Immune Defence Review – Zinc Lozenges with Rosehip and Acerola

Immune Defence Lozenges review

Immune Defence Lozenges




  • Excellent Zinc content
  • Proven immunity-boosting ingredients
  • Sensible dosages
  • No side effects
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly


  • A little pricey but worth it

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Immune Defence Review

Immune Defence review - zinc lozenges with rosehip & acerola - do they work?
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It seems like there has never been a better time to look after your immune system. It all starts with a quality diet but there we are going to see if our Immune Defence review will leave us with a product that restore optimum immune system function.

This product must do more than give us a great taste, these need to contain all the ingredients you would expect from a quality ‘immunity booster’. Then, the dosages all need to be optimal or it just isn’t going to work.

There are certain ingredients our bodies need to operate at full capacity and one quick look at the label here and we can see some familiar faces. To help give your body the best chance of battling illness before it can set in, you also need a careful combination of nutrients.

To impress, this product needs to do the following:

  • Use proven ‘immunity-boosting’ ingredients
  • Be suitable to consume at different times
  • Shorten the recovery time for colds 
  • Be safe to consume

This is a bare minimum for us to consider recommending them. With the way that coronavirus has changed the world, we are crying out for a quality ‘immunity boosting’ supplement. These lozenges are likely to be easy to take, so let’s see if it is worth the investment.

Who Makes Immune Defence?

Immune Support System Zinc Lozenges with Rosehip and Acerola

Swiss Research Labs

Although the name might suggest otherwise, this is the UK based company behind this product. They are also the brand behind weight loss products and ship worldwide.

For UK customers, you can expect delivery within a day or two and if you are in the USA, they will reach you within a week. You are looking at a maximum of 10 days if you are in Europe, and up to 15 for the rest of the world.

This product is made in a purpose-built facility that has been in operation for over 40 years. As you might expect from a company making immunity-boosting products, they use mouth masks when packaging and adhere to strict hygiene procedures when making their products.

We like that this product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This is applicable for 100 days of receiving the product. Their website is full of the research articles that back the benefits of each ingredient so there is a lot of scientific research that has gone into the following formula.

Let’s take a look at the label and see what it has in store for us.

Immune Defence Ingredients Review

Immune Defence review - do the ingredients in zinc lozenges work?

The good news is that the early signs are positive. Because they do not use proprietary blends, we get to see every ingredient and dosage.

This is where a lot of other brands fall short so it is good that we get to see how effective and safe this product is. 

The formula is vegan-friendly and can be taken daily, before, during, or after a cold and each aniseed flavoured lozenge dissolves on the tongue. 

We like that they advise taking them during stressful times. Stress is when your immune system is particularly weakened and in need of a boost. 

Just how much of this product benefits the immune system though? Time to take a close look.


As we expected with an immunity-boosting lozenge supplement, this product is based around the Zinc content.

Studies have shown that Zinc can help to reduce the symptoms of a cold by up to 50%. This means you won’t be struggling to get out of bed for as long, as you will be back to 100% a lot sooner.

They advise that you should take these lozenges at the first sign of a cold because of this. Because our bodies cannot store zinc, we need to have a top-up to maintain optimal levels.

Men indeed require more Zinc in their diet and around 11 mg a day is a good amount although you can get it from certain food sources, many people don’t get enough.

Women need around 8 mg a day in comparison and because you get 3.5 mg of Zinc in every lozenge, there is a sufficient amount to bring you to what you need. 

This is especially the case because you can take more than one lozenge. Even at the maximum level per day which over the 4 lozenges is 14 mg, it should be well tolerated.

Consuming too much Zinc can make the extra you have in your system ineffective. It is a waste to use much more. 

Vitamin C

Everyone knows the links between adequate vitamin C and your immune system. This is why it is no surprise to see it here.

The advice of any nutritionist during flu season is to get a lot of it into your system. There is no easier way than via Immune Defence Lozenges. Vitamin C removes toxins to stop them from building up and impacting your health.

WebMD suggests that it may help to protect against deficiencies in your immune system.

Other studies have shown that Vitamin C is good for helping to fight off infections as well as protecting the immune system.

By boosting the body’s line of defense, you can see why it has been included. Each lozenge gives the consumer around 2.5 mg of Vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Somewhat less fashionable than the other ingredients Vitamin A still has an important part to play in boosting your immunity.

Vitamin A has been found to boost your defense in the face of a variety of infections. This is why it will be a useful ingredient to consume when the flu season is approaching. 

Because of its proven benefits, numerous studies are looking into how Vitamin A might enhance the immune system in other ways. Therefore, it might be even better than we realise. 

