fat.

They are high in chlorogenic acid. Making them an ideal fat burner since this reduces the glucose levels in the blood which encourages your body to burn fat and use it for energy.

It also speeds up your metabolism so it has more than one use here.

Again it is part of a blend for Animal Cuts so it’s effectiveness cannot be accounted for.

Cayenne Powder

Another ingredient that is common in the better fat burners (why not see if it is included in our list of top fat burning ingredients?). Yes, it is derived from the chili so if you’re not a fan of spicy food then this is a great way of consuming the benefits without the need to run for a glass of water.

It raises your metabolism through thermogenesis. This makes your body heat up and burn fat to cool itself down.

Both supplements include this which is promising. However, it is difficult to say how much Animal Cuts contains. Yet Instant Knockout has a good dosage that you will find effective.

Caffeine Anhydrous

A pick me up is always required when burning fat – it often goes hand in hand with a more considered diet so to give you more energy. Ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous are welcome.

The potent form that is not diluted by water is often found in energy drinks. Instant Knockout contains a sensible amount of caffeine. It would appear that Animal Cuts does as well. Unfortunately it also has other stimulants. So we would encourage you to stay mindful of how it is making you feel and try and keep your diet free of other stimulants.

Individual Ingredients

This is where we give the supplements a chance to shine. Their unique ingredients that are not found in the other will give us another chance to see what they have to offer.

Instant Knockout

With just ten ingredients that all appear to have been carefully selected. Roar Ambition have definitely thought their product through.

Some of the other noteworthy ingredients are as follows:


An impressive appetite suppressant. Its intention is to make you feel fuller for longer. Stopping you from snacking will lead to better habits and your fat loss will be enhanced as a result.

It won’t help to burn calories but it will stop you from taking as many on.

Vitamin B12

A strong inclusion due to the fact that it gives you energy. Then it helps your body to turn carbs into glucose it uses this and burns it for energy. It has an impressive array of uses too such as helping you to digest your food and enhancing your muscle growth.


Technically we could just call this black pepper and no one would notice. In a fat burner it is good to anyone looking to shed some pounds as it prevents fat cells from forming.

As a result, a lot of the ingredients are good for the fat cells you already have. Piperine is good for stopping your body making any new ones.

Animal Cuts

Now the turn of Animal Cuts. Let’s see what it has to offer and see if it can claw its way back here.

Choline Bitartrate

Hmm, a dubious addition if there ever was one. We knew there was something fishy about this ingredient, and it’s the effect it might have on your breath.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any benefit to your fat burning or workout desires so it’s inclusion is a strange one.


If Choline Bitartrate did nothing for you, then DMAE has undesirable effects. If you’re playing scrabble then you might want to remember it’s full name Dimethylaminoethanol it is more of a nootropic. It is believed to enhance your memory and concentration.

We have strong reservations about the inclusion of this ingredient since it is banned in many countries including Canada. Never a good sign for something you supplement.

It is banned because studies have shown it to be responsible for some pretty negative side effects. These include high blood pressure and depression.

Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Great dosages
  • Quality list of ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • No side effects
  • Money back guarantee

Animal Cuts Pros

  • Some of the ingredients are very good
  • Good metabolism, boosters

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Premium product = premium price
  • Only available online

Animal Cuts Cons

  • Dosages not clear
  • Some ingredients not useful
  • DMAE can cause side effects
  • A lot of stimulants

Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts Side Effects

Well, this section would be a lot briefer if both products were as free of side effects as Instant Knockout.

Unfortunately, Animal Cuts contains DMAE. This alone could be enough to put some off due to the side effects of headaches as well as increased blood pressure on their own.

This is on top of he fact that there are other ingredients included that also come with side effects linked to causing vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn and more.

Although it is important to say that because the dosages are not common knowledge, the ingredients that cause these can also be completely underdosed and therefore fine.

Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout reviews conclusion

Read our full Instant Knockout Review

Buy Instant Knockout from:

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With the start looking so promising, it has been quite a one-sided battle looking back. They are almost like polar opposites in some ways, yet they share some very useful ingredients.

So many people buying Animal Cuts and they can’t all be wrong so it must be effective, we just believe that there is a product here that is all natural, with no proprietary blends or side effects and therefore you shouldn’t be looking anywhere else for a proven fat burner.

Therefore, Instant Knockout is our victor and although it was hard to beat anyway, it was rather easy in the end.

To find out more about this brilliant fat burner, check out our in-depth Instant Knockout review.

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