How To Be Beach Body Ready All Year Round

How to be beach body ready all year round

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‘Beach Body Ready’ controversy

Ladies and gentleman, despite the massive offence causing London Underground weight loss supplement ads in 2015, it’s ok to admit it, we would all love to look ‘Beach Body Ready’ all year round. This is why we have decided to discuss how to be beach body ready all year round.

You no longer have to pretend that you don’t care, as chances are that most of the people you know want the same too!

Sure, it’s important to be comfortable and confident in your own body regardless of how you look…

We’re NOT trying to tell you that you’re not ready for the beach whatever your body type is.

But you can still be happy, comfortable and confident now whilst also setting goals to become healthier and fitter in the future. And if a physique of a God or Goddess happens to come with living healthier and feeling better, then take no shame in wanting to improve yourself.

Look like a #CleanLeanMachine

We know it’s not easy – maybe you’ve just returned from your holiday and want to maintain the body you worked so hard for before you left.

Maybe you have plans for a break later in the year and you just want to create good habits. Or you could be one of the people that just want the defined look, and what’s wrong with that?!

How to be ‘Beach Body Ready’ 24/7 – 365

Here are some of the essential things to make sure you are doing to ensure your body reflects your wishes – to be beach body ready all year round.

CleanLeanMachine Lifestyle


That’s right, probably the simplest bit of advice when asked ‘how can I be beach body ready all year round?’ is join a gym. Actually, don’t just join one, commit to going and exercising in it!

Making a decision to workout should signify a new lifestyle for you.

If you can join a gym where you know people, this could motivate you more and hold you accountable. Motivation is the key here since most gym memberships are for around a year long contract, yet most people stop going after 2-3 months.

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we’re not gonna be ready for the beach all year round if we’re only ready for the gym 2 months out of 12. So, make a habit of working out every week until it becomes a ritual.

Working out and getting in shape doesn’t have to be as boring as running on a treadmill whilst staring at a wall.

Take advantage of any free PT sessions

You might be excited about the free backpack and water bottle as a reward for joining a gym, but a lot of gyms actually offer a free Personal Training session when you join. Take them up on this and ask as many questions as you can, this is a good way of getting a new routine to use and then you can actually get some mileage out of that free bag and water bottle!

Don’t forget cardio

If you’re trying to lose weight and burn fat, you don’t need us to tell you cardio is a key ingredient.

So many girls think they can invest in some fancy yoga pants, pay for a gym membership and walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes each session to get a toned figure like a magazine front page celeb.

Beyonce - how to be beach body ready all year round

And so many guys think they can walk into a gym – casually lift some weights without breaking a sweat and the rest will sort itself out until voila – they look like Arnie in his mid 20’s.

Unfortunately, that took the big guy a LOT of work lifting HEAVY ass weights with extremely high intensity (and some extra testosterone).

Arnold Schwarzenegger beach body ready all year round


But damn! He does look impressive though…

If you want your hard work in the gym to really show, you need to have a plan for your cardio. It’s good idea to shed any extra layers of fat you may be storing with intense weights workouts combined with cardio to give you the best chances to combat body fat and build a toned physique.

But avoid slow motion, low intensity cardio like the plague

You will want to find the right balance between cardio and weights to find what works best for you.

Too much lengthy, low intensity cardio might not only reduce the amount of muscle you can build but actually deplete your muscle instead of just burning your fat. Ut oh!

Not enough cardio though and you won’t be able to see those abs any time soon! This is not going to solve how to be beach body ready all year round.

Train MEAN

Lift heavy weights with high intensity to increase the weight loss effect of your weight training and throw in some high intensity sprints, rowing or circuit training to mix it up and ensure you’re not depleting your muscle gains whilst you’re burning fat.

Make sure you’re breaking a sweat and getting out of breath when you’re hitting the gym so you know you’re actually working hard towards achieving something!


Depending on where you get your information from, a lot of places will tell you that what you put in your body for fuel is more significant for how you look compared to what you do once you have consumed it.

To get the beach look usually means more lean muscle – so obviously you will need to eat more protein. It doesn’t stop there; the type of protein is important here too. Try lean meat such as chicken and turkey. Fish is also an excellent source of protein.

If you’re willing to do a little extra for your health and the health of the planet, a well balanced plant-based diet will really help shred your body fat and as long as you’re getting plenty of protein from beans, pulses and nuts you won’t have any trouble building lean muscle mass.

A massive part of how to be beach body ready all year round.

Protein is good because it fills you up so you may find that your portion sizes decrease giving you the best chance of getting that beach body you desire.

Discipline with your diet

To be disciplined, why not cut out soda, sugary snacks and alcohol during the week and keep it a weekend and eventually a once a month thing.

This can reduce your calorie intake significantly and give you an excellent chance of developing the good habits you need to get that beach body.

Zinc is also good for getting the most out of each workout. It enhances your results so try and get some good levels in your diet, steak is always good but good quality fat burner supplements that include zinc work really well too.

How To Be Beach Body Ready All Year Round: Finally

The lead up to your holiday (if that is the final goal) should be complemented by more intense workouts, a more disciplined diet and a good level of cardio. Step it up the closer you get.

But remember after your holiday how you achieved those results! Own your gym routine and enjoy maintaining it as soon as you get back home from the beach.

The aim is the train mean and eat clean all year round so you can reap the benefits of looking and feeling incredible regardless of whether you’re at the beach.

The CleanLeanMachine lifestyle is all about continually maintaining or improving yourself, not letting yourself go, then a couple of months before your holiday realizing you need to get back in shape and repeating this same painful habit every year.

Do yourself a favor, be beach body ready all year round – for the sake of your health!

It’s really all about discipline and habits.

If you can get yourself to the gym 3-4 times a week consistently and are increasingly the weights gradually you are on the right track. Complement this with the right cardio levels and positive food habits and you will be walking around as if you are always ready to step onto that Hawaiian beach.

Still struggling? Get extra help!

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