Instant Knockout Vs Sheer Shred PM – Day or Night Fat Burner?

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Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM

Out Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM should make for an interesting battle considering the wildly different approaches…

These two fat burners are like day and night.

By that we mean Instant Knockout works as a regular fat burner throughout the day, whilst Sheer Shred PM is designed to help you burn fat at night, at least that is the theory.

But which of these approaches will result in one of these products being the best fat burner today?

We will be judging them on their fat burning capabilities, but it doesn’t end there, it is all about the ingredients, dosages, and safety as far as we are concerned.

Usually, a good fat burner will promote fat loss in problem areas as well as suppress appetite and increase energy.

The latter two will be no good in a PM fat burner, so how can Sheer Shred enhance fat burning? Let’s take a look at both to see which is the most effective.

Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM: Who Makes These Fat Burners?

Roar Ambition

Instant Knockout fat burner supplement review

Here we have the guys behind Instant Knockout, a UK based company who ship from both the UK and USA so covering Europe and stateside is not a problem.

They have one of the best reputations for a supplements company and their reach even extends to that of pro athletes.

The UFC fighter Diego Sanchez endorses this product as he uses it to help him make weight in a safe and effective way. They even have a T booster called TestoFuel that is endorsed by former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson, for a guy in his 70’s he his proof that their products work.

They have a generous money back guarantee and on top of this, they check and amend their ingredients profile regularly to ensure their customers are getting the most up to date version.

Sheer Strength Labs

Based in Dallas, these guys are behind Sheer Shred PM and have a wide reach in terms of how many people use their products.

Their website has everything from pre-workouts to T boosters and more, they even have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Their website is a little generic and we found it had to find much company information. Even their refund policy page seemed to have been cut and pasted from somewhere, they have a paragraph that discusses how any opened VHS tapes and vinyl records might only be subject to a partial refund!?

They do produce their products in the USA and all to GMP standards.

Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM Ingredients

This is where we can really get to know which is the best fat burner here.

The good news is that neither use proprietary blends, giving us a good chance of looking at the ingredients and dosages in more detail.

The serving suggestion favors Instant Knockout, in our opinion. We prefer when a product can be taken 3-4 times a day to spread out the effects, making sure your boy is burning fat for as long s possible.

Sheer Shred advises taking 2 capsules before bed, which we can argue with since it is a PM fat burner.

Since there are no mutual ingredients we will take a look at what each has included individually.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Green Tea Extract

One of the best and most highly regarded fat burners going.

Any supplement that includes this is displaying some knowledge as to what should go into a fat burner. Green Tea Extract is so good because it has multiple uses. Firstly, its thermogenic properties mean it heats the body up inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down.

As well as this it also enhances the fat burning effects of your cardio, so after a good session at the gym, having this in your system will help you to burn fat.

Cayenne Pepper

Another excellent thermogenic ingredient.

You can see why Instant Knockout is so popular already, and Cayenne Pepper is also an excellent appetite suppressant.

It absorbs water in your stomach and swells up, making you feel fuller for longer. So when you have burnt fat through its thermogenic side, the appetite suppressant element will stop you from putting the fat back on.


The fiber is another that swells up in your stomach to stop you from wanting to reach for the snack drawer.

Another ingredient that is a proven fat burner and one that is only really included in products that know what they are doing. Including many of our top recommended fat burners.

Green Coffee Extract

Another thermogenic, Instant Knockout are loading up on the really effective fat burning ingredients.

This is basically coffee beans at their purest, before the color has been extracted.

It is also a good pick me up so the energy increase should be welcome for anyone using a fat burner alongside a lower than usual calorie diet.


Not a direct fat burner, but you will find this in various supplements for a reason.

It enhances the effectiveness of the other ingredients around it, making it a great ingredient as long as the others are effective.

As you can see from the few ingredients we have taken a look at already, Instant Knockout is full of proven fat burners.

Sheer Shred PM

White Kidney Bean

Ok, not the most exciting ingredient, and not the most effective either.

This is thought to help you to break down carbs when consumed alongside them, but that is about all it does.

Most reports suggest this is not the most potent or reliable ingredient for fat burning. Basically, there are far better ingredients to include as your flagship fat burner.


Well, you do find this in a fat burner every now and then.

Its way of working is through a diuretic effect in that it rids your body of excess water. The problem we have is that this will make you need to go to the toilet through the night.

As this is a PM fat burner, if it is to be effective you will be up needing to urinate, if not, this ingredient is ineffective anyway so a bit of a catch 22.


Ok, well this is one of a few ingredient included in Sheer Shred PM that promotes a good night’s sleep.

It has relaxing properties that will help the user get to sleep faster and improve the quality of your night’s rest.

A good ingredient for your sleep, but in terms of fat burning it is typical of the other ingredients included in that it is ineffective.

Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM Side Effects

The good news here is that neither product is likely to cause the user any side effects. The natural ingredients and optimal dosages of Instant Knockout mean it is safe and will burn fat. The sensible dosages from Sheer shred PM means it is safe at least.

Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Appetite suppressant ingredients
  • Thermogenic fat burner ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Trusted company
  • Optimal dosages
  • Good caffeine level
  • No proprietary blends

Sheer Shred PM Pros

  • Reputable company
  • No proprietary blends

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Not available in store

Sheer Shred PM Cons

  • Not a lot of useful fat burners
  • Some pointless inclusions
  • Not as effective as a daytime fat burner

Instant Knockout vs Sheer Shred PM Conclusion

Winner: Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout fat burner supplement review

Read our full Instant Knockout Review

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Well, it was always going to be difficult for Sheer Shred, a PM fat burner will not be able to increase the energy of the user and suppress appetite so you would be missing out on two of the other great benefits of an effective fat burner, even if it was able to burn fat well.

That is one of the problems with Sheer Shred PM anyway, the fat burners included are either weak or ineffective and the less said about Dandelion the better! Although it will promote a good night’s sleep, this is the only area it will be effective in.

Compare this to Instant Knockout which is one of the best fat burners on the market for a reason. It has many proven fat burning ingredients at the optimal dosages meaning it is as effective as they come.

The fact that they only use 100% natural ingredients makes this a safe and worthwhile bet.

If you are one of the many people who would like to find out more about this great fat burner, we suggest you take a look at our in-depth Instant Knockout review.

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