Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn [Only One Actually Burns Fat!]

Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn

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Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn

A great battle today with two big brands for our LeanBean vs NutriGlam NutriBurn female fat burner comparison.

Any good fat burner needs to be safe of course so we will be looking very closely at the nutrients, what they have to offer and make sure they are fine to consume.

A supplement of this kind also needs to be tailor-made for the female body. NutriGlam NutriBurn advises that theirs is a fat burner that can be used by both men and women so we will see if they have managed to get a good balance.

What we are expecting these products to do is something like the following:

  • Burn fat effectively
  • Be safe
  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase energy

If either product can’t give us this, they’re in trouble.

Time to take a closer look.

Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn: Who Makes These Products?

PropuraHourglass Review - Houglass fit

You can’t put a price on a good reputation.

They are so hard to build but Propura, the team behind Hourglass have managed to achieve just that.

All their products are made to GMP regulations in facilities approved by the FDA. Using natural ingredients only, they make all the right noises.

Propura is the brand behind the impressive T booster Prime Male. This has so many positive reviews, great before and after results and is even endorsed by the Rocky legend Dolph Lundgren. It is good to see products that are so well respected.

They have made this fat burner specifically for the female market so it will be interesting to see how they have made it different.

There is even a big 60 – day money back guarantee which makes purchasing risk free.

Nutri GlamNutriGlam NutriBurn

Now we have the second product today which, based in the USA is the brainchild of Isla Machado.

Her brand seems to be built around a book called Nutri Glamorous. However, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of useful information on the about us page. The usual lines about wanting to help are all you will get.

They make some interesting products including Vitamin C serum as well as women’s daily vitamins.

Their YouTube channel is where a lot of their better information is. This product claims to be a thermogenic fat burner that is suitable for both men and women so we will see if it manages to get the balance right.

After looking through their site, we couldn’t find any information about a money back guarantee which is a bit of a shame.

Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn Ingredients

Now we can really get stuck into these products.

The early signs are not great for NutriGlam NutriBurn though. Their ingredients are all wrapped in 3 proprietary blends. This means we don’t get to see all the dosages.

Also, their advice of taking one or two capsules a day doesn’t spread out the fat burning benefits. Maybe the ingredients themselves will be more impressive.

Mutual Ingredients

Green Tea

An impressive start from both.

This is because Green Tea Extract is one of the best fat burning ingredients and one that you always like to see on the label.

It works as a thermogenic. This means it heats the body up on the inside, making it burn fat to cool itself down again.

It is also an ingredient that is well suited to the female body because it contains a milder caffeine content than the likes of Caffeine Anhydrous which is confirmed by WebMD. They say Green Tea is about 2-4% Caffeine. This is great as it helps with enhancing both your thinking and alertness, useful for concentrating in the gym.

Green Tea is also full of polyphenols that are really good for reducing oxidative stress and leaving a calming effect.

The 500 mg in Hourglass is a great amount. This is more than the proprietary blend it finds itself in for NutriGlam NutriBurn. This blend has 3 ingredients and totals a lackluster 40 mg. You aren’t going to be getting an effective dosage even with two servings.


Another good ingredient.

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that absorbs water and swells in the stomach. This is what makes the user feel fuller for longer is what you want your fat burner to do. Anything that can help stop you feeling the need for a snack is going to be of great benefit.

Hourglass really gets behind it as well which is impressive. They give you a massive, but well tolerated and effective 1,500 mg. This is almost 3 x the total amount of all ingredients combined in NutriGlam NutriBurn.

Their dosage is not going to be anywhere near this.

Individual Ingredients



Another good one and an ingredient that can help with insulin resistance.

It even works to control appetite as it communicates with the brain, telling it that the body is full.

Chromium has also been found to regulate blood glucose. All this combined makes the dosage of 125 mcg in Hourglass a welcomed amount.

Vitamin B6

Another impressive ingredient.

It helps to burn calories by converting them into glucose. This is what ensures they are used for fuel as your body uses them for energy.

It is the sort of ingredient that is well studied and is a favorite of different types of supplements including pre-workouts because it helps to reduce muscle soreness.

The dosage of 4 mg in Hourglass is a good amount.


A good ingredient for a female fat burner in particular.

This is because, although it is a stimulant, it is milder than a lot of the other options. You will still get an energy increase but it will be delivered in a much calmer manner.

Guarana works as an appetite suppressant and a diuretic. This makes you need to urinate more which in turn helps to prevent water retention that always shows on the body.

It is also good for boosting metabolism and is a popular ingredient in energy drinks.

Versatile ingredients are always good to see and the 100 mg in Hourglass is an effective amount.

Vitamin D3

Another top ingredient for a female fat burner.

WebMD tells us that research has shown how people with lower levels of D3 are more likely to be obese.

D3 is actually linked to lowering blood pressure as well as helping us to absorb calcium.

This is great but particularly for women as when Calcium and D3 are combined, you are more likely to lose weight (see WebMD).

The dosage of 1,000 IU is the perfect amount.

Vitamin B12

Any ingredient that stops you from storing as much fat is going to be of use here.

The less you store, the less you need to burn so half the battle is won by the likes of these ingredients.

B12 also improves brain functioning and is another nutrient that increases the amount of energy we get from food. We can’t actually create our own so supplementing it is useful.

This is even important for vegetarians and vegans as some of the main sources are dairy, meat, and fish.

Black Pepper Extract

A good ingredient, but it only works if the others are good fat burners.

This is because it enhances the benefits of other ingredients. This is good here because Hourglass is already full of great fat burning ingredients, this will only make them better.

Cayenne Pepper

A very impressive ingredient to end on.

