How To Build Upper Body Strength FAST!


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How to speed up your upper body strength gains

When looking to build your upper body, you will need to do exercises that please the small muscle fibers that make up this part of your anatomy. Here we will look at how to speed up your upper body strength gains.

The best way to achieve this quickly is through working a lot of the muscle groups at the same time and making sure you keep up your training whilst allowing yourself to rest properly in between sessions.

But that’s not all there is to it…

Here is a more in depth look at how to build upper body strength fast.

First of all… Get a lot of Protein

If you want to build strength you will need to give your muscles the specific fuel they need. Anything along the lines of 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight that you currently are per day is a good start. Like with any part of your diet, the quality of protein counts for a lot. Try and intake as much lean protein such as chicken and fish as part of your main meals and nuts as a snack.

Combine this with an intake of protein within an hour either side of your workout to give yourself the best possible chance of getting stronger faster.

This could be eaten, but more convenient and easier to stick to if you use a quality protein shake.

Work Different Muscles at Once

Sometimes known as compounding exercise, this is a sure fire way of getting stronger faster. Combining different muscles in each exercise saves you time and increases the growth of your muscles so you will not only get stronger, but you will see the benefits as well.

Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Incline Bench Press and Squats are all good examples of compound exercises for upper body.

A deadlift is another good compound exercise as it won’t just workout your upper body, it works out just about every major muscle group in your body. Don’t work hard, work smart.

Well, actually it’s better to work hard and well as smart if you want results fast.

This is the best practice when looking at how to speed up your upper body strength gains.

Weight and Repetitions

To build strength fast in your upper body you will want to vary the length of reps and weights. For some sets you will want to put on larger weights and do less reps to work the fast twitch fibers in your muscles.

Alternatively, you will also want to push out more reps and with lower weights to work your upper body slow twitch fibers.

This will increase your muscle mass and when each of these gets too easy, increase the weight as you go along. You want to avoid muscle memory getting the better of you and staying in the same place physically for 6 months at a time so keep mixing it up!

Generally, any weight that you can comfortably push out 12 reps of is too small for you. No one will be impressed by you pushing out 200 curls on a 2 kg dumbbell.

Take a Good Look at Your Diet

If you are just starting to hit the gym more seriously at an attempt to grow your upper body you will notice that taking extra protein on isn’t enough.

A good workout takes a lot of energy and as a result you will need to take on more calories. Try getting more food in you than you would usually eat if you want to see a noticeable difference in your strength.

This is the simple part of our how to speed up your upper body strength gains article, but one a lot of people get wrong.

Whole grain foods are good for extra carb energy, foods such as whole grain pasta and oatmeal are good. Other examples of healthy complex carbs which also include extra protein are are green vegetables, beans and lentils.

Around an extra 400 calories a day should do the trick, but as always make sure it is the right foods, 400 calories of fries won’t help the cause!

Get a Good T Booster

This can arguably be the biggest and quickest way to huge gains.

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A few words of warning…

When it comes to looking for quick results, approach it with realistic goals. Setting the bar too high can mean you get disheartened when you don’t see instant differences – think of the long game.

Also, be careful not to overdo it too fast, push yourself but listen to your body, increase weight gradually to avoid injury. Don’t go into the gym on the second week thinking you’re the Rock and stacking up a bench press with 20kg either side more than you did last week – you will hurt yourself (and not just your pride!).

Follow the above sensibly and it won’t be long until you see the difference and the benefits.

Leave a comment below with any other tips you’ve found useful on your journey to upper body gains…

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