Hunter Focus Review – Why Buy Roar Ambition’s Premium Nootropic?

hunter focus review

Hunter Focus

$75 / £55 / €60

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  • Made by a reputable company
  • Contains key nootropic ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Ship directly from the UK and USA
  • Money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Stimulant free


  • Premium product = premium price

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Hunter Focus Review

Hunter Focus review - premium nootropic supplement

We all need to be able to focus more from time to time. But will our Hunter Focus review provide a product that will really benefit us in more ways than one, or is it another low-quality product to hit the market?

It is easy to out your promises on a label, but how often can a nootropic really deliver? This is made by a reputable company and it is part of their premium range This is why we are expecting to see a product that will really work.

In order to impress though, it needs to do the following well:

  • Faster thinking
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Better memory
  • More brain energy

Since the demand is forever growing, a new addition to our top recommended nootropics supplements would be very welcome.

Let’s see what it has to offer.

Hunter Focus Review: Who Makes This Nootropic?

Roar Ambition - Premium Supplements Manufacturer from UK

This UK based company have a great reputation online.

Roar Ambition makes everything to the approval of both the FDA and GMP and ship directly from the UK and USA.

Part of what makes them so popular is their 90 – day money back guarantee, as well as their commitment to reviewing and amending their ingredients and dosages regularly.

With so many before and after profiles online, it is hard not to be impressed. So many people have taken to YouTube as well as other sites to show off their results. This is something you don’t see enough of.

We like that their endorsements are strong names as well. UFC fighter Diego Sanchez puts his name to their fat burner, Instant Knockout. As well as this, their T Booster TestoFuel is endorsed by former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson.

This is their premium nootropic supplement so it is safe to say that given their previous experience of making great supplements, this could be one to look out for.

Hunter Focus IngredientsHunter Focus Ingredients review

This is where we can really find out if it is a nootropic that will work.

Since nootropics are becoming more popular, we really want stand out ingredients. The good news is that there are no proprietary blends. This means that we get to see all the dosages and see how effective each ingredient can be.

The advice of 2 capsules twice a day means you will get to spread out the benefits that the ingredients have to offer.

Also, being able to take daily and consistently should not be underestimated. It takes a while for some people to get the full benefits so the fact that you do not have to take a break from the ingredients is good.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg

An ingredient you will see more often in nootropics and certainly a beneficial one.

It helps to promote Nerve Growth Factor which can help to store more information. It is this that is also linked to boosting memory.

Anyone who has a deadline coming up or even a key presentation will certainly benefit from such an ingredient.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is also great for stopping the brain from suffering from cognitive decline as much. Anyone who is over the age of 50 will particularly benefit from this. It is an ingredient found in a lot of Asian cuisines and is described by as a promising cognitive enhancer and immunomodulator.

At 500 mg, you are getting an optimal and effective dosage.

An excellent start…

Ashwagandha Extract 300 mg

A traditional ingredient, and another effective one.

It is great in a nootropic because of the way it can reduce the effects of anxiety, leaving you feeling relaxed. It is the sort of ingredient that supplements include to make sure their stimulant content doesn’t make the user freak out! Ashwagandha basically keeps you in control.

It is thought to be full of antioxidants which are good for supporting brain health and reduces oxidative stress. You will find that your brain is protected from disorders. describe it as an adaptogen that is typically used for stress and anxiety relief. They also advise that it shows promise for reducing stress-induced depression.

Ashwagandha also has links to being a sleep aid. The dosage of 300 mg is going to give you all of the above.

Citicoline 250 mg

Another effective nootropic ingredient.

We like ingredients that serve multiple purposes which is what we have here. It can increase the amount of memory the brain can store and is good for overall energy levels in the brain.

Citicoline is actually linked to making the consumer more efficient in how they use their brains. We said that it has a lot of uses, well it is also important for maintaining brain health. It makes sure your brain cells are kept in better shape, providing them with the nourishment they need.

WebMD says that Citicoline is a chemical that is used to fight against many brain-related diseases such as Alziemers, memory loss, Parkinson’s disease and more.

The 250 mg dosage we get is another optimal one that will really work.

Passion Flower 250 mg

This herb is becoming more and more popular.

The main benefit of using it is that it can reduce anxiety. Anything that can lessen the effects of stress-related issues can really benefit the brain.

