Hunter Burn Review – Can Roar Ambition Justify the Premium Price?

Hunter Burn Review

Hunter Burn

$75 / £55 / €60

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  • Made by a reputable company
  • Contains key fat burning ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Ship directly from the UK and USA
  • Money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Stimulant free


  • Premium product = premium price

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Hunter Burn Review

Hunter Burn review - premium fat burner by Roar AmbitionSometimes finding a quality fat burner is one of the hardest things to do. This is why we are excited to complete our Hunter Burn review.

Whilst there is certainly room for a premium quality fat burner, is it achievable? We have seen it time and again, companies promise the world but give us sub-par ingredients.

Does Hunter Burn have what it takes to make it onto our top recommended fat burners list?

If it does, it will need to do the following well:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

Anything less than this and it will be difficult to vouch for!

Hunter Burn Review: Who Makes This Fat Burner?

Roar Ambition - premium supplements manufacturer based in the UK

As far as reputable companies go, these guys are up there.

We are expecting big things from this product today based on the company that makes it. Roar Ambition is a UK based company who have a big online following, with a ton of before and after profiles from people who have tried their products.

We like that they review and amend their ingredients regularly to give customers the best possible version.

Their products come with big 90 – day money back guarantees which gives the user the chance to try them on for size. They ship directly from both the UK and USA.

They make everything to the approval of the FDA to GMP certifications. If endorsements impress you, then theirs will certainly be worth listening to.

UFC fighter Diego Sanchez puts his name to their tried and tested fat burner Instant Knockout and former Mr. Universe Robby Robinson puts his name to their T Booster TestoFuel. These products have been on the top for years!

They say for optimal results take daily and consistently. This is the best policy for the better products. Also, it is good that you do not have to cycle this product on and off.

Time to see what their premium fat burner has to offer us.

Hunter Burn Ingredients

This is where we can really see if it is going to be worth your time.

The good news is that there are no proprietary blends. We have come to expect this level of quality from Roar Ambition but it is vitally important still. By giving us all the dosages, we can really see how good this product can be.

Taking 2 capsules 3 times a day really spreads out the fat burning benefits as well. It’s a good start.

Vitamin D3 3,000 IU

A great start to their ingredients as WebMD tells us that people with low levels of D3 are more likely to be obese.

It doesn’t end there though, it has also been linked to lowering blood pressure and helping the body to absorb calcium. This is good news for everyone but even more so for the female user. When calcium and D3 are taken together, the female body is more likely to lose weight (also see WebMD).

There are also studies that show how higher levels of D3 increase the benefits of weight loss. It is something our bodies create naturally when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight. The problem is that so many people are deficient. Clearly, we aren’t getting enough rays.

The dosage of 3,000 IU is a massive and really effective dosage. You pay a premium price, you get a premium dosage thankfully.

Konjac Root Extract (Glucomannan) 3,000 mg

With every good fat burner, you need proven appetite suppressants.

That’s what we are getting from this ingredient. It is a dietary fiber that swells in the stomach, making the user feel full. Anything that stops you from feeling the need to reach for the snacks in between meals is much needed in this type of supplement.

The dosage of 3,000 mg is another big one. It is also an amount that will be well tolerated and very effective.

White Kidney Bean 500 mg

It is an ingredient you will see more and more often in fat burners.

It is usually disappointing because most companies don’t seem to be able to give it an effective dosage.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case here and the benefits include the fact that it stops the body from absorbing carbs as much. This is useful since the recommended dosage is to take before meals.

It is thought to work in a similar way to chlorogenic acid and stops the body from absorbing starches at the same rate.

At 500 mg, Hunter Burn has not scrimped on the dosage. This is an effective amount that will really help your body to stops absorbing the same level of carbs.

L- Theanine 200mg

An ingredient you might be more likely to find in a nootropic, it is never a bad thing to include one or two in a fat burner though.

It is thought to be useful for preventing the body from gaining weight and the fact that it is often derived from Green Tea Extract only makes its inclusion even more useful.

By increasing the user’s focus, you can see why it is often included in nootropics. L-Theanine also promotes relaxation without drowsiness, making it synergistic with Caffeine ( It is this that helps it to take the edge off of any stimulants it is consumed with.

Interestingly, Hunter Burn has not included stimulants, making this a fat burning option that should be well tolerated by anyone.

Other useful attributes include its potential for reducing stress less and increasing attention span. The 200 mg included is a great amount of an effective ingredient.

Matcha Green Tea 200 mg

Green Tea Extract is certainly one of the ingredients we look out for in our fat burning products.

The Matcha type here is actually a premium version of Green Tea. When consuming it you are getting the benefits from the actual lea itself and not just a watered down version with boiled water.

It is also virtually calorie free which makes it even more appealing in this type of supplement.

But why is Green Tea regarded as one of the best fat burner ingredients?

Firstly, it is a thermogenic ingredient. This means it heats the body up on the inside, causing it to burn fat to cool itself down again. This is the sort of attribute we want from our fat burner.

It contains a much milder level of Caffeine that the likes of Caffeine Anhydrous, this is confirmed by WebMD. They advise that Green Tea is about 2 – 4% Caffeine. This is great as it gives you another boost to your alertness and thinking.