It works as another thermogenic. This means more fat burning, even as you rest. Cayenne Pepper is also an appetite suppressant.

WebMD supports this by saying it has been found to curb appetite, especially in those who said they didn’t already eat spicy foods.

The 100 mg in Hourglass is another optimal dosage.

NutriGlam NutriBurn


A good start from NutriGlam NutriBurn although not every female fat burner uses Caffeine.

This is because in high amounts it can be a bit strong but the energy increase you will get will be very useful. This is especially the case if you are using a fat burner alongside a diet that restricts calories.

For fat burning it boosts metabolism but it can also boost your focus which is why it is popular in nootropic supplements.

The main issue is the dosage though. With stimulants, you really want to know how much you are putting into your body to stay safe.

The proprietary blend stops us from knowing this but as the blend totals 450 mg and contains other ingredients, it should be fine at the one capsule dosage.

The second capsule is what would really worry us as this might put you at risk of potential side effects like jitters, sleep problems, irritability and more.

Phenylethylamine HCI

Not the most impressive ingredient.

It is safe but not as effective as you would like.

Examine.com says it as an important molecule in the brain with limited supplemental usage due to it being rapidly broken down into active components.

This makes supplementing it a bit pointless. It can improve mood but you aren’t going to get the benefit of going by the above.

We only want proven fat burners and the proprietary blend stops us from knowing how much space this is wasting here.


Derived from vitamin B1 it is another ingredient you don’t see too often.

It might be good for boosting energy levels and increasing physical performance but this needs further studies to back it up.

Since there isn’t a lot of information about its usefulness, there isn’t a lot of information available about the right dosage, or the safe one for that matter.


This amino acid is a more common find in nootropics.

L-Tyrosine can help to work against the effects of stress which might be useful given the levels of stimulants this product contains.

It will ensure that the user still feels calm and is able to focus.

Examine.com do say that you should be cautious if you have a hyperactive thyroid. This is because L-Tyrosine can raise thyroid production as it is a precursor for its synthesis.

Raspberry Ketones

A more common fat burner ingredient, but unfortunately not the most well supported.

Once, Raspberry Ketones were believed to be the next big thing in terms of fat burning. Since then, the studies have not been so kind.

WebMD tells us that Raspberry Ketones can affect the hormone adiponectin. This is what is thought to reduce appetite and speed up the way we burn fat.

WebMD also says that there is no reliable scientific evidence that raspberry ketone improves weight loss when taken by people.

Unfortunately then, it isn’t going to help. Since the blend it is in only amounts to 40 mg and contains two other ingredients, it isn’t a potent dosage either.

Yohimbe Bark

This product used to contain a controversial ingredient in Synephrine. They did well to remove it from their formula but unfortunately, Yohimbine still remains.

It does have some uses though. Thought to be an appetite suppressant and an ingredient that speeds up the way we burn fat but in reality, the risks outweigh the benefits.

There are more than enough proven and safe ingredients that can provide the same benefits.

WebMD says that when taken orally, it is possibly unsafe. They also advise that Yohimbine has been linked to reports of severe side effects that include heart attacks and seizures.

The fact that in the USA it is also illegal to sell the man-made yohimbine hydrochloride version as a dietary supplement is enough to put a lot of people off.

The dosage isn’t known either which is worrying. The blend it is in only totals 40 mg so it won’t be a huge amount.

Still, since the potential side effects also include irregular heartbeat, irritability, sleep issues and more, we would stay away from it.

Kola Nut

The seed from this nut is believed to help fight fatigue.

Some of its better benefits come from the fact that it contains caffeine (see WebMD). It is another stimulant so the dosage is really needed. However, the blend it is in only has two ingredients and totals 7 mg so it isn’t going to be a high amount.

The same WebMD page advises that there is insufficient evidence to support Kola Nut as a weight loss ingredient.


A better ingredient and one that works as a metabolism booster.

The problem really is that L-Carnitine is not going to help you beyond normal levels. If you are particularly deficient then it can be of use.

The dosage would still be required to see if there is an effective amount of this product.

Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn Side Effects

The easy place to start is Hourglass. Their use of natural, proven and safe ingredients and well-tolerated doses makes it a good option for anyone.

The main problem with NutriGlam NutriBurn is the inclusion of Yohimbine.

Its side effects can include heart attacks, include irregular heartbeat, seizures, sleep issues irritability, and more.

The proprietary blend doesn’t help things either but at the one capsule serving, there isn’t likely to be a high amount of any ingredient.

Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn Pros and Cons
Hourglass Pros

  • So many effective ingredients
  • Great dosages
  • Reputable company
  • No side effects
  • No proprietary blends
  • Money back guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping

NutriGlam NutriBurn Pros

  • A handful of effective fat burning ingredients

Hourglass Cons

  • Only available online

NutriGlam NutriBurn Cons

  • Potential side effects
  • Proprietary blends
  • Ineffective ingredients

Hourglass vs NutriGlam NutriBurn Conclusion

Winner: LeanBean

Leanbean reviews - fat burner comparison winner

Read our full Leanbean review

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

(Clean Lean Machine Tip: Order the Bikini Body Bundle of 3 boxes to get 1 box FREE along with an eBook and Worldwide shipping included and a 90 Day Guarantee!)

A good comparison today but one that only increases the reputation of Hourglass in our eyes.

You can see what a female fat burner should look like. Its combination of some of the best fat burner ingredients as well as some perfect for the female body, great dosages, and complete safety makes it a great option for any woman looking to burn fat.

It is no surprise that so many people are experiencing great results.

Buy Leanbean from: leanbeanofficial.com

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