Often linked to treating insomnia, it is also an effective sleep aid. Derived from North America, it is also thought to improve the overall quality of your sleep.

By calming the user and reducing anxiety, it is thought to be a useful ingredient in nootropics because it can aid clear thinking.

An ingredient that we like to see and the 250 mg is a very generous and effective amount.

Bacopa Monnieri 200 mg

One of the best ingredient in the whole of this Hunter Focus review.

It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as it works as an antioxidant.

With plenty of studies backing its ability to reduce anxiety as well as retain memory, it is a useful addition to any nootropic.

There is a well regarded, placebo-controlled double-blind trial that showed that Bacopa Monnieri was responsible for excellent results when it comes to memory retention as well as functioning.

This study may have produced some side effects, but it is worth noting that the dosages used were a lot higher than your average nootropic supplement, including this one today.

The 200 mg is a sensible, but effective dosage.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 200 mg

More effective ingredients.

With this one, it is because it benefits your attention span and keeps you more focused.

This is a popular ingredient for those with stressful jobs that require them to really pay attention. Also, if you are the type of person who can’t help but look at their phone every two minutes in the gym, L-Tyrosine is a good idea.

It is more widely known for how it can help to battle against the effects of stress, It stops your body from producing as many stress hormones. This is why you will find it in various nootropic supplements. says it is an amino acid that is used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. This makes it a neurotransmitter as well. Another great ingredient that has a variety of uses.

For it to really work, you need around 100 – 300 mg. The good news is that Hunter Focus has provided 200 mg making it another optimal dosage.

L-Theanine 200 mg

Who doesn’t want to concentrate more, and think more creatively!?

Well, L-Theanine is an ingredient that can give you both of these. It is used to optimize Alpha Waves and it is these that can help to get the user into a productive mindset.

L- Theanine is widely regarded as one of the most reliable ingredients for a nootropic which makes it a popular inclusion.

It is derived from a plant and gives the user a calm feeling whilst also increasing alertness. By making you more focused it certainly has a lot of uses.

Not done yet, L-Theanine is also proven to reduce anxiety. This makes it an ingredient that earns its place in a variety of supplements as it can help to work against the effects of stimulants, whilst still ensuring their benefits are delivered.

The dosage of 200 mg is a very good one.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Another useful inclusion.

This time it is because it can protect the brain from aging. It is also believed to be able to boost brain circulation making sure you get more nitric oxide to where it is needed. WebMD says that there is research that suggests taking it improves mental function in both young adults and the elderly. This makes it a very good ingredient to include by Hunter Focus.

This is the last of the nutrients but it gives us something different and ensures that every box is truly ticked here.

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Hunter Focus Side Effects

This is such an important section when it comes to nootropics.

This is your brain we are talking about, after all, you just can’t take risks. Thankfully when considering Hunter Focus, you won’t be.

It is full of effective, yet safe ingredients. Also, the dosages are excellent and will be well tolerated.

Hunter Focus Review Pros and Cons

Hunter Focus Review Pros

  • Made by a reputable company
  • Contains key nootropic ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Ship directly from the UK and USA
  • Money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Stimulant free

Hunter Focus Review Cons

  • Premium product = premium price

Hunter Focus Review Conclusion

Get a hold of this offer as it provides great value! Buy 3 bottles and get 1 Free! At 120 tablets per bottle, it is a 4 month supply.

This premium nootropic comes with free delivery in both the UK & USA.

It is good to see a truly premium product hit the nootropics market.

If you are serious about increasing brain energy and giving yourself extra capacity to remember and recall information at a later date, then Hunter Focus is the product you should get.

There is no point in spending money on a product that costs half the price but doesn’t even deliver half the benefits. What you are getting is a premium quality nootropic from a very reputable long standing manufacturer.

By staying away from stimulants, they have ensured that this is a product that will be well tolerated by everyone.

Every ingredient earns their place, it’s refreshing to be getting our hands on a supplement that doesn’t contain any filler. This is why we have no problem recommending Hunter Focus to our readers.

We have reviewed too many products that have let us down in some way, promising the world but not delivering. If anything Hunter Focus has under promised, but over delivered. It may be in the premium area in terms of pricing, but for such great results, it is worth it.

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