One of the other great traits you get from consuming Green Tea is that it contains polyphenols. These are good for reducing oxidative stress and leaving you feeling calm.

The dosage is all important once again and we are getting a great 200 mg. This is a very useful amount of a premium ingredient.

Cayenne Pepper 125 mg

They are ending with another great fat burner ingredient.

This one works in some of the best ways possible. Cayenne Pepper is another thermogenic, meaning you will be burning even more fat as you rest.

Also, it a proven appetite suppressant. WebMD advise that it can curve appetite, this is, even more, the case for those who do not already eat spicy food they say.

The uses don’t end there though. We mentioned that it worked in a lot of ways to burn fat, well Cayenne has also been found to encourage the body to use fat for energy instead of carbs. This is another way of burning it off.

The dosage is another great one and the 125 mg here is a brilliant way of getting all the above benefits without enduring the spice.

Hunter Burn Side Effects

The good news is that there is nothing in this product that should concern the user.

Their use of natural and safe ingredients and of dosages that will be effective but well tolerated makes this a premium product that is completely safe.

They have managed to keep it free from stimulants meaning it is a product that should be well suited to any adult looking to burn fat.

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Hunter Burn Review Pros and Cons

Hunter Burn Review Pros

  • Made by a reputable company
  • Contains key fat burning ingredients
  • Optimal dosages
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Ship directly from the UK and USA
  • Money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Stimulant free

Hunter Burn Review Cons

  • Premium product = premium price

Hunter Burn Review Conclusion

Get a hold of this offer as it provides great value! Buy 3 bottles and get 1 Free! At 180 tablets per bottle, it is a 4 month supply.

This premium Fat Burner comes with free delivery in both the UK & USA.

On reflection, this is the fat burner that many people have been waiting for.

Yes – it is expensive – but you really do get what you pay for!

Having reviewed 100’s of supplements, we can say that this is one of the best products we have seen. We love to see the quality and that is what you are getting here.

Anyone who is serious about burning fat will like that this product contains only premium ingredients and the doses are great.

Far too often we see companies include good ingredients only to look good. They can be really tight on the dosages meaning it won’t work. This isn’t the case here.

As you can see throughout the Hunter Burn review, this is a product that delivers.

It contains the best thermogenic in Matcha Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper as well as quality appetite suppressants (Cayenne Pepper again) like Glucomannan.

By using proven ingredients you really can’t argue with what why are offering here. It is as good a fat burner as you are going to see. We’re excited to see the Hunter Burn before and after profiles having reviewed it.

It is not just men but women who can benefit from this product. Everything in it will be well tolerated and without the use of stimulants, it is safe for all to use.

They haven’t made the same mistakes as a lot of the competition. Load up on stimulants and expect the Caffeine etc to do all the work. Hunter Burn has given us great ingredients and although it is a premium product and priced accordingly, it is worth every penny.

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  • Hunter burn is the worst product I have ever used. They have a terrible return policy so will not Let you return unopened bottles unless less than 30 days. 1 bottle is a 30 day supply so if you try 1 and decide you are out of luck. Save your money.

    • Hey Chris,
      Sorry for the delay, your comment got caught up in the spam queue by mistake!
      Such a shame you had a bad experience with Hunter Burn, do you mind sharing what quantity you ordered?

      We checked their Returns Policy and Terms & Conditions and it’s clear that they only allow returns of unopened bottles, so I’m not sure where the problem was. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your comment or there’s a typo?

      Obviously, most supplement manufacturers won’t allow customers to order just 1 bottle, use the product and send back the packaging because then everyone would be claiming refunds whilst still using their products for free or not giving the supplement the full chance to start working effectively – so it’s worth checking any companies Ts & Cs before purchasing any product.

      It’s also important to know that all of the products we review and recommend are totally natural and safe dietary supplements. They are not extreme prescription medical weight loss products (that come with serious side effects and health risks). So, although a lot of people start to feel some minor effects after a week or two of taking Hunter Burn, it usually takes 1 to 2 months to see real results. We usually recommend having an even longer term plan and trying a new supplement for 3 months to really take advantage of the benefits whilst also sticking to a good exercise and nutrition routine – slow and steady is always the most sustainable and sensible approach when it comes to fat loss.

      However, Hunter do actually offer a 90-day guarantee – if you order a 90 day supply and take the product as instructed every day for 90 days and you’re still not totally satisfied with the results, you can then return the empty bottles for a refund – but to qualify for this, you have to actually take the product as directed every day for the full 90 days.

      We hope that helped clear things up a bit, but if you have any other questions – just ask, we’re always happy to help!

      If you need any help with getting in shape, make sure to check out our free guides

  • I bought a whole bundle of the hunter range and was a bit worried I’d been scammed at first but I’ve been taking them for 10 weeks now and feel incredible! The 6 pack is starting to make an appearance again for the first time in years and hunter focus is helping me concentrate during the long hours in the office! Can’t fault them!

    • Hey Craig,
      Thanks for your comment, glad to hear you stuck with it and you’re seeing results with your abs from using Hunter Burn!
      Yeah, Hunter Focus is also one of the best nootropics we’ve seen too, great that you’re feeling the benefits of both, if you have any questions or there’s anything we can help you with, just ask!

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