How to Make Your Calf Muscles GROW


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Turn Those Chicken Legs Into Sprinter’s Calves to be Proud of

Calves are often an under trained muscle in a lot of people’s workouts. Here we will find out how to make your calf muscles grow.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, whether you have legs like an insect or a mule you should be interested in what calves can do for your lower body.

There is a big emphasis on genetics when it comes to calves with many people believing there is only so much you can about this part of your body.

They can strengthen the whole of your workout by allowing you to build from the bottom up. Everyone is different, some people find a few calf raises is enough to bring out the results they desire. But if you are like the many people who find it difficult to see any difference in their calves, you will want to find out how to make your calf muscles grow.

Give your Calves the Attention they Need

That’s right, a good way of developing your calf muscles and giving them a boost is by giving them some TLC. With every workout make sure you also bring in some calf exercises. Mix up the workouts to stave off muscle memory and your own sanity.

This will also get you into a good habit of not neglecting your calves. A lot of people in the gym these days are doing the bare minimum of anything to do with legs – everyone can notice dude, you’re not getting away with it!

Tip toes

Around the house, (maybe when no one is looking!) to bring out the definition and the hard work you have started to do, walking on tiptoes can help. Your calves need every little bit of help due to their slow twitch muscle fibres meaning they have 50% less growth potential than a lot of your other muscles.

How to Make Your Calf Muscles Grow: Exercises

The selection of exercises is obviously vitally important. Calf raises are a good start, grab some weights, hold them to your side and lift onto your toes. Go for 8 reps x3 and see how you get on.

Other exercises include calf jumps where you jump to the position, a bit more resistance will be good for the muscle and most gyms have this machine available to use.

It is important to try different exercises and increase the weight as you go along and they get too easy if you want to see a difference. Mix it up between free weights and assisted machines. Some you can even do at home and can be as simple as when you are taking the stairs, every second step push up onto your toes – you will see what we mean.


That’s right if you aren’t feeling that burn that you do when you’re doing dumbbell curls then you’re not doing it right. Your calves can take more than you think, when you’re getting that burning sensation keep going. The intensity in your calf workout determines the results that you come out with.

Since calves are particularly difficult to grow you will need to push through to get results, like Churchill once said, if you’re going through hell….keep going!

Mix it up

Like with your other muscles, your calves will only respond to a certain extent when you are repeating the same exercises and the same amount of repetitions. Try to mix things up by increasing the intensity or the amount of reps you do.

This keeps your calves guessing, if you’re looking for how to make your calf muscles grow in a simple way, this is one of them. To promote the swelling you want you can start with bigger weights with less reps and on the second and third sets. Go for more reps with slightly decreased weight to get both a good tone and swelling.

Finally: Go to Failure

Ok, this works for all muscles sure, but your calves in particular due to their lack of cooperation in all things gains need to learn to go to failure. Even if you are only getting halfway through your set, go to failure.

Your calves need to be jump started into action more than any other muscle and this is a good way of doing it.

To wrap up our how to get your calf muscles to grow article, make sure you feel that burn – that’s how you know you’re doing it right.

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