Vitamin E

Another proven ingredient, and one that we like to see in immunity-boosting supplements. 

It is especially important to consume if you are in the older demographic of around 55 and above. This is because studies have shown how Vitamin E can help to boost immune responses.

That wraps up the ingredients of our Immune Defence Lozenges review. Each one is certainly here on merit which bodes well for anyone looking for an immunity boost.

How To Take Immune Defence?

At the first sign of a cold, take 1 lozenge every 2 – 3 hours, with a maximum of 4 a day. 

This gives you the best chance of reducing the time you spend suffering at the hands of a cold. When your immune system is suffering, this is the kind of boost it needs so it is a good idea to get into your body.

This is especially the case because the ingredients start to work within 24 hours. Sucking the lozenges keeps them in your mouth longer, they are easily absorbed through skin tissues.

This is one of the most effective ways of delivering the benefits and works in a similar way to a nicotine patch. Because of this, the ingredients act fast which is going to be particularly useful when you feel a cold coming.

Do Immune Defence Lozenges Cause Any Side Effects?

The good news is that side effects are not a concern here.

As with any dietary pill or supplement you get from your health store, if you stick to the recommended dosage, you should not experience any side effects. Of course, over-consuming these lozenges is not a good idea. Stick to a maximum of 4 a day with a 3-hour gap between each lozenge.

The same goes for throat lozenges in that you should not treat them like a sweet. They are there to serve a purpose and are not a snack.

The dosages are all sensible yet effective. But, when you start to consume too much of any vitamin, you run the risk of side effects.

Any pregnant woman should consult their doctor before consuming these immunity-boosting lozenges.

Take with a balanced diet and you will get the maximum benefits.

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Immune Defence Lozenges Pros and Cons


✅ Excellent Zinc content

✅ Proven immunity-boosting ingredients

✅ Sensible dosages

✅ No side effects

✅ Money-back guarantee

✅ Vegetarian & Vegan-friendly


❌ A little pricey but worth it

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Immune Defence Lozenges Review Conclusion

Although certain products call themselves immunity-boosting, this is usually little more than a little added vitamin C into their formula.

Sure, this ingredient has been proven to be effective for boosting your immune system but for a product to truly help you battle a cold, it needs to look more like Immune Defence Lozenges.

The Zinc content is ideal since you can take more than one lozenge a day. Give yourself more of a top-up if required. 

We also liked that because it comes in a lozenge, your body absorbs the ingredients faster.

It is safe to consume and fine for pretty much everyone to take at the first sign of a cold. Because of the blend of immunity-boosting vitamins and generous Zinc content, it is highly likely to make a difference to how long you suffer a cold.

There is a tonne of research backing up the inclusion of each ingredient. Because of this, we expect to see it in more medicine cupboards when flu season is approaching.

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Do Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges Work?

Each ingredient has the backing of numerous studies, and has been included on merit. With no filler, you don’t have to worry about any questionable ingredients that negatively impact its effectiveness.

So, there is every reason to believe that this is a product that is going to give your immune system the boost it needs. This will either help you get through a cold or prevent one from taking hold of you.

Does Immune Defence Work Against Coronavirus?

There isn’t any evidence to prove that taking Immune Defence will stop you from getting coronavirus or COVID-19. But, the essential vitamins & minerals Immune Defence is made up of have been studied and proven to support your immune system.

Although good hygiene – washing hands thoroughly and regularly, avoiding touching your face, wearing a face mask and social distancing are the best methods – a strong immune system does make you less susceptible to infections and viruses.

Where Can I Buy Immune Defence?

The only place to buy Do Immune Defence Lozenges is via the manufacturer’s website. Because you often find health supplements on Amazon through unlicensed sellers, we like that you can only get this immunity booster directly.

This means you are not at risk of receiving a fake product.

Also, you can find special offers on their website. They often run offers such as 20% off and when you purchase larger quantities you get better value.

Who Can Take Immune Defence?

For a start, these zinc lozenges can be consumed by anyone over the age of 12.

As we mentioned earlier, anyone pregnant or nursing should consult their doctor before using this product. 

ImmuneDefence advise that you take these at the first sign of a cold or if you are going through a stressful time to give your depleted immune system a boost. 

How Long Do Immune Defence Lozenges Take To Work?

They get to work fast.

This is why the company recommends taking it as soon as you experience cold symptoms. Since studies have shown that the likes of Zinc have been proven to reduce the symptoms and duration of a cold, this is a smart idea.

Where Is Immune Defence Manufactured?

They use a building that has been a purpose-built health supplement facility for over 40 years. With stringent health and safety measures, they work to ensure each product is made to a high standard in the UK.

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