Improving Your Fitness With Sugar – Unpopular Secrets

Improving your fitness with sugar

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Unpopular Secrets: Improving Your Fitness with Sugar

Sugar has a pretty bad reputation. So you must be wondering why the heck we’re talking to you about improving your fitness with sugar?

You’ve probably seen the headlines about how ‘sugar is more addictive than cocaine’ or ‘worse for you than smoking’.

These headlines are wrong.

If you’d like to learn how to improve your fitness with sugar you need to read on – or you can leave now and miss out on the optimal flexible dieting approach to master your gains!

We’re here to cut the nonsense and give you the real facts: people who know how to use sugar in their diet quit less and achieve better results.

After this article, you’re going to be one of these people!

Sugar In Public Health

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you probably noticed that you shouldn’t exist on sweets and fizzy drinks – it’s bad for your health, your teeth and, probably, your happiness. So why are we writing an article about how to improve your fitness using sugar?

The problem is that the media frenzy around sugar has been totally over-hyped. Sugar won’t cause cancer and it doesn’t cause weight gain. Big media companies have been misusing science for decades to push this black-and-white approach.

We both know that, in the real world, it’s never that simple! Just like exercise in moderation is the best approach for health and fitness, the dose makes the poison when it comes to sugar.

We’re NOT going to tell you that sugar is great for you: we’re going to tell you how you can make it work for you, rather than how it can harm you.

Improving Your Fitness With Sugar – What Is Sugar?

improving your fitness with sugar - what is sugar?

Sugar is basically the simplest form of carb.

Carbohydrates are chains of glucose (the stuff your body uses for energy), and sugars can be as short as a single molecule. This means that it absorbs into your bloodstream rapidly – the key aspect that makes sugar so good and so bad, all at once!

Long chains of glucose make up starches – like pasta and rice carbohydrates – which break down slowly. This is one reason why these foods aren’t as risky as sugar, but it’s important to remember that eating too much of anything is going to cause you problems.

Myth-Busting: Different Types of Sugar?

Sugar is sugar, and there aren’t really healthier or less-healthy types. Obviously, you need to avoid bleached sugars and brown is usually better when it comes to carbs. However, honey and other natural syrups are still 100% sugar.

Don’t believe anyone that tells you that honey is healthier: it’s not always considered vegan (which can be important if you’re plant-based) and it’s not even healthier! Agave and other syrups aren’t healthier than table sugar either – but they do taste better!

What’s up with Sugar?

The reason sugar gets a bad rap is because too much of it is bad for you – just like fats or proteins or anything else!

The problem is that most people have too much of it in their diet and it comes from awful sources like ice cream and sweets or added sugar in heavily-processed foods.

The problem with too much sugar is that it contributes to insulin resistance – the foundation for diabetes. With type-II diabetes being at epidemic levels, it’s important to protect yourself and it makes total sense that people are worried about sugar.

When Sugar ISN’T Bad For You

So why are we defending sugar?

Because sugar can be amazing for you… if you’re smart about it!

To start with, sugar is not inherently bad for you and it doesn’t make you fat. Too many calories is how you get fat, and sugar doesn’t cause diabetes unless you eat loads of it.

Rather, the way you’re using sugar in your diet is the problem…

You Don’t Have A Sugar Problem

If you honestly think about when you eat sugars most, it’s probably not during exercise.

This is the problem: sugar is fuel for exercise because it absorbs into your bloodstream rapidly!

If you’re performing intense exercise, then high-sugar foods like fresh fruit and healthy snacks are the best way to keep your muscles fuelled up. That’s a top tip for improving your fitness with sugar.

If you’re sat on the sofa watching TV, you’re just not going to need sugar. Your body doesn’t need rapidly-absorbing carbohydrates, it needs nutrient-dense plant foods and healthy proteins.

If you snack on sugary foods instead of using them to fuel endurance exercise, you don’t have a sugar problem, you have a food-timing problem!

Fixing Your Sugar Problem

There are a few ways to adjust your sugar intake to improve your fitness and diet, and we’ve checklisted them to make it easy to keep track:

1. Make sure you’re not eating too much sugar

Too much sugar is still bad: keep your intake reasonable. Try to aim for less than 50g a day and make sure you’re not eating sugar with every meal.

2. Don’t eat sugar when you’re resting

This is key: you should avoid sugary foods when you’re resting and relaxing. They’re not meant to be eaten at rest – they’re quick sources of energy! You don’t need energy to relax, you should be eating slow-release healthy fats (like nuts and seeds) or slow-releasing carbs (like oatmeal or beans).

3. DO eat sugar-rich foods during your training

Sugar is performance fuel. You should be doing some form of intense exercise and some form of endurance training if you want the best health and fitness. These are the perfect times to eat your favorite sugary foods: they’ll keep you fuelled up while also letting you eat what you want once a day!

4. Improve your fiber intake

Keeping healthy means improving your metabolic and digestive health. Dietary fiber is the original superfood for both of these purposes! It keeps your gut healthy, reduces your chance of developing diabetes and counter-acts the negative effects of sugar. If you’re trying to improve your diet and health, more high-fiber plant foods are key.

If you’re still struggling with your calorie intake and food-timing problem, we recommend the help of a natural and safe fat burner to aid in suppressing your appetite and burning off any unwanted body fat.

Improving Your Fitness With Sugar Conclusion

To keep it simple, you need to treat sugar the same way you treat any other food group: don’t cut it out entirely – use it to your advantage!

Don’t eat too much and don’t eat it while you’re not doing anything, use it when you need a pick me up.

By improving your fitness with sugar what you’re going to see is an improved chance to stick with your diet (because you’re not restricting yourself to boring foods), better performance while you’re exercising and a better long-term relationship with food!

We believe in health and wellness of your mind and your body. This means taking care of yourself but also being kind to yourself: you don’t need to hate your diet to improve your physique and achieve great things. You just need to find balance, take your rest seriously and organize your food to fit your life.

You need to fuel your body, not poison it, and fixing your sugar and sugar-timing is a great way to start celebrating a healthy diet, rather than feeling like it’s a chore